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Indian wedding

I have only seen Indian weddings being carried out in Indian movies. Never expected being invited to one recently. This jolly uncle is a friendly customer. He has become a good friend of mine. A week ago, he gave me an invitation card to his daughter's wedding held last Sunday. It was indeed a privilege for me. I was all set to witness the wedding. Imagine me going about capturing those beautiful moments of the auspicious wedding. Thanks Uncle Moorthy and Aunty Mary for inviting me....

A new old laptop

I have been neglecting my blog due to my laptop. It has been with me for almost 10 years. It's getting old and very slow. I have been procrastinating too in getting a new one. Recently, my eldest girl suggested that I use her laptop since she's having a macbook from her company. So happy to be back...  Have a nice day, everyone....  Cheers....

Happy Anniversary, Experiences!

Forgotten all about it since I have not been blogging regularly. Today my facebook showed me my memories. 4 years ago I celebrated it. Was actually surprised with what I had done on that day. I actually bought 3 pieces of cakes to celebrate it. Haha...  Well, it's amazing that I have been doing it since the first day it was created for me. I like to thank Ken for supporting me initially. Then it was up to my own enthusiasm to keep it going. I like to thank all my blogger friends and readers for supporting me this far. Will never ever neglect it but I'm sorry that I haven't been doing it enthusiastically like before. Thanks once more. I shall make more effort to visit all of your blogs. Been neglecting since my time is quite constrain. Anyway, hope to get a better laptop so that I can browse easily. Or else I get a better phone so that I can connect to sites easily. Wishing everyone best of everything and keep on blogging! Have a lovely day! 

House repainting

We have been living in our own house since 2000. We bought this double-storey terrace house for just RM150k. The boss paid RM70k while I took a government loan of RM80k, maximum for me at that time. I chose 15 years to settle the loan through salary cut. It has reached 15 years last year and thus I don't owe anymore. Recently, the boss decided to repaint the whole house. Thus I'm busy trying to clear all those clutters. Tomorrow is the day. We have chosen some colors instead of the plain white color. It will cost us about RM9k to beautify the house.. Wonder how long it will take to finish this mission..

Happy Father's Day!

I love this spontaneous photo of us. It was taken on the second day of Chinese New Year 2015 before we went visiting my relatives.. Happy Father's Day from all of us! Have a great day to all fathers! Happy Father's Day especially to the man in this photo!  Love from us! Happy Father's Day to my children's dad.  May you live healthily and happily.  May your love and care keep all of us closer.

Penang trip (11 & 12 june)

This was our school friends' third annual trip. We went to Penang. We stayed a night at Four Points by Sheraton. It's a nice hotel but the beach was not breezy at all.. Our friend, the organiser had done for us, the same t-shirt for all. The pink color is lovely.   Took pictures of ourselves at the the hotel. It was a fun holiday as we chatted and laughed non-stopped.. We had dinner together whilst we celebrated one of our friends' birthday. The beach was calm and beautiful but the sunrise the next morning was even more lovely.. But unfortunately, I didn't get up to witness it.

Sweating Out

I hardly sweat unless I do housework. But I need more sweat-out. So two weeks ago on Sunday, I went to Polo ground alone and there was a Yoga Follow Exercising. I joined in the exercising for a mere 10 minutes and I was sweating profusely. Never felt so good..  Again, last Saturday, I went with my friends. But we didn't stay long as both of them needed to run some errands.. A number of exercising equipment and we can utilize it freely.. There was an Aerobics Follow Exercising.. We joined in eagerly and the outcome was good for all of us. Felt so good.. Need more of this.. Have a healthy week!

Overnight Oats

I have seen my son preparing overnight oats and I never liked the idea of taking cold stuff in the morning.  But last week, my youngest girl was on a week study leave. She prepared overnight oats for the three of us..her dad, me and herself. His dad was ok with it..he liked it. As for me, I was forced to take it.. Oats with milk, juice from celery and cucumber. With mangoes too. Tasted good. Oats with the same ingredients but added bananas. Tasted good too. Before she went back last Sunday, she had prepared some oats for me. But just oats with the same ingredients. No other stuff added. So I cut some oranges and mixed in the overnight oats. Tasted better since I like oranges. This time, I added orange juice and threw in some raisins. The best! Lastly the final one, I just added my supplement powder into it. Tasted awesome! Glad, I don't need overnight oats anymore. I prefer breads.....

Cake Craze

I used to bake cakes since I got my microwave oven many years ago when my kids were still young. I liked to bake cakes specially for them. They loved cakes.  But my baking craze was lapsed for quite a number of years. Now I'm back into action. Trying to bake as perfect as possible.   This was the best butter cake that I had baked in April this year. I had always wanted to bake the zebra cake but I didn't actually know how. Recently I googled it and somehow learned the proper way to do it. I was indeed happy that it came out so nice especially the zig-zag patterns. Recently, I had been baking not solely for myself. I did it as a small business for my shop. I have to work hard in the sense that I need to promote to my customers gradually. The boss laughed at me. He said he needed to create a corner for me to bake cakes and whatsoever pertaining to food. I was amused but I did it just for fun as I love baking and preparing food...

Happy Teacher's Day

My Educator blog Since today is teacher's day, I like to dedicate this few lines to all teachers.   May all of you keep the light from the candle burning. You are like a candle burning itself for the sake of others. Well done and keep it up. As for me, I was a teacher but I had given up teaching since March 2008. It was when my hubby needed me most. His partner had resigned and I had to fill up the vacancy. But I still miss my teaching life. I had always wanted to be a graduate since I finished studying at the trainee teachers college. I did my STPM several times but I was not eligible to secure a place in a university. Therefore, I got married and I was gaining experiences through teacher. After a couple of years, I was entitled to pursue my first degree in 1999.   I was graduated in 2002 I had been teaching the primary schools before I did my first degree. After graduating, I was posted to a secondary boys school where I taught English and became a

Breadmaker (1 April 2016)

I had always wanted to make bread but I was too lazy to knead it and so forth. One day, my friend told me to get a breadmaker as according to her, it would make my life easier. So one day, I was browsing the Maybank Treatpoints site and I saw a breadmaker. Without hesitation, I redeemed it using the boss's credit card points. Of course, I got his permission to do so.. Faxed in the form and in a week's time, I received the breadmaker.. It's Morphy Richards.(Recipes included) If I had redeemed vouchers, I could have got RM400. Anyway, no regrets.. My very first bread that I was actually struggling to get acquainted to the breadmaker. Instead of high protein flour, I used the multi purpose flour. Not very suitable though.. One day, my friend posted her making of a pandan loaf. I was so interested that I asked for her recipe. I followed it and it came out beautifully. Only that I should have used more concentrated pandan juice.

Happy Mother's Day, Mum.

Yesterday was a holiday and it's a Sunday. My two girls were back for the weekend. So we decided to pay a visit to their grandma. And since this Sunday is Mother's Day and we won't be able to visit her as all of us are committed with something else, we proposed an early Mother's Day for my mum. Started our journey from Ipoh at 10.15am. Reached  Taiping after 11am. My mum was already waiting for us as we told her to get ready. A good shot before we adjourned to BBQ Restaurant in Taiping town. We had a scrumptious lunch. Had 5 dishes and it cost us less than RM60. After lunch, we drove around the Lake Garden and admired its beauty once more. Then we made a visit to my aunty before we headed home. Happy Mother's Day, mum! Happy Mother's Day to all mothers! Remember to celebrate it with your family this SUNDAY!


My girl, Jean borrowed RM48K for her Accounting course at KDU. She graduated in June 2014. In Dec 2014, we returned the loan to PTPTN as we were given 20% discount. So we thought everything was settled. Suddenly, out of nowhere, after 15 months, we received a letter 5 days ago asking us to settle the balance.  It made me curious. I quickly went online and made a complaint on the same day. We paid as required. How come we were required to pay the balance of 20%? I told them to refer to the announcement made in Dec 2014. Waited for 4 days and there was not a single reply. I decided to check it out at UTC yesterday. On arriving there, I asked to check the status. The officer-in-charge told me that all had been paid with the given 20% discount.  I showed him the letter. He simply answered that the letter was outdated. They had just updated their system this month. Fine. I asked for a printed statement. It showed clearly that we don't owe them a single sen. Went

@ Papparich, NU Sentral

When was the first time I met TM and SK? Trying to recall and I found this blog post ! It was in Jan 2013. Wow, it has been 3 years since I met SK.  This was the third time I met TM and Small Kucing. And this was the very first time I met Small Kucing in KL. The other two times, Small Kucing visited me at CJ with Claire. This time we were at Papparich. Yesterday I took the train and was with my kids the whole day. Today I planned to meet TM and he managed to get SK and Small Kucing along. Thank you all for making this a successful meet-up. I was glad that I proposed to meet and I told TM about my KL visit a month ago.. It was indeed a great pleasure to meet them. I would love to meet the others too... Cherish our friendship!!

ChangJiang Facebook

It has been 4 years since I started the facebook page for ChangJiang. When I first started it, I got a very big challenge from my boy. He said if I could get 100 likes, he would like my page. I struggled very hard to get those 'likes'. I gave out pieces of paper with the link to my customers. I even organised competition after competition to create awareness to my customers. Soon I achieved it! Now it has touched 1145 likes.. So I gonna celebrate it this Sunday! Happy 4th Anniversary to my ChangJiang Facebook page! Thank you very much for your support too! Have a nice day, everyone!! FYI, here's the lastest contest! My most memorable experience @ ChangJiang. Tell us your experience and win yourself a souvenir from ChangJiang. Closing date-30April 2016

Goodbye RealRewards

It has been ages since I signed up for RealRewards. I had received emails from them before but I couldn't get in as I forgot my password. Wanted to call them but I kept on procrastinating. Yesterday, I was browsing through my old cards and I found my VIP RealReward card. I went to the website and hoping to get my password right.  Tried a few times and I gave up. But I call the customer service. I was told to wait for her call but she didn't call at all.  This morning, I called the customer service again. This lady was more efficient. She checked my card number and ic number. I was told that my record was not in the system. How come? I had not been using it for more than two years and so my record was gone for good!   I won't sign up for it anymore. Found this sole letter dated 2004 when they sent me my VIP card. All along, I thought that the points never expired. My very big mistake!

My BIL and SIL

This BIL is my hubby's eldest brother. He studied and graduated in Sydney. He married a German girl and have two grown-up sons.  They always make a trip back to Malaysia practically once yearly. I have known them ever since I met my boyfriend then. Each time they came back, I would play host to them. But unfortunately they didn't get to attend my marriage as it was not convenient. Both were teachers then. Now, my BIL has retired but my SIL is now a lawyer.  I had been to their house in Newcastle in 2002 and I met them in Sydney in 2010. Recently, they came back to attend a wedding. It's my SIL's (my hubby's youngest sister) second son's marriage. I met them at the wedding dinner in Taiping last Sunday. They stayed back in Taiping and came to Ipoh on Wednesday. This time they didn't stay at my place but at my BIL's (my hubby's youngest brother) place. Last Sunday Early morning on Friday, my BIL called me and asked me t


My next holiday is gonna be Scandinavia.   I had actually loved to tour USA but the time is not convenient for me. I can only leave the shop for some time provided someone is around to do do my chores at the shop.   So I picked places that would coincide with my boy's holiday. He's kind enough to let me go for my trip. Thanks, my boy.  I will be going with my SIL and my girl who happens to be on holiday at that time.  Really looking forward to another great holiday!

Petron card

I used Smiles card for many many years. At times, I lost my card. So, I applied for new ones. Actually, they were not lost but being misplaced by myself. I was surprised when one day, all came out when I did spring cleaning. What did I do? I distributed to my kids. Yet I still had that habit of misplacing. So I kept on applying. One day, I had to check with the petrol station and started getting rid of some of them. Now, I'm more careful as I keep them in my purse. Talking about the Petron card, someone dropped his card at my shop. I just left it at the counter but nobody seemed to claim it. It had been lying around for a couple of months and instead of throwing it away, I had an idea. I used the card to pour some petrol and got the receipt. There were 1200 points. I went to redeem stuff from the convenient shop. Total RM13.50. So I just paid RM1.50. With two packets of foodstuff, I gave one to the station attendant. He was surprised. On my way back, I passed b

Missed Her Grandma

Jean came back for the weekend and I thought of taking her to Cameron for a short break. But she refused to go anywhere except Taiping. Why? She definitely missed her favorite grandma. On top of that, when I sent my mum back to Taiping last weekend, she had forgotten her 'tongkat'. So it's a very genuine excuse to give to the boss. So off we went. I drove slowly while chatting with my girl. Instead of taking 45 minutes to reach as usual, I took whole 1 hour. I wouldn't speed when I drive and talk. Firstly, picked up my mum. She was glad to see her 'tongkat' again. Before we went for our lunch at the Casual market, we made a short visit to my aunty. Recently, she's not in favor of 'buah tangan' so I guess a little 'sincerity' is the best. She is an ever cheerful aunty.   Went for our lunch and then decided to go back as Jean had to travel back to KL on the same day. On the way to my mum's place, I finally made the eff

My weekend fun

My friend in Taiping whose daughter got married yesterday had invited some of us to the wedding dinner held at the Flemington Hotel.  My mum, my girl and I hopped into my Ipoh friend's car to the place. The dinner was supposed to start at 7pm but it was late. Started at about 8pm and lasted for about 3 hours. Our friend, the bride's mum, surprised us by inviting us to the stage to dance with her. She managed to persuade us. We danced to the beat of the music and we had so much fun! My friend was so sporting as she led us to the dance. After about half an hour, we had to move on to our next program. We had birthday celebration for both of our KL friends while  listening to oldies sung by the singer at the 'Old Days' in Taiping. See, my mum was enjoying herself too! The next morning, we gathered again at the casual market for breakfast. I had curry noodles which is my all-time favorite. It was a hot day but it didn't

Busy March.

Today is the first of March. I started my day being busy. First and foremost, I did an online shopping. I shopped at Melaleuca, not just under my account but also under my girl's account. Actually I manage both accounts on the first of every month. Next, I cleaned my dogs' space. Gave them biscuits as breakfast. My routine... To the kitchen I went and prepared lunch for myself, my girl and my mum. Before I ended the morning session, I vacuum-cleaned all the three rooms. This was the first time I ever used the vacuum cleaner this year. Feeling satisfied and I had cooled down, I quickly took a bath and then had my lunch. It's 12pm and I had to start working at my hubby's shop. Upon reaching the shop, my very first task is always my daily statement which I have to prepare. Done with it and I was ready to give the salary and wages to my people. I had prepared beforehand a few days ago. Next, another important task is to get those impending

Love you, Mum.

Mum was complaining about her knee pain since Chinese new Year. Last Sunday, I made the effort to see her and bring her back to my place. It was Chap Goh Meh. So I made Yee Sang just for the two of us.. May mum stay healthy and happy always... Yee sang for my people at Chang Jiang too.. On the same day, I took mum to the salon to get her hair permed. The next day, both mum and I woke up early just to get the first number to see the specialist. We were there at 7.30am. The nurse came at 8am. Went for breakfast before we saw the doctor at 9am. Went for x-ray and back to see the doc at 11am. No medication given as mum has lots of her own. Doctor advised to get mum a knee and waist support. So I quickly got her Nefful knee and waist support. Got her to wear them so as to make sure they fit. Also got her Glucojoint soy milk powder and gamat asli. She has to consume them regularly in order to be in good health. All the best to my mum.. Get healed

Everybody's birthday/Valentine"s Day

Since it's a Sunday, I had decided to organise this special gathering for my Chang Jiang friends.  It's actually a potluck so I just needed to prepare my lou sang.. Everyone was in a happy mood. Gongxi Gongxi! It's everybody's birthday. Susan got us a birthday cake. Valentine's Day too! I had prepared 3 gifts for three lovely couples. Next, not to be specially made lou sang for all. On top of that, I received Valentine's gifts from my two friends. Thanks, Doris! Thanks, Shane! Love it!! Thanks to all my CJ friends for those prepared food. Yummy! Kong Hei Fatt Choy! May everyone stays young in heart as always!!