Star Lantern

I read about the making of star lantern from here. So I did two for my shop this afternoon but I did wrongly. They were 6-pointed stars instead. Tonight I did a 5-pointed one.

got ready 10 red packets..

folded lines on them..
then folded them into diamond shape..

that's how they looked like..

stapled them together..

the results..

stapled them together..


it's now hanging under the ceiling fan..

Thanks Merryn!


  1. Hey! Very nice star lantern! It's for your shop?

    Actually what do the lanterns signify? Luck, prosperity?

  2. sigh.. how come i dont have this type of interest? so difficult for me to learn.. hahaha..

  3. very beautiful star lantern, nice!! :)

  4. cool! you learn from Merryn teacher as well? hehehe

  5. Cool! Yours has that 3D effect, I likey! I've just done a goldfish :D Come and check it out :)

  6. That's beautiful. What a great idea!

  7. i think yours are well and nicely crafted lo,, even the "fook" characters are so "ngiam ngiam " joined..

    the other day, i saw one lady doing one basket made with only angpau, it was so lovely, may be the next venture of yours with angpau, you could try something else..

    hey,have a great week ahead,, and must be busy preparing for cny,right?

  8. That's nice. So very neat. Love the pattern... Easy to get ang pao packets there kah? Here, the banks so stingy... Too many Chinese maybe, not enough to distribute.

  9. owh, pink ang pows! this is the first time i see pink ones. yeap, my mom and sister like to make things out of ang pows too, save a lot of money on decorations. hehe...well done!

  10. They are beautiful decorations and it's so pleasant to make them!


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