My Story

When I got married, I stayed in the shop. After a few years, it got congested with my young kids so I decided to rent a house.

We rented a house which was partly wooden. I didn't consult for a good day to shift. The moment the landlady gave me a green light, I started shifting. Bit by bit, I transported my stuff to the house. Then when everything was almost done, I fixed a Sunday whereby my husband could send all those furniture to the house.

It was great to stay in a semi-bungalow house. My kids had so much space to run about.

But things didn't seem to go right. I conceived but it didn't turn out well. I had to abort it. My mum fell down and had her leg in casing. My little girl suddenly fell from the sofa. She would simply cry at midnight for no reason. I had to clam her down by giving her 'jing feng san' several nights and it became intolerable.

I had to consult the temple sifu. Seemed she was disturbed by some spirit. After doing some prayers, she was fine.

Another incident was rather funny. Suddenly, the sarong where my little baby was sleeping just snapped and fell down. Luckily I had a pillow underneath it.

Next, I had a maid and she stole my ring but she returned it to my boy after I threatened to consult a bomoh. Anyway, she ran away with some items from my house after 2 months' stay.

What I hated most was when I was reversing my car out from the compound, a motorist hit my car. I had to send him to get treatment. I even had to pay for it and my car had to be repaired.

Another thing was my other girl just loved to cry and I got so irritated that I had to beat her. Seemed I became nuts and bad-tempered.

After 3 years of staying there, I shifted to another house. This time I consulted for a good day. The last time I shifted was on the 7th chinese month which was the ghost month. That explained the reasons for all those happenings.


So we shifted to the rented terrace house which we stayed for another 3 years before we got my new house. Recently my girl told me that she had seen a ghost before. I was curious and asked her the where about. She told me she saw it at my first rented house. eeeee

Luckily she didn't tell me at that time or else I would be scared back then. Now, someone else is staying there and she happens to be my staff. She told me the landlady had passed away and she could sense that the spirit came back a few times.

My, she is not scared at all...


  1. People say all this is just superstition...but there seem to be some truth in it. Best to play safe...and follow what the old people say...

  2. hey ...have a good heart lah,,,, i agree with stp,,hahaha

    have a great weekend.....

  3. good that you have left the house, sound and well now~~ :)

  4. u and ur family also keng that also can stayed until 3 years huh!

  5. interesting story. goodness u've moved out since then! who knows what might have happened if u continue to stay!

  6. Thanks dear for sharing your story, I think there are many who faces this type situation but at that time we should behave strongly, anyways God bless u all and take care...

  7. I do believe that spirits exist amongst us. As a traditional Chinese, I still believe in our elders' wisdom. Happy New Year.

  8. Gosh... sound pretty spooky~! Now I not dare to go to toilet on my own liao...(just kidding)!

  9. So glad you and your family members are now okay now.

  10. Interesting...but at least now everyone is fine

  11. i also can see or sense those unseen before but i'm happy no more now

  12. feng shui is very important!

    normaly, the house is not good and cannot sell out. So, they will rent it out. what is the house number and face anything >>/??

  13. eee... scary! But most importantly, everything is going smoothly n well now.

  14. My in-laws are very particular when comes to find good dates (chinese calander) to do something big (eg, shifting house, renovations). Glad everything are good now.

  15. Glad that things are fine with you and your family.

    My dotter told me the weird and similar thing before. It happened on last yr.
    One of the afternoon when I was about to change her diaper on my master bed, she looked at the window and said this.." mommy, window there got jie ji2".
    Now I still get goose bump talking about it, hehe.
    Then after I checked with her exact location, she told me, "no more already".
    So I told my husband on the same noon and he went into the room and started scolding "them" (by asking them to not disturb us and the kid). Later, he put the bible on the table for the rest of the weeks.
    Now, everything all right!


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