Memories of 2017

2017 has been a very fruitful year for me. Lots of activities has been carried out throughout the year. January-Chinese New Year My lovely family. We had a family photo taken on the second day of CNY. February-Melbourne I had been to Melbourne during my previous tours. This time it was a free and easy trip. We sent Jenny to Bundoora Campus for her Exchange Program in RMIT university for a semester. March-Ken's wedding registration. It was right after the Melbourne trip. March-Ken's Garden wedding That's me with my son, Ken. -Ken's wedding eve. My mum, my sisters, my brother and my sister-in-law. -Ken's wedding ceremony. My husband and I accompanied my son to the bridal car. -Ken's wedding dinner. Ken and his lovely bride. April-Jane's birthday May-family holiday -Mother's day. Visited my mum and celebrated Mother's Day with her. June-Grandnephew's birthday. We flew to Johor to make

Sikh Temple/Punjabi Culture

Since it was the Sultan of Perak's birthday, I had decided to visit the royal town in Kuala Kangsar. Two of my good friends went along with me. I drove them to my Punjabi friend's aunty's place in Kuala Kangsar.  Aunty made us the mango drinks which indeed quenched our thirst. I was amazed by the Punjabi bed. It's made of weaved plastic and ropes too. Since the auspicious day coincided with the birthday of the Sikh Guru, we were taken to the Sikh temple nearby. I was glad to be in such a religious and clean place. We were needed to be on barefoot and cladded with a head scarf. it's a first time experience for both my Chinese friend and myself. After the prayer with the chanting from the priest sitting in front, we were given a sweet dessert which I must receive it with both palms. Of course, we had to eat it. We adjourned to the dining hall and had our breakfast. The Punjabi tea was totally different from our usual tea. Since we had

My cheese cup cakes

Yearning to make a simple cheese cake. While browsing through the internet, I came across the cheese cup cakes. Methods sound simple enough so I got started.. But I did some alterations. I used mini Julie's peanut butter cookies as the base. Used 250g cream cheese Used 100g icing sugar Half teaspoon vanilla essence An egg Baked at 170degreesC for 15 minutes. Cooled it. Added blueberry jam on top of the cheese cupcakes. Keep them in the fridge. Tasted it and I like it..