Domino's Pizza

This Domino's Pizza 3rd store is situated at Medan Silibin, Ipoh. We decided to try it out for our new year's dinner.

We didn't ask for the free delivery but we went there personally to order it.

So we had to queue up. That's good.

I noticed that some people ate in as well.

Just had a good look at the big posters of pizzas.

I would prefer the crunchy thin crust.

Who's that guy with that big backpack?

Oh, it's the delivery boy!

I like this side of the wall.

While waiting, my girl took several pictures at the counter.

See the nicely arranged boxes.

She had to announce the names of the recipients when their pizzas were ready.

Here's our pizzas!

The addition.

Hop over to Scrumptious now..

See what we had..


  1. So near yet so far. Have one outlet within throwing stones from my place never order or drop by. Last time had Dom..was hmmm thinking thinkingggg sorry cant remember when must have been decades. Fan of PizzaHUt. Maybe 2011 need a change. tQ

  2. People say it's nicer than Pizza Hut. Tried in Penang...and thought they're more or less the same. Would rather have our own local delights anytime...

  3. Heard is better than other pizzas. I wish they open an outlet at KK..never tried it

  4. Sibu don't have Domino it better than Pizza Hut?

  5. Hi Wenn,

    Happy new year! So how was it? The domino pizza? We don't have it here in Sarawak. I do not know how it taste like. Was it better than Pizza Hut?

  6. I would say it's about the same.

  7. hmmm, never been to Domino's shop and buy pizza before.. all the time i order delivery only, haha~~ :D

  8. Domino is better than PIzza Hut 100 times!!!

  9. love dominos pizza. we just have a take out here. would like to try it indoors in a restaurant for a change though!


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