Tea Culture

In Beijing, we visited a tea house where the staff showed us how to drink tea. They also showed us the different types of tea.

We tasted the tea..
felt relaxed..
and were charmed..

Finally, we bought some tea. :)

Initially, Chinese tea art was originated from Tang Dynasty. Tea art consists of the skills for judging and commenting tea, the artistic procedures for making tea and the atmosphere for enjoying tea. It is the show of the ways of making tea and the soul enjoyment. The way for making tea generally include: tea selection, water selection, tea-making technique, tea-china selection and the environmental refinement. The background of tea art is also very important, because it is usually the best way to show the deep thought of tea culture. Generally, the classical background music played with Chinese classical instruments like Chinese guzhen, flute, xiao and xiong and so on is available in tea art in order to give the drinkers or watchers the enjoyment of traditional aesthetics and Zen philosophy or give the tasters the quite environment like they stay in deep mountains or natural environment without the noise of the society and the anxiety of the soul. Tea in common life is widely used for both keeping fit and spiritual improvement. During the tea drinking, a real drinker is strict about the usage of water, tea type and utensils as well as the atmosphere selection. Drinking tea traditionally can raise personal morality and help to harmonize the interpersonal relations. Tea drinkers usually like making friends and showing their personalities by virtue of drinking tea.



  1. I'm a coffee person, not a fan of tea...unfortunately.

  2. Drinking tea is really good right? I have began drinking tea too. :)

  3. I love oriental tea...i mean chinese and japanese tea. IN my office, there are various of it!
    Having these kind of tea session in China is heavenly!

  4. chinese tea, bought quite a lot when I came back from shanghai few years back

  5. Sure have to end up buying one.. hahhaa.. . i also bought green tea then ended up giving them away.. i cannot tahan.. :)

  6. Did you try LoongCheng tea or MahLowMeek?

  7. Here, we must drink tea when we eat bah-kut-teh.

  8. it could really be a big knowledge when comes to tea culture..


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