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My girl, Jean borrowed RM48K for her Accounting course at KDU. She graduated in June 2014. In Dec 2014, we returned the loan to PTPTN as we were given 20% discount. So we thought everything was settled. Suddenly, out of nowhere, after 15 months, we received a letter 5 days ago asking us to settle the balance.  It made me curious. I quickly went online and made a complaint on the same day. We paid as required. How come we were required to pay the balance of 20%? I told them to refer to the announcement made in Dec 2014. Waited for 4 days and there was not a single reply. I decided to check it out at UTC yesterday. On arriving there, I asked to check the status. The officer-in-charge told me that all had been paid with the given 20% discount.  I showed him the letter. He simply answered that the letter was outdated. They had just updated their system this month. Fine. I asked for a printed statement. It showed clearly that we don't owe them a single sen. Went

@ Papparich, NU Sentral

When was the first time I met TM and SK? Trying to recall and I found this blog post ! It was in Jan 2013. Wow, it has been 3 years since I met SK.  This was the third time I met TM and Small Kucing. And this was the very first time I met Small Kucing in KL. The other two times, Small Kucing visited me at CJ with Claire. This time we were at Papparich. Yesterday I took the train and was with my kids the whole day. Today I planned to meet TM and he managed to get SK and Small Kucing along. Thank you all for making this a successful meet-up. I was glad that I proposed to meet and I told TM about my KL visit a month ago.. It was indeed a great pleasure to meet them. I would love to meet the others too... Cherish our friendship!!

ChangJiang Facebook

It has been 4 years since I started the facebook page for ChangJiang. When I first started it, I got a very big challenge from my boy. He said if I could get 100 likes, he would like my page. I struggled very hard to get those 'likes'. I gave out pieces of paper with the link to my customers. I even organised competition after competition to create awareness to my customers. Soon I achieved it! Now it has touched 1145 likes.. So I gonna celebrate it this Sunday! Happy 4th Anniversary to my ChangJiang Facebook page! Thank you very much for your support too! Have a nice day, everyone!! FYI, here's the lastest contest! My most memorable experience @ ChangJiang. Tell us your experience and win yourself a souvenir from ChangJiang. Closing date-30April 2016