A tribute to Mr Fan Yew Teng, a former DAP MP

Mr Fan - the one with the cap
He was attending the Fitline presentation

When I met Mr Fan Yew Teng, he was my neighbor staying opposite my house. In 2005, I was actively involved in promoting Fitline.

One day, I approached him and I was surprised that he was keen in what I was doing. I even signed him up as my downline. Then I taught him how to mix the drink.

As he was alone, he liked me to visit him. I realized that he was a very kind and conscientious person.

I got to know more about his family. He loved to read books. He had a great collection of books. He even gave some of his books to me. He also collected many kinds of antique stuff. He even grew flowering plants. When he was not around, I would help him to water his plants.

Once he wanted to get rid of his book shelf and he gave it to me. Now it's standing tall with all my Fitline stuff.

I recalled he gave me a very nice birthday card. When it was his birthday in 2006, he treated me to a breakfast at Indulgence. That was my first time there.

He even took me to see his sister, the owner of Yum Yum. Coincidentally, I knew his sister even before I was married.

I took him once to an optician as he needed to change his glasses.

When it was my girl's birthday in April 2006, he gave her a present. I couldn't imagine he was such a nice man.

I am feeling sad right now. :( I knew him just for a matter of a year. After that, he was very busy as he was a freelance writer.

Recently, I realized that he had shifted. But I had no idea where was he.

So 3 days ago, while I was at the post office, the clerk told me that Mr Fan Yew Teng had passed away in Dec last year. I was shocked.

When I came back from work, I googled about him and then only I realized that he was indeed a great man.

It was so sad that I could never see him again.

Goodbye, my dearest friend.

Rest in peace, dear Mr Fan as I used to call him.


  1. Condolence. May he rest in peace.

  2. I am sure it is his honour too, to be able to meet you.

  3. live today as if it is going to be your last day...

  4. His name rings a bell.. anyway.. sad to know that someone dear to us has passed on..


  5. Too bad,only after his demise,we only realized how great this man was,,,you know i have always respected those who are willing to put the interest of others above themselves,,,,

    He could have been a Tan Sri... director of big corporations if he would just toll the line of Power to Be,,, sigh...........

  6. This is very interesting. By the way, I just changed my header photo to a place we went to in the Netherlands also.


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