Memories of 2017

2017 has been a very fruitful year for me. Lots of activities has been carried out throughout the year.

January-Chinese New Year
My lovely family. We had a family photo taken on the second day of CNY.

I had been to Melbourne during my previous tours. This time it was a free and easy trip.

We sent Jenny to Bundoora Campus for her Exchange Program in RMIT university for a semester.

March-Ken's wedding registration. It was right after the Melbourne trip.

March-Ken's Garden wedding

That's me with my son, Ken.

-Ken's wedding eve. My mum, my sisters, my brother and my sister-in-law.

-Ken's wedding ceremony. My husband and I accompanied my son to the bridal car.

-Ken's wedding dinner. Ken and his lovely bride.

April-Jane's birthday

May-family holiday

-Mother's day. Visited my mum and celebrated Mother's Day with her.

June-Grandnephew's birthday. We flew to Johor to make the distance shorter for mum.

- Friend's birthday

July-Ken's birthday

-Kane's performance at the Philharmonic.

August-Cameron Highlands with my friends. Just stayed a night and I drove them there.

-Friend's birthday

- Bangkok. Shopping and enjoying the food.

-Tasmania with Kane 

September-My birthday with my friends,

-My Birthday with Kane and Jean.

-My Birthday with my friends.

-Friend's daughter's wedding dinner. Photo with my schoolmates.

October-Singapore. Send Jane over there as she has a new job.


Maxwell Hill with my schoolmates.

November-Kuala Kangsar. Visited a Sikh temple.

-Mum's birthday, She was 82 years old.

-Kane's graduation in Aswara.

December-Met a Blogger friend in Singapore.

-Met another Blogger friend in Singapore.

Christmas Day

Happy New Year 2018


  1. Happy New Year to you and your family... Look forward to meet you again...

  2. A wonderful year for you and family.

    To more and exciting 2018. Happy and blessed new year!

  3. Wah. You have a big family n your children are grown ups. Happy new year to u.

  4. What a beautiful family! So cute in coca cola red uniforms! Muahahaha
    I have posted in my blog about you.

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