No Plastic Bag Day

Last month, I cut out this advertisement page from the NST. So yesterday I put it beneath the plastic cover on the counter.

An advertisement from the NST which read:

The world is drowning in plastics!

I was eager to carry out this campaign.
Therefore, yesterday I wrote those words on a white board.

Yesterday, I told my cashiers to do it casually today but when I reached the shop at about 11am, I noticed that the customers came out with plastic bags of stuff. I knew immediately that they didn't dare to carry our the instructions.

I had to start the ball rolling. I showed the customers the advertisement on the counter and politely said, " is 'no plastic bag day'. "

Some customers were understanding and they were all for it. Some were against it that initially I still had to give plastic bags. When we got the hang of it, we were able to handle their objections.

I even provided them with boxes. Most of the customers were happy about it. I guess it's gonna be a successful campaign for us as this is going to happen every Saturday.

I even managed to sell some of our shop's shopping bag at RM1. My husband was surprised that I could sell those bags and said, "Wah, congrats for being successful today!"

I being a joker said, "What? Today only? I have been successful ever since!"

He laughed.. made my day! Normally, he doesn't like to praise people.

What a day! And the shop closed at 6pm today! I was indeed very happy!

Happy New Year!
May this "No Plastic Bag Day" be successfully carried out throughout the year!

Hope that you are supporting this campaign too!


  1. Great move, Wenn!! Syabas! I support your campaign.. hey, i owe u a packet of crackers from KL...

  2. Happy Nw Year, Wen! Great idea about the non plastic day!!!

  3. Good idea! I try to bring my own bags to every store I go to. Most stores here sell them, too!

  4. Happy New Year!! and congrats on being able to carry out and help the environment a little.. guess everyone little contribution make a whole lots of difference.. :D Jia You Wenn!

  5. Let's make year 2011, a year of love our environment day.
    Nowadays I will tell the cashie I don't need a bag no only on Saturday.

  6. People are always resistant of change. It'll sink in eventually and less customers would be unhappy.

    Last time, it was a big hooha too in KL & Selangor. Now, everyone accept that we need to bring pur own bag or go back with our stuuf w/o any bag.

    Happy New Year! :)

  7. yeah, i totally support no plastic bag day.. i try not to use plastic bags, or maybe reduce the usage, if i go shopping..

  8. I hate plastic bags.

    Happy New Year Wenn!
    Here's wishing you happiness and prosperity in the New Year!
    B xx

  9. Happy New Year to you and your family!!

    I like this , no plastic bag day!I hope all people gonna support this! Your customers are understanding , no worries!

  10. It's jes a matter time b4 everyone gets used to the idea of bringing their own bags. It's a great start, Wenn!

  11. Serene and Joyful 2011, Wenn!

  12. Happy 2011. Should have No Plastic Bag everyday!

    I bring my Woe Lai Yea (Kiew Brothers) paper bag everywhere - never mind, already so torn, musking tape sticking here and there....and when I buy small things, I just throw them in. No need for plastic bags.

    Save the environment, save the world!

  13. Well done!
    I personally would prefer cardboard boxes anytime to plastic bags. Boxes can be used for other purposes as well as create a lot of fun for my cats!

  14. I thank you so much for the wonderful gesture. People will be okay once they get used to the idea. ;)

  15. good for no plastic Bag day....

    since, you have some money for not provide plastic... any diskaun for the items :P

  16. I really support "NO PLASTIC BAGS FOREVER!!!"....

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