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MIL status

Finally, I acquired a MIL status. My friends asked me how is it like to be a MIL. Well, nothing much has changed. Just that I have a new daughter to call me "mama".. OK, let me tell you what happened on the 17th and 18th March 2017.. 17 March morning A Garden Wedding  Just perfect for the couple.  Something new to me and I enjoyed it. 17 March night Pre-Wedding Buffet Dinner I had fun talking and joking around with my friends. My mum, siblings and relatives were around too. What about the boss? His friends made his day. He was almost drunk.. 18 March morning The Wedding Day Tea Ceremony was carried out. Ang pows were collected by the couples. Ang pows given to the unmarried ones too. Boss bought gold set for the couple. 18 March 2017 The Wedding Dinner Total of 39 tables occupied. Boss couldn't get to invite the whole lot of his business friends  due to the limited space. It was a memorable occasion