Fitline Presentation

It was in May 2006 when I had organized my first Fitline presentation in a hotel. But the rental of the hotel place was paid by the company, PM Wellness. Before that, a few presentation had been done at my place.

My uplines were invited to carry out the presentation.

My mum is my great supporter until now.

Some of my invited guests.

Another upline talked about the products.

I had to give a testimony.

Another upline gave her testimony.

Year 2006 was a very hectic year for me. I went all the way to promote Fitline. I had quite a number of downlines and I was successful at that time. I had gone through lots of ups and downs..I had heard lots of objections too.

This line was not easy. One had to be very persistent and guess I was exhausted. I had no time to carry on. Right now, I am busy working but I still consume this product. It has kept me healthy until now.


  1. i thought that was one of the best time in fitline, we can do it again when the timing is on our side again...


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