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Batik backpack

Surakarta , often called Solo and less commonly Sala , is a city in Central Java, Indonesia. Well, my girl just came back from Indonesia yesterday night. She had visited Solo and bought two batik night gowns for me. She also bought two batik boxers for her father, a batik scarf for her sister, a batik pyjamas for her youngest sister and a batik purse for her grandma.. She received a batik backpack from her Indonesian friend's mum.  It's rather unique..

My Mum My Inspiration

Image I have bought a tin of Jacob's cream crackers and I found a coupon of 10 points. With that, I can enter the contest. Contest ends on 30 April. Many people have won great prizes. So I would like to try my luck on this.. My entry: My mum may be under the category of the older generation but when it comes to health, she is a great adviser. Whenever she feels uneasy about her own health, she will visit a doctor. Furthermore, she is very curious. She loves to ask the doctor and she will come back feeling great and satisfied. Mum's attitude towards her own health has instilled in me the importance of good health. Whenever I feel ill, she will make sure that I see a doctor. Besides that, she also make sure that I take good food so as to stay healthy. She prefers to cook for me than letting me going out for meals. She says that home-cooked meals are always healthy. Because of her inspiration, I learn to cook and now I can say that

Just Being A Mum

I suddenly got this idea. So I will just write it short before I get on with my house chores.. Mother's Day is just around the corner. Have we ever thought of what to do or get for our mum? Well, my mum is a very conventional one. Even if we don't get anything for her, she won't mind a bit. I don't remember there was Mother's Day when I was young. So we siblings didn't do anything or celebrate at all. Until now, we don't celebrate for my mum too. So I was thinking...Should I do something for my mum? My mum is not with me right now. She is at her hometown. Maybe I should just go back to see her and surprise her. Have we ever stop and ponder about our mum? I guess we should. What are you going to do to surprise your mum?? Mum, I love you!  But it seems awkward for me to say it face-to-face. What about you?

Why you love your mum?

Have you ever thought of why you love your mum? As for me, I have many reasons that show that I love my mum. When I was young and still schooling, I loved to help my mum. Well, I helped her to take care of my little brother and sisters. I fed them and even put them to bed. I would carry them and play with them. Therefore, my mum had the time to do the house chores. Besides that, I even did some house work. I helped to sweep the floor, ironed the clothes, washed the dishes, folded the clothes and even helped my mum to rinse the clothes. I simply loved to help my mum. I love her.. When I started working, I earned some money. With that meagre wages, I still gave my mum some money. I loved to do that. I also bought lots of household stuff for her.  When I got married, I still visited my mum and bought lots of foodstuff for her. I simply loved to do that. When I have the time, I love to take my mum for a holiday. I love my mum simpl

It's a secret!

This morning, I was at my desk doing some work. Suddenly a male customer called me. I was surprised! I don't actually know him. "Yes?" I answered. That's how I reply when someone calls me. "Oh, I have a secret to tell you.." he said. Jokingly, I said, "Secrets are not meant to be shared.." He laughed but he got serious and told me his problem. He needed something or whatsoever to ease him. He had visited the toilet many times and yet it wouldn't come. Since he was facing that problem, I suggested the enema. He hadn't used it before so he was not sure of it. I had to explain on how to use it. He became conscious of the people around him. Furthermore, his friend greeted him. He pretended to get something else. When he came back, his friend was gone. I assured him not to be shy. I had heard more problems from my customers. He was suffering and hoped what I recommended to him could work.. I told him that he would be fine.. Hope to see


I was at 1U yesterday and today and I witnessed some of those fashion parade.. Today those lovely ladies and handsome guys paraded their swimming costumes. Lovely to look at. Also admiring those slim/lovely/handsome models.. What do you think of those fashion parade on swimming costumes? Aren't they a little exposed? Anyway, they are perfect to be admired. How we wish we could show off our swimming costumes beautifully just like them..

Smokes gets into your lungs

For one thing, I dislike cigarettes and its smoke. I dislike its smell. That's why I never like to go to the pub or whatsoever. But since I work in the shop, I have no choice but to face those cigarettes packets everyday. I even have to sell too. It's written on the packet: 'Cigarette Causes Lung Cancer." But who cares.. Those cigarettes are even created using high quality tobaccos..That the smokers care.. The packet are even nicely designed with words to captivate those smokers.. Would you care to take a puff? Definitely a NO NO for the under aged  BUT it's best to leave smoking behind.. REMEMBER: Smoking KILLS!!

No Plastic Bag

We implemented the 'No Plastic Bag Day' since last January. That means we have been doing it for almost 16 months. Of course, we faced a lot of problems initially. But I was very adamant about it. My staff almost gave up but I didn't allow it. I make sure that we carry it out every Saturday from morning till 5pm. Our Bangladesh part-time worker always helps to carry those boxes of items for our customers. Customers already know that every Saturday is a "No Plastic Bag Day'. Some has the initiative to even bring their own shopping bags. Every Saturday, we need to cut those boxes for our usage since no plastic is provided. Yes! Every Saturday is a 'No Plastic Bag Day'. I hang that at the counter every Saturday. Be environmental friendly! Go green! Bring your own shopping bags!

To market we go

Once in a while I will go to the wet market instead of the shop-like market.. Last Saturday my two girls followed me to the market. They helped me to carry my shopping bags. First of all, I grabbed a piece of this kuih..I like the side ones. Yummy! We headed to the chicken stall. Bought a whole chicken.  The seller cut it into small pieces.  While she did so, we went over to the next section. These prawns looked fresh so I bought a kilo of them. This fishmonger is one of my customers.. Bought those three slices of fish meat.  The lady was so nice as to pack them separately for me. Then we hopped over to the vegetables section.. Love vegetables.. L I was there choosing some fresh ones..Can you spot me? Carrots are always my favorite buy.. Next, I bought the sengkuang. I was choosing two good ones.. Stopped by this stall to buy taufu, bean sprouts and taufu pok Meat is also my favorite.  The butcher was cutting the meat into pieces for me. Last but not least,

Truth or a lie

Tonight a customer came to see me. He told me that he bought a box of soap powder but he went back without it. He only brought back the other items. It was me who calculated his items the previous night. So I asked him for his receipt. He said he had thrown it away. He told me that he came into our shop at 9.10 pm and left around 9.45 pm. Immediately I browsed the cctv numerous times but I realized that it's impossible for me to track the time. I had to ask my part-time worker who had helped him to carry his stuff. He couldn't recall any box of soap powder. Since I was rather busy too, I told him to just get a new box as a replacement. But he insisted on watching the cctv. I had no choice but to check the receipt duplicates. He remembered his total payment. Therefore, it was easy for me the track the receipt. With that, I had the time shown on the receipt. I browsed the cctv again. In a short while, I saw him. There was no box of soap powder to be seen. He still assured us

A fall

I was working as usual tonight. A customer wanted a can of milk powder which was up on the top shelf. I had to use a stool so that I could fetch it with my arm stretched upwards. I managed to get it and was coming down from the stool. Suddenly I had a wrong step and I fell backwards. I didn't hit on my butt as I managed to stop my fall with my bare hands. Luckily I didn't had a bad fall. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to walk.. @@@@ That reminds me of my very bad fall once when I was holding my baby. Suddenly I slipped and hit my butt on the floor. Luckily I was still holding my baby. Thank God. I was suffering from pain at my tail bone. I went to see a doctor and he gave me a medicated oil. I applied it for a few times and the pain was gone forever. I pray that I don't fall again. I must be very careful when climbing up and coming down from the stool..

Jambu Rojak

Last Sunday night, I had rojak at GP First Garden. I called for a small plate but it came in considered large for me. Of course, I couldn't finish it. It would be wasted if I just made do with it. So what did I do? I went over to the stall and ask for a plastic bag. I told the owner that I had to 'tapau' my rojak. She was ever willing to give and I offered to pay her but she refused. Fair enough, I took it home and kept in the fridge. The following night after work, I had the remaining rojak. I finished it up but the sauce was still so tasty with peanuts too. So instead of letting it to waste, I put it back into the fridge. The following night, I cut 2 jambu and poured the sauce onto it. looks yummy.. and it tasted yummy too.. Today, I had rojak again. But this time I managed to finish it up. But I'm still not letting go of its sauce. Tomorrow night I may make mango rojak... 

My facebook page

I have been working at my husband's shop for four years already. Initially it was tough as I switched my profession from being a teacher to a business person. I understand that my husband was under stress initially. That's why he always scolded the workers including me. Of course I was not happy but I always tried to be cool. It came to a certain stage that I almost quit. But thinking otherwise, I still stay on till now. At present, things have gone on well. He hardly scolds us anymore. Maybe he has changed since his eldest brother talked to him. I had complained to his brother who is a PR in Australia. Since I'm happy working, I might as well create a new page for my husband's shop. I hope you would just take a look and 'like' my page. I would be very grateful.. Here's the page: Thank you...

Music heals the soul

When we feel down, we can actually turn to music. It can do wonders. It can heal our soul.. I love this song... Oh if someone writes a song With a simple rhyme Just a song Where his feeling show And if someone feels the same About the simple song Oh sometimes You can hear them sing Music gives you happiness or sadness But it also, it also heals your soul Let the music heal your soul Let the music take control Let the music give you The power to move any mountain Oh if someone plays piano With some simple chords So melodic And endearing, too And oh if someone plays guitar With the old piano And maybe You can hear them sing Music gives you happiness or sadness But it also, it also heals your soul Let the music heal your soul Let the music take control { From: } Let the music give you The power to move any mountain Oh yeah Let the music heal your soul

Unreasonable customers

This customer is too much. Today he asked for the Enercal milk powder at the cheaper price. He didn't want the one which comes with a packet of free oats. That definitely cost more.  I told him that that one was the previous batch. Now this recent batch only comes with the free packets of oats. He insisted that I asked the supplier for that former one. I told him that I couldn't do that as I don't deal with suppliers. So I told him to refer to the boss. He was not happy and accused me of not bothered to listen to his feedback. Meanwhile, the boss walked past. He called the boss loudly and complained. The boss also gave the same reason like I gave. He was still not satisfied. Then he said, "Then I know what to do." I supposed he doesn't want to buy from us anymore. ####### Another customer only knows how to complain. He always compares our price with our rival just a few doors away. Once he asked me about the price of a certain packet of rice. I told him.

Eerie dreams

Have you experienced any eerie dreams in your lifetime? I had once.. When I was still studying for my degree ten years ago, a housemate passed away suddenly at her hometown in Penang. I was at Tanjong Malim. We shared a house but separate rooms. She was older than me and she liked to do things on her own way. But one thing I liked about her was she was very brave. She always volunteered to present our group work.  Well, one day we received a bad news that she was choked to death. She must be having a bad cough at night. So the next day, a cousin of her asked me to collect her stuff and throw away. I was thinking: I could easily do that. But on that very night, I had a weird dream: I saw her..So I innocently asked her for her room key so that I could clear her stuff. She replied: Don't touch my stuff! I woke up shocked.. I related the dream to her cousin and told her that I refused to do what she asked. Her cousin then had to come all the way to Tanjong Malim and cleared


How often have you shifted? My girl just told me that she hasn't experienced shifting before. She asked, "When will I experience shifting?" I answered, "You will when you further your studies in KL." Thinking about it, I had experienced it for quite a number of times. Let me see.. 1. When I was in Year 6, I had shifted from my birth place in Tupai Lane to Green House Area in Taiping.  2. When I was studying in KL, we shifted to another place in Green House Area too. 3. When I graduated, my family shifted to a low cost house at Batu 2 1/2 Jalan Simpang in Taiping. My mum is still staying in this house. 4. As for me, when I was working in PJ after my Fifth form, I had shifted to numerous places. Initially, I had stayed in two places within a year. Then I had shifted to Jalan Pahang in KL when I was studying to be a teacher. 5. Believe it or not, I had moved about three times before I graduated from the college. 6. I was posted to Pasir Mas, Kelantan but I

White gold ear-rings

My husband likes to buy gold but I dislike wearing them especially the gold necklace and ear-rings. I don't mind wearing gold ring or bracelet. I am wearing white gold necklace but I don't have a pair of ear-rings to match. So last month when I was in KL, I went shopping for ear-rings. I bought a pair of white gold ear-rings for myself. I have been wearing it and I love it.

Sweaty hands

My girl has sweaty hands but I'm not sure since when she started experiencing it. Her hands are not just sweaty but sweat could be dripping from her hands too.. When she was 12 years old, she had to make her identity card. I took her to the department and it was so difficult for the officer to get her thumb print. Her prints were not legible. Finally I had to use my thumb print to acknowledge her almost illegible thumb prints. She has to use handkerchief very often and it has affected her when she writes. Anyway, she can cope with it and she is still happy..

Do you believe in coin tossing?

Last Sunday, I was at Sam Poh Tong offering prayers to my late PIL. As usual, we offered vegetarian food and fruits. When the burning of the joss-sticks had been done, we needed to ask permission from my late PIL before we burnt the stuff for them. Therefore, we tossed the coins. My husband started first and the answer was 'No'. So I tried. It was a 'No' too. So my son took over and it became a 'Yes'! NO.. Another incident: This morning was the 'Cheng Beng' day. Prayers were offered at home. My husband bought barbecued chicken, siew yok and char siew (pork) and fruits too. Since I was alone at home, I had to carry out the prayers. I had tossed the coins and my late PIL kept saying 'No' for several times. Guess they got tired and gave me the final answer, "YES'! I quickly kept all those stuff and started cutting the chicken and pork. I had to prepare lunch as quickly as possible. By the way, I was late to work. I didn't get t

Caught Red Handed in CCTV

There was a phone call and I was busy serving the customer. The phone rang for quite some time and I managed to get hold of it.. "Hello, just now I came to your shop to buy two items and when I reached home, I  realized that I had lost my purse." "When was that?" "Just now."  I looked at the time and it was already 1pm. "You must have dropped it." "No, I put it on the counter." "It can't be. If it's on the counter, surely we would have kept it for you." "I will come over now." Sure enough, she came in a short while. I asked her, "What time did you pay for your items?" "About 12pm." I was thinking: It wouldn't be easy for me to check the cctv if I didn't have the exact time. So I asked her about her items. She just bought a tin of biscuits and a can of sardines. I checked through my cash machine and found out that the items were bought at 12.30pm. I set the time on the cc

Online Booking

Booking a hotel room online is so much convenient. But sometimes it could become a problem too like in the case when I booked the Apple Hotel near Queensbay Mall. When I reached the hotel, they practically had no room for us.. When you book online, you would need to pay immediately by credit card. It could be a problem too when you decide to cancel the booking. It could be a loss.. There was once when I booked through phone, I had breakfast included whereas when I booked online, no breakfast was included.. But just now, when I wanted to book online, the price was so much cheaper. But I booked through phone instead as I prefer to pay by cash and I could cancel anytime I want without any charges..

April Fool Laksa

It's April Fool Day and we wanted to celebrate it. So I had asked my staff, Mariah to prepare laksa. She was ever willing to do it so I sponsored all the items needed.. Laksa for all of us..Srumptious! Mariah and Saras. Both of them do not work on Sundays. When I came to the shop, it was already 11am as I had to go Cheng Beng and take breakfast with my kids. Mariah had already arrived a short while earlier with her laksa. Saras came later with her french fries. I kicked off the celebration by eating it first and my goodness, it was super 'pedas'! The others enjoyed it very much as they love 'pedas'. We loved the laksa and the boss was happy. He asked Mariah to prepare 'Tom Yam' next time.. Thanks Mariah and your effort. We appreciate it! Happy April Fool Day!

No pay today!

Last year, I played a joke on my workers. As usual I would pay their salaries on the last day of the month. Sometimes, I had to pay on the first instead. So on the first of last April, I was supposed to give out their salaries. I had already got ready without them knowing. But I wanted to play a joke on them. I told them that I won't be giving out their salaries on that day as the boss had kept all the cash. Imagine them looking sad.. Suddenly, before they were dismissed, I handed them their salaries. They were shocked!  APRIL FOOL!