Kledang Hill

I heard a lot about Kledang Hill near Menglembu in Ipoh but I didn't seem to have the time to explore it even though it is just a short distance away.

So last Sunday, I made it a point to follow my girl there. She used to hike there regularly.

I parked my car here and we started walking.
This is the easiest and longest track.

I love the palm trees lining alongside the route.

Looking up, I saw monkeys!
You know what they were doing??
I won't post the picture here. :)

Looking up at the sky too.

The sun came out!

Saw this sign board.

Some even cycled up instead of walking up.

Passed by this gorgeous garden of flowers.

Look beyond!

Then, we reached the rest area.

Look! The toilets..

I climbed up the stairs to see the waterfall from above.

This man was admiring the beauty.
If you look further, you could see the waterfall.

Then, we walked down.

Here, I could see the water flowing down into the drain.

And this guy happily cleaning his bike.

Then, we continued hiking.
The road was rather steep.
I was way behind my girl. :)

We reached another stop.

So difficult to climb up but those people jollily walking down!

Finally, I reached but not to the highest.
Here I show you the other track.


So it was time to go back. It was so easy going down. I jogged all the way down while my girl walked with her friend.

Finally, I reached the car park. What a day! I hope to do it again and this time I must get to the highest point where there is a playground. Yea!!


  1. Looks like a nice place to walk. It's always easier going down but not as good for you!!

  2. Looks like a nice place...but walk? No, thank you... Hehehehehe!!!

  3. Looks like you have found something interesting to occupy your weekends.

  4. Wow, you are living a healthy life! Climbing up the staircase is a tough task, but the waterfall is nice!

  5. wow...a very tiring walk. I will sure out of breath. haha

  6. Looks tiring, but rewarding. I love the waterfalls!

  7. wenn..u hebat la! i can only go to the first level.. up by stairs, down by tar road.. next time i follow your style..see can go further up or not..

  8. I need some exercise badly but I'm too lazy. You are doing great. Keep it up.

    I want to wish you HAppy New Year 2011! :)

  9. Wow those pictures make me want to travel!

    B xx

  10. i've started to love hiking.. but have to be physically fit.

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  12. I have heard about this place from my brother and I wish to visit there too.

  13. Hiking is quite streneous to the knees. Better to walk on flat surface? But the plc n view is vy nice.


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