Friends or Foes

I made a new friend when I tried to recommend her my health supplements in Dec 2005. She was very keen as she wanted financial freedom. I signed her up as my downline. I was always ready to help her as she was very eager.

One day, I visited her home and I met her husband. But he was not keen in whatever I was promoting.

This friend started consuming the supplement and she felt good. She recommended some of her people too.

One day in June 2006, her husband offered part of his office space to his wife and I. We were so happy and we grabbed this golden opportunity immediately. He charged us a rental of RM60 only. I just had to pay half of it, ie RM30.

Two months after that, I achieved IMM and I was entitled to put stickers on my new car specially bought for my achievement.

My business was getting better and better. As I was on holiday in Dec 2006 with my family, suddenly I received a message from my friend's husband saying that he had increased the rental to RM100 each starting 2007.

How could that be? I was so pissed off that the moment I reached home after Singapore, I transferred all my things from his office. Without letting him know too!

But I returned the office's keys to my friend through my girl.

Not a word was spoken. That ended our friendship and ended their consumption of the supplement too.


Lately, I went to the bank and I bumped into him. He wished me "Happy New Year". With that , I recalled last year when he came to my shop and wished me "Happy New Year".

But I couldn't forget what he had done to me.

I just simply wished him back. That's all..


  1. You are doing MLM? Oh, your friend's hubby should not have increased the rental so fast! Maybe after one year is OK, but not after just a few months.

  2. Money is the root of all evil...

  3. I thought it was after two years.. reading back, he increased after few months? on the positive note, it means you are doing good in the supplement line! :)
    You didnt mention his wife.. didnt she tell u anything prior to that increment of rent?

  4. Claire, his wife just didn't know anything about it. And she couldn't do anything. That's the problem.

  5. Some people could never get contented of they have and wanted for more, we often call that 'Greediness, the ugly side of humanbeing'!

  6. Sorry about the loss of the friendship, that is always difficult.
    Blessings to you and your family for a Happy and Health 2011.


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