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Christmas headbands

I simply love all those Christmas stuff that I saw when my girl took us shopping. I couldn't resist most of them but my girl reminded me that I could get them from Ipoh itself. 
So I didn't buy much but I was attracted to the headbands. I had to buy them as I might not get them in Ipoh.
I bought three similar headbands meant for my cashiers. They were only a pound each. The other three were more expensive but I like them. 
You may have to wait and see who will be wearing the other three. We will be wearing them soon. Will I be wearing one of them?

Hello Malaysia again!

Flew 12 hours all the way from London. Reached KLIA at 7pm. Quickly got some chocolates and liquor before I collected my luggage. Then headed to the bus station for my trip back here at 8.30pm. Reached Ipoh at 11.30pm. 
My husband was already waiting for me. He had to help me to handle the other big luggage which belongs to my girl. I helped her to transfer some of her stuff back as she will be back real soon on her own.
I was struggling with my luggage as it was so heavy. When I reached the car, my husband gave me ths lovely bouquet of flowers. I was surprised! When was the last time he gave me flowers?
Such sweet surprise and another thing amazed me. He actually boiled bird nest for me. Yummy!
Good to be back. Missed all of them. Thank you so much for what they had done while I was away holidaying!

interesting adventure

Yesterday, we visited two more absolutely amazing places. Guess where?

Tour completed and I was truly satisfied. But I missed a country in UK. Guess again.

Will come back to UK definitely! It's indeed a great experience!

See all of you real soon..

Christmasy air

Christmas mood is everywhere in UK.

Love it. I will be back real soon. Finish the trip today. Be back to London soon and back to my girl's place before I fly back.

See ya..

Liverpool FC

Just given a few minutes to take pictures before we headed to the hotel for a night stay.

 Liverpool..are you a fan?

 Read this..

 A close-up shot..

I like this..Red blooded.

to Inv'ness

Had our breakfast at the Premier Inn Edinburgh before we adjourned to Inv'ness.

 Love the sunrise.

 At the Scottish Highlands, we had a chance to view the mountain freshly covered with snow.

 That's the castle which we could view on our cruise.

 @ the Loch Ness

 The long river

The ferry

What a nice experience!

free and easy in Edinburgh

It's a cool day and we were up for a trip to the old town of Edinburgh.

 Look at the grass. They had turned frosty.

 Here's the Edinburgh Castle.

 View from the castle.

 Of corse we had to pay for the entrance. Guess the fee.

 Love this view.

 Sorry no photography allowed. Here's the photo of the ruined abbey.

We visited another awesome place before we called it a day. Guess what..

hello Scotland

We crossed the border through the massive walls of Hadrian. The walls are throughout our journey before we finally reached Scotland.

 Here we are Scotland!

 I had to brave the fantastically coolness of the Scottish air!

 We had a walking tour of the town Edinburgh. Super cold!

 Simply love the architecture of the ancient buildings!

 After the splendid views, we reached the hotel whereby dinner were served.

Guess what I had.

Now, it's morning. Waiting to get our breakfast and then to get around the town on our own.

Just 30 mins of free wifi provided. So got to hurry..

More pictures when I get home..
Bye for now. Have a nice day!

Road trip to Scotland and Wales

I was browsing online few months ago and I found this tour. It was a discounted tour. So I quickly transferred the tour fare to my girl. She booked the trip for us.

So the night before we joined the tour, we stayed in Lonfon so that we didn't miss it.

Now we were on the trip and it's not convenient to blog about it.

Will do so when I have completed the tour.

6th day in UK

My main aim to UK is to witness my girl's graduation.

 Eleven years ago, my girl wore my robe. Now she's wearing her own.

 The celebration started at 10.15am till 11.30am.

 I didn't manage to get a good shot of her.

 Here I was waiting patiently for her to come out.

 Altogether she received 5 bouquets of flowers. She's so happy.

 It was sunny and all the photos looked good.

A shot of her with her best ftiend.

Congratulations, my girl!

5th day in UK

We decided to stay put in Hatfield as the next day would be my girl's graduation.

The flowers that I bought 2 days ago were already blooming beautifully.

We just took a morning walk to Hatfield town centre to have our lunch and shop.

It was indeed very cold and I needed to put on the leather jacket too.

Bought some tidbits and my girl used the machine to pay them. So convenient.

We went back to Galleria Frankie and Benny's for our dinner.

We had hot dog and potato skin.

Then we were short changed. Not much but £12! Can you guess the amount of the coins that we paid?