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My husband's oversea trips

Well, my husband hardly flies anywhere but recently he finally flew somewhere. The first time he ever flew was when my eldest girl was very young. He went to Quilin China. Of course, I didn't go with him as I had to take care of my girl then. But he didn't quite enjoy his trip as his mother was sickly then. His mum passed away in the year 1992.
 He bought this jade grape plant for decoration.  I still keep it in the display closet.
This photo was taken in Quilin. That's the God of Longevity.

The second time he ever flew was when I was heavily pregnant with my boy. It's so many years ago. We went to Phuket during the Chinese New Year in 1997. 
The third time was about ten years ago when he went to Cambodia. And he was unlucky then as our shop was burglarized on the very first night he was away. He swore that he would never leave his shop again.
Since then he hasn't been anywhere far.
But recently, I was surprised that he agreed to go on a trip organized by Fomec c…

Farewell gathering

We decided to have a farewell lunch for Ah Mei who is resigning soon. Yesterday was the best day as it's a Sunday. I decided to close the shop earlier so that we could have a proper farewell gathering. Those staff who were not working on a Sunday also came to join in the fun. It's actually a potluck lunch. 
I sponsored the main ingredients for the fried rice and the rendang chicken. Mariah cooked the rendang and Saras cooked the fried rice. Har, Wai, Peng and Mei sponsored the others but it's Mei's mum who prepared them.
4 of my staff and 2 part-time workers
Lim ordered the pizzas and Seng bought the cake.
Yee helped to put the ice cubes into the cups.
Sparkling Juice on the house.
Filled them up..
and YUMMMM...
Lim entertained us with his dance.
Another group to YUM-SENG as some of them came later. My staff, Lan and my part-time workers: Seng and the 3 sisters, Leng, Yee and Yan.
The 3 sisters sponsored the curry fish balls cooked by their mum.
Lan prepar…

Bicycle fall

Have you ever experienced bicycle fall?

When I was only in Year Four, I was learning to ride a bicycle at my aunt's place. This aunt is my late father's eldest sister. The bicycle was not high and I could sit on the seat but I fell once but not injured.
When I was in Form 3, I was riding my bicycle with my neighbor to school. I was still new to the road. Once a bus was behind me and I got panicked. I fell from my bike and the bus stopped for me to get up. I was so relieved.
Now my second girl was having fun riding bicycle with her bunch of friends in Australia.
She fell down and hurt her foot. 
But she had to spend 100+ Australian dollars for her treatment. She said she could claim from her university. Anyway, thankful that she's fine and didn't get hurt seriously.


                                                                       ^ Well, my eldest girl in UK has an assignment which is to write a blog. Do visit her blog, Malaysian in th…

My Mum's Only Sister

My mum is the eldest in the family. She has two brothers and a sister. One of my uncles lives in Seremban whereas the other lives in Subang. My aunt stays in Taiping, our hometown. 
She is my favorite aunt. Always very kind and helpful. When my siblings and I were still young and schooling, she always came to visit us. She used to cycle to our place and I always borrowed her bicycle to ride.
When I was in Form One, I was in the afternoon session and I had to walk back home. On my way back, my aunt also happened to cycle back from work. She would give me a lift home. And it depended on the timing as my aunt's dismissal time was not fixed. At that time, we stayed in the same house together with my grandmother.
She got married late and she was blessed with two sons. They are responsible ones.

I always make sure that I visit my aunt when I go back Taiping. My last visit was during the recent Chinese New Year. Now that my mum stays in Taiping, she always visit her. My aunt has diffic…

For your eyes

I didn't know there are so many spectacles shops near my place. I was driving out from my parking place and at the junction..
Carin faced me directly.
V2 is towards the left
whereas O Two is on the right.
Further right is Vision Plus.
Just opposite V2 is Taylor Optic.

Mind you, I didn't visit any of those shops. My favorite shop is not in this area.

 Recently I had changed my lenses to the transition one.
I still retain the frame.
 It has been three years. It's my everlasting Cyber Eyeworks.

Mother's day contest

This will be the second time for me to hold the Mother's day contest. Last year, it was rather simple. The participants just had to write not more than 20 words why they love their mum.
This time, participants are needed to post a picture of themselves with their mum. And just tell a short story. Contest ends on the 10 May 2013.
The grand winner will be determined by a lucky draw on the 11 May 2013 at the shop.
s The grand winner will receive this exclusive tea set.
The others will receive the above consolation prizes.
Visit Chang Jiang if you feel like joining in the fun.
All the best!

In a day

Yesterday, I woke up at 6.15am. Got ready and sent my girl to the railway station. Her train was at 7am. Dropped her, went home and tended to May, my boxer. I fed her with bread and milk before I adjourned to the shop. I opened the shop at 8.30am sharp. 
I was glad that my people were punctual. When everything was in order, Lim bought this Panax Ginseng Extracts from our shop. Actually I haven't seen the contents before. So since he bought it and opened it, I told him that I wanted a photo of it. 10 bottles
Lim drank it with the straw provided. Mmm..yummy..
Later, I wrapped a few consolation prizes.. meant for Mother's Day Contest held in Chang Jiang facebook.

At 6pm, Mei went back to her mum's place nearby and she brought some food for me.. yam cake made by her mum
and steamed 'nin ko'( I gave the nin ko to her mum so that she could prepare the steamed ones for me. Thank you, Mei's mum.
Of course, I couldn't finished all. I shared with my people.


I have written about how to make the soya bean agar-agar before. Last time I used the packet soya bean  Take a look here. But this time I used the fresh ones from Funny Mountain.
And here's the kaya puff.. picture taken by my little girl
Ok, I want to show you the Vintage Paymaster Cheque Printer that we still use in our shop. I don't know how long it has been here but I guess it could be well over 15 years..  it is very heavy though
 just move the keys accordingly..
 then pull down the handle on the right...
It's nicely printed. I don't need to write that  except the names and the amount on the right of the cheque.

Sin Eng Heong/Funny Mountain

My girl wanted to buy kaya puff for her friends in college, so we took her to Sin Eng Heong. The shop is opened even on a Sunday. When we reached there after our breakfast, there was already a queue waiting for the freshly baked kaya puff.
After a short while, it's my girl's turn.
Many people came out with loads of kaya puff.
Then, we walked over to the Funny Mountain Soya bean stall. My girl bought a small bottle of soya bean plus cincau. I bought a big bottle of soya bean unsweetened. I used it to make soya bean agar-agar.

Panda Bear

Yesterday, the candidate for our area walked into our shop and talked to the boss. He also gave a panda bear to him. 1Malaysia Panda bear
In the evening, I had to go and fetch my son from his school. On the way, I spotted..

and on the way back home..
on the way to buy dinner for my son..
while waiting for him to get his KFC burger
and admiring the Panda bear in my car

Soon, on the 5 May, I'm going to exercise my rights..

Pediasure Dinner

Last Sunday, after our late lunch at Dragon-i, I had to attend a dinner organised by Abbott Nutrition. My husband had to attend another dinner organised by the Perak Chinese Physicians' Association. Since there were two tickets, I brought along my staff, Lim. Actually, he picked me up so I didn't need to drive myself. 
The nutritionist gave a talk about nutrition and Pediasure (milk powder for children ages 1-10)
Then there was a deal..order Package A or B with discounts given  plus another 1% which I got for my lucky dip at the entrance.
Our sales representative quickly sealed the order from us, Package B. Of course, my staff had to call the boss first.
Then dinner started: herbal chicken soup
lobster dish
roasted piglet
There was Q & A session..
My staff managed to answer a question and he won the Portable Power Supply. But he gave it to me..
as he already received this mobile power bank as his door gift.  I have mine too.
sea cucumber with broccoli plus abalone fish d…