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Previously, I was not so bothered about the Bersih rally. But this time, I was a little interested as my friends were involved too. So to play my part, I wore a yellow t-shirt to work yesterday. When my people saw me, they were surprised as I didn't tell them of my intention. I should have told them to wear yellow too.   Anyway, I was in the mood to create some Bersih situation. I caught hold of my customers who also wore yellow. I took their picures and posted at my shop's facebook. It's just to show support.  This little boy was so happy to pose for me.  Unfortunately, only a handful of my customers wore yellow. Hope to catch hold of more people wearing yellow tomorrow. All for Bersih!

6th blogoversary

I used to keep track of my blog every year. But this year, I missed out. My blog, Experiences turned 6 on the 4th August 2015. I was busy chatting about our preparation for the Cameron trip with my school mates that I totally forgotten about my blog turning 6. Only when I read TM's blog this morning that I recalled my blog's anniversary. Anyway, it's not too late to celebrate. It's still in the month of August. Anyway, no actual celebration. I will just be myself and be happy in whatever I do. I will make sure that I keep my blog, Experiences going. Unfortunately, I may have neglected my other blogs. Through blogging, I have made some friends. The very first blogger friend I met..none other than Claire. Since then we met uncountable times as we are from the same town. Then I met TM, SK and SP. Surprisingly, Small Kucing came to my shop. It was a good surprise. Then I went to Taiping and met Hayley and Angeline. Tried to meet Yan but was not successful.


I didn't expect myself to land in Philippines during my recent holidays. (10 August - 12 August) Lastly my girl told me before we flew to this awesome place.  It took us 4 hours flight to reach the Kalibo International Airport. From there, we were transited to Caticlan Jetty. . It took us just about 10 minutes to reach the Boracay Island. On the second day, we explored the white beach and its surroundings. Simply love the beautiful shades of the blue sea Finally, we got to the Willy Rock I was waiting patiently for the sunset but it was a disappointment. The next day, we had to travel back to the Kalibo airport and then back to Malaysia. By the time I reached home, it's already past midnight. A great holiday! Thanks to my girl for taking my boy and I to this lovely island.

My getaway

My schoolmates and I managed to plan a weekend getaway at Cameron. This will be our second trip together. The first trip was in Penang last year with only 10 of us. This time the number has tripled. There are 30 of us going for this well-planned trip.  It's gonna be fun and we even planned a birthday celebration for three of our friends. There will lots of activities too. I'm bringing red wine over to Cameron. Hope we don't get too tipsy.. My next getaway comes right after the Cameron trip. My girl has planned a trip but I have no idea where we will be heading. Hopefully it will be somewhere that I love to visit. So much for tonight.. Looking forward to my 5 days break! Have a great weekend, my friends!