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Mum's 80th birthday

My eldest brother wished to organised a birthday celebration for our mum. He planned everything in detailed. He chose the Imperial Restaurant in Subang and ordered a special cake for the celebration.   It's a beautiful cake for the special occasion. He even bought special red packets meant to be given together with the door gift.  A piece of RM5 note is put inside each packet. The door gift consists of a fork,a spoon and a pair of chopsticks which is considered auspicious. Mum wore her new blouse specially tailored for her big day. Only closed relatives were invited. A total of 63 guests attended the event. Mum's birthday fell on the tenth day of the tenth month of the Chinese calendar which coincidentally fell on a Saturday. My eldest sister flew from JB. My third sister took a bus from Singapore. My youngest sister flew from Penang. My second brother and his family flew from Penang too. My eldest, third and youngest brothers are from

Deepavali dinner

As many of my customer friends are Indians, I decided to give them a treat. It was held at the Chinese restaurant in the YMCA building. I booked two tables for the 19 of us. Before we started the dinner, I had to give the prize to the winner of the Saree challenge at Chang Jiang.  She was clad in saree but I was clad in an innovated one. From 7pm onwards, one by one started to take their seat at the restaurant. Then came the pre-ordered dishes. We had rice and there was a bowl of soup too. Most of them had Chinese tea but some of us had red wine which I brought along. Simple yet appetizing ones. And it's reasonable too. After the dinner, we gathered at the living hall for a photography session. We took quite a number of shots. A group photo for the album. They thanked me for the treat but I thanked them for their presence! Happy Deepavali!

Wearing Saree

I had organised a saree contest at Chang Jiang but not many people seemed keen. Once a Chinese friend told me that she wanted to take part and I was looking forward to it.  She was waiting for a green light from our Indian friend. Unfortunately, our friend was too busy preparing for her son's wedding. Her time was really occupied.  I have an Indian friend who seemed interested to wear saree with me. Again, we couldn't get a proper time to do it. Both of us had time constraint. Thus, we forwent it. Two days ago, a regular customer came to Chang Jiang with her saree. She looked so pretty. This was the first time I had seen her in saree. Casually, I asked if I could wear her saree. Without hesitation, she welcomed me to go over to her place that very night after my work. I was so pleased and I told her about the saree contest in Chang Jiang. She was excited.  So, I went to her place and wore her saree. I had submitted this picture at Chang Jiang. Gue


Have you heard of Nefful? I just heard of it recently. A customer who used to be sickly seemed healthy. So I asked about his condition. He then told me about the product Nefful. He was very efficient. In just two days, he brought his upline to talk to me. I was more convinced thus I signed up as a member. Nefful offers a wide range of clothings which is made of Teviron negative ion fabric.  Firstly, I bought a pair of boxer and a pair of wrist band for my boss. He wears them to sleep. By wearing the boxer, it helps to cleanse his system out of toxins. He is one who likes to pop medication into his mouth. The wrist band helps to stabilize his heart as he is a very stressful person. After a week of wearing, I washed them with the Nefful detergent. I was surprised to see that the water turned murky. See how much toxins he had in his system! I always wash my hair after work that is late at night. So I got myself a beanie. I hope that by wearing it to sleep, those moist