I was in Beijing in June 2006 during the school holidays. This China trip was organized by my school co-curriculum senior assistant. He had his gang of golf buddies in this trip. My afternoon supervisor and I joined them. It was a halal China trip and I was the only Chinese with them.

When I reached Beijing, I realized that the Chinese loved to cycle..

to work..

for leisure..

and even shopping.

They even got to read the news from the news bulletin board in public.

Not only cycling, they loved to walk too..

Very interesting and healthy lifestyle!


  1. Like Sibu in the 50s and 60s... Bicycle town and the pedestrians ruled the road - cars must give way to them.

  2. I see from the movies that now there are many cars jamming the roads there.

  3. now i think maybe more cars...Friend just went there last year

  4. Cars should only be used for intercity routes - so that no more jams and helps to fight pollution too!

  5. Have wheels will travel same like Vietnam lots of bicycles too.

  6. There are quite a lot of Muslims in China, and especially in Northern part.

  7. that part of beijing has a good ambiance with friendlier roads where people can cycle and walk peacefully

    happy new year!!!

  8. cycling is not only the cheapest mode of transportation, it does little impact on the environment as no fuel is required other than your muscles.

  9. I am glad that Miri will be welcoming bicycles to the resort city. The City Fathers are beginning to build bicycle lanes....I own three bicycles!!

  10. One of my dreams in life is to be able to visit Beijing.

    B xx


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