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Chocolate Bouquet

Recently, my staff asked me if I knew how to make a bouquet out of Ferrero Rocher. I had seen one but I had no idea how to make it. So I looked it up at YouTube. I got a rough idea. Got some materials from the stationery shop and the box of FR from my shop. I did a few. I sold three and the rest were given away as gifts. It's D's birthday so she got one. One for M's anniversary and another for G's new house. Another three for three birthday person and lastly one for a customer. I did a chocolate bar bouquet intended as a gift to the 'Look-Alike Contest' participant at ChangJiang. Christmas is just around the corner. Therefore, I'm on my way to prepare Christmas hampers. Besides the above, I'm also doing the conventional hampers. I will be busy wrapping hampers as usual...

Sunday Retreat

I had plans to take my two customer friends to visit Taiping but unfortunately they couldn't make it. But the trip had to be materialised as I had promised to meet up my school friends. The idea was just to pass them those herbal stuff that they ordered from me.  Since my  girl and I went to Taiping on our own, I decided to have breakfast with my friends at the Casual Market. I had mee rebus which is my all-time favorite. We spent some time chatting away. Soon my friends left. My girl and I went shopping at the Store which is my favorite shopping place. Bought some clothes meant for the coming CNY as I won't have the time to do shopping. After shopping, we went back to the casual market to have our lunch. I had the curry noodles. Time to explore. I decided to drive to Sepetang to have a look at the Happy 8 Retreat. But upon reaching the town, I was hesistant to use the narrow road to the old town. Thus, I made a turn back.  As I was half

Hair for donation

When Jean was young, she would cry whenever I took her to the hairdresser for a hair cut. She insisted on keeping her hair long but I would never give in. She had her hair short throughout her primary school days. But when she got into secondary school time, I couldn't get her to the hairdresser. Since she was old enough to take care of her own hair, I gave in to her dream of having long hair. She was good in keeping her hair clean. She washed her long hair daily without any complaint. I really envy her as I myself hate to wash hair everyday but I had to.. Suddenly, she surprised me with her new look! I asked 'Why?'. She told me she's doing it for a good cause. She's donating her hair. Oh, that's good! Bravo, my girl!

Happy 8

Two days ago, ie Friday, my girl drove me to Happy 8. From outside, it looked so deserted. I was reluctant to enter but as I stood at the entrance and looked right in, I saw some people happily eating away. So we had our dinner there. Shared the fish and chips as the portion was rather big. As of today, Sunday, I had to attend a GST talk organised by the Chinese Physician Association. Paid RM30. Before I went into the hall just before 9am, I had my breakfast. Ipoh hor fun GST presention by two software company It was a long winded one and I was so bored.. When I reached home in the evening, my little dog was playing with my slipper. She was actually biting it and guess it has become her toy. She has so many slippers to choose from and yet she chose mine! Happy Sunday!

Jean's Graduation

Initially, I didn't plan to attend Jean's graduation. She told me that she had no intention to join in the convocation. I had persuaded her to go with the flow but she was stubborn enough. So I had forgotten all about it until recently. She told me that her close friend was kind enough to lend her the robe. Since that's the case, I must be there after the event. Thus, last Friday, I took a train to meet her. We reached the venue just after they had finished with the presentation. Her friend lent my girl her robe just before she returned it. Quickly she wore it and we had a shot. This had to be as I went all the way for it. A shot to be remembered. These two girls were the only ones in their group who didn't participate in the presentation. Yet they felt as happy as anyone! Let's eat sushi bought by both of them. The venue was at One World Ballroom so we just had our time spent in 1U. I must take this shot. I love London! an