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Yee Sang

For the past years as a mum, I had never prepared yee sang before. This year somehow challenges me to do it. I am planning to hold a reunion gathering for my CJ friends and we have to prepare something. Unexpectedly, I decide to prepare yee sang even though I have not much knowledge about it. To make justice for myself, I start googling and somehow it has boost my confidence.  To prepare a trial version, I had prepared for our reunion lunch.    To my surprise, my people loved it! They didn't mind another one. Here's for CNY 1st day lunch. For CNY 2nd day lunch, we had it at a restaurant in Taiping. Still the first one was the best among the three! Happy lou sang!

Happy Day

I was surprised when the sales representatives brought the banners for the boss..See, he was so happy and he happened to be in a good mood today.  Nice banner. Wonder where the boss gonna hang them.. Another surprise hit me. For the past few weeks, I didn't dare to mention about bonuses for the workers. CNY is just around the corner and I thought that he might have forgotten.. Suddenly, he asked me to prepare 'ang pow' for the workers. Good news! I quickly wrote down the workers' name with their salaries. He then decided on how many weeks/months to be given. Then I started straight away calculating the amount to be put in the ang pows. The boss then checked the vouchers and signed them. I put the required amount in the red packets. Finally, they were done and I kept them in the safe. Thought I heard him said to be given tomorrow. Out of the blue, he told me to give them today so as to make them happy! So were they happy? Definitely, they were s

Valentine's Day/CNY mood

Recently a customer cum friend gave me a bouquet of plastic flowers and asked me to do something about it. She didn't want to throw it as it still looks new but a little dusty. What I did was I took out all those flowers and gave them a good wash. I kept the vase for my money plant. I used the flowers as shown above.   First of all, I have lots of those small bottles which contained my berries drink. My girl told me to keep them. But I have too many of those bottles so I decided to use them as a small vase for those flowers and Ferrero Rocher. I wrapped ang pows over the body of the bottles to make them attractive. All done and I'm giving them away to my ChangJiang chat group members.   Happy Pre-Valentine's Day and Pre-CNY! And I made number 8 out of ang pows..fatt for prosperity.. Here's wishing everyone a prosperous year ahead...

A new lesson

Well, my boy has been driving like a pro driver since he acquired his driving lesson. I was busy with my own work that I had forgotten to teach him a vital fact about our car, the Toyota Corolla which is already 20 years old. He only knows how to fill up the petrol judging from the meter. He also knows how to pump the tyres. Mainly being taught by his mama.. Every time there's problem with the car, I'm the first one to connect. Then I will connect with his papa as always. I used to get nagging when my kids encountered any car problem.  So this morning, my boy was on his way to a place for his saxophone training. At one of the traffic lights junction, the car broke down. Immediately he thought of me. Called my hp but I forgot to put it on 'ring'. Missed a few calls, he called the shop. I was in the shop at that time. I picked up the phone and the first word was, "I need your help!" I couldn't help him. I had to tell his papa. But at that mo