Beijing Vases

Beijing vases are simply adorable.

Such colorful designs..

different designs..

different shapes too..

If only I could bring them home..

I could only admire them!


  1. You mean you missed again to buy back one of these? OK you get me the jade globe and I bring back the vase for you haha...Would be troublesome actually with all the hassle either by hand carry or cargo. Agree can only admire them. lolz

  2. wah.....nice vases!! Sounds not cheap.

  3. Sarawak a lot... Outskirts of Kuching especially. Many people buy and take home - they will wrap nicely for you.

  4. colurful..makes me want to visit Beijing too.

  5. wow, do you like really travel a lot?

  6. i like the dragon ones better as compared to the flowery ones


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