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We have a sales promoter who comes every Friday to promote her white coffee. She is really good in promoting it. I can see that she really makes sure that her sales is good for the day. Well, this evening, I was shocked when I heard her quarreling with my new worker. She accused him of telling the customer that her white coffee was not delicious. Another kind of white coffee was better than hers..the accusation.. My new worker, H, was trying to defend himself. I couldn't do much as it was a non-stopped quarrel. When they had dispersed, I could sensed that the sales promoter was not happy. She wanted to complain to the boss. When I saw the boss later, I told him about the incident. He said that the problem has been solved. He told H to mind his own business. He had better promote the herbal stuff. Then only he would be considered smart! So much for the incident, the new month is soon to be here. Tonight, my girls and I went for a movie, the "Breaking Dawn&q

Such a routine

Just a bit about myself: Every day, things that I do in sequence except Sundays.. 1. Get up from bed, change into my house t-shirt and shorts. 2. Wash my face and brush my teeth. 3. Use the toilet. 4. Switch on the lights of the dining room, kitchen and computer room. 5. Switch on the modem and my laptop. 6. Get all those stuff out from the refrigerator for my lunch preparation. 7. Wash the dishes. 8. Cook rice. 9. Prepare lunch. 10. Eat lunch in front of the laptop. 11. Bathe and get ready for work. 12. Get to work at my husband's shop. 13. In the evening, prepare dinner. 14. Eat dinner in front of my laptop. 15. Bathe. 16. 10 minutes nap. 17. Get back to work. 18. After work, bathe and wash my hair. 19. Use the laptop: facebook and blogs 20. Sleep. It has become such a routine for me. My boy said that I'm so addicted to facebook and blogging. Well, true enough. I have done 29 posts for this month. I just missed a day. I could see some of you vis

Nasional Service?

My youngest girl, is selected to join the Nasional Service. How's her reaction? Well, initially, she refused it and told me that she would rather go to college instead.  At that time, it was before her SPM. I told her to forget about it and concentrate on her preparation for her exam. She just finished her exam on Tuesday.  Yesterday we went to collect her passport. Yesterday night, my friend called me and told me that she had checked for my girl and found out that she's selected for the first batch. Now, she's thinking hard if she wants to join in or pursue her studies in the college. But in my opinion, I would rather she goes for the Nasional Service. It would be fun. I assured her that she would enjoy it as I had been to such camp before when I was still a teacher. Anyway, it's up to her whether she wants to go or defer it..I will respect her choice..

Dragon coin

I took out a packet of coins which was mixed. My worker helped me to sort out those coins into their separate denomination.  After a short while, she showed me this special coin which she found among those coins. I was amazed as I haven't come across this special coin. When I googled about it, I found out that it's actually the Ten Cash Fukien 1901-1905 Chinese Dragon Coin I love the print of the dragon which is considered very auspicious for Chinese. The reverse side has Chinese characters but I don't understand it. I am going to keep this special coin... It must be very valuable..

Old song book

This old song book has been with us ever since I was young. I don't remember where it came from but I really treasure it very much.  It has turned yellow but it's still good. Those days the pages of the books wouldn't come out easily.. I love it because every song has the guitar chords accompaniment. I used to play my guitar when I was in college. Now I pass it to my girl who plays guitar too. But too bad she didn't bring her guitar to UK so this song book is lying at home. Actually she asked me to carry her guitar to UK when we were flying there two months ago. But I wouldn't as I felt that it would be a burden to carry it..

My hamster family

Sammie gave birth to 5 cute hamsters on the 14 July this year. There are three males and two females babies. Now they are all grown-ups, 4 months and 11 days old..  Both of my girls love them very much. Since my eldest girl is in UK, the youngest one has to care for them. She is fond of taking pictures of them and even playing with them.. photos  taken by my youngest girl On the left are all the males with their daddy and on the right are the females with their mummy. Can you guess which are their daddy and mummy? My girl would usually buy the bedding and food for the hamsters but since she's not around, I have to take over her chores. Recently I just bought 3 pckets of hamster food at RM18 per packet. Hope they will last for some time.. But their daddy is not feeling well..My girl is so concerned and asked me to take him to the vet again. He had seen the vet twice recently.

Handmade Christmas ornament

This morning, I chanced upon this website on handmade Christmas ornament. I was thinking of coming up with something for my shop to create the Christmas mood. So this evening, I tried my hands on that handmade paper bauble. The instructions are very simple. I managed to do it but they look different from the original ones..  I used the cup cakes papers. Folded them into quarters.  Glued them on the small piece of paper    On the other side, glued them like picture 2.  Punched holes and tied the red string.  Opened it up. I just made three paper baubles. I love the Christmas-tide, and yet, I notice this, each year I live; I always like the gifts I get, But how I love the gifts I give! ~ Carolyn Wells Christmas mood is in the air..

Illegible Thumbprints

This morning I took my girl to the Immigration Department to renew her passport which is going to expire next month. I need to get her passport done as we will be visiting Singapore soon. When we reached there, I filled in the form and then we got the number ready. By the way, the kiosk was not working. So we had to wait for our number which was about 50 in waiting. But the queue was fast. In less than an hour, we were being serviced. First thing that the officer asked was my girl's birth certificate. I didn't bring along. I though that her ic would just suffice. The officer replied that she's not yet 18.  So she asked for my ic. Unfortunately, I just brought my driving license. She refused to carry on with the process. She asked us to come back to see her with the required documents. Later in the evening, we went again to the Immigration Department. All the needed documents were there, the officer just needed to take my girl's thumb print. Been try

Bridging the gap

My girl takes Mass Communication as her university studies. She learns a lot through this course. One of her major project was the poster..  love's just in front of my laptop.. Through her blog, InquisitiveMe , I have seen her effort in accomplishing this project. Before achieving the final product, she has gone through a number of processes. One of them was the sketches that she did. Since she said that she couldn't draw well, she had a hard time putting her idea into pictures. Anyway, glad that she did it.  Congratulation, girl! Nothing is impossible!

My precious typewriter

Can you believe that this typewiter was my wedding gift from my colleagues? I was teaching in my second school in Ipoh then. My first school was in Pasir Mas.. When my colleagues asked me what I would like as my wedding gift, I told them I would like a typewriter. So I didn't get any ang pow from them. It was great. I utilized it a lot. I used it to type my question papers. At that time, we hadn't got a computer yet. Even when I had a computer later on, I still used it to type forms. So since I left teaching a few years ago, I hardly use it anymore. But it's too precious for me to give away. It's still in perfect condition. Guess it will be with me till it becomes antique..

Jambatan Seri Wawasan

We were there recently to have a night view of the Seri Wawasan bridge. I had seen this bridge several times but only in the day time.  Love the view of the bridge in the evening.. Love the architectural designs.. and its lighting at night.. gorgeous green radiant red breezy blue purposeful purple I was simply amazed by its changing colors.. Seri Wawasan Bridge is the most elegant of the bridges in Putrajaya. Its futuristic design combines cable back stays and standard steel tie backs. Its curvaceous and slender profile is easily visible from many vantage points in the city. At night the bridge is illuminated with changing coloured lights. The bridge is 240m long and the main span is 168m long. There are 102 cables used in its construction.

Deepavali goodies

I was working on Deepavali day so I didn't have the time to visit my worker, Saras. Anyway, it was nice of her to bring some fried rice with curry chicken for me..I love it! Yummy! The boss had already given something to her a few days ago.. Then the next day, a customer gave the above goodies to us through my staff. My girl loves the kacang. My mum took the kuih and the jelly home to Taiping. Only left the murukku which my hubby would love to eat but right now, he's down with sore throat. So those murukku have to wait. The boss said that he would personally give the customer something in return later. Today, another customer gave the above goodies to me personally. She was happily shopping at my shop and I gave her a box of chocolate. We were chatting away about 'kolam' and I asked her to take part in the contest on my shop's facebook page. We were so absorbed in chit-chatting that she had forgotten to pay me  and I had forgotten to ask

Kok Thai Restaurant Tasek

Last night was Mei's wedding dinner at Kok Thai Restaurant in Tasek, Ipoh. Five season's dish Shark's fin soup Barbecued Chicken Sweet Sour fried fish Mixed vegetables Fried prawns Fried rice and lastly the sweet pan cake and white fungus gingko soup  (sorry no picture as my camera battery was out) The lovely bride, Mei and her proud mum Congratulation, Mei! May both you and your hubby have everlasting joy and love.. I could only hug and wish her: "Enjoy.." :)

Happy Wedding, Mei!

My staff, Mei is getting married soon. She has been working for us for four years already and she is the one who helped me with the hampers when I needed help. Three days ago I presented her with a thermos pot.. Last night was her wedding eve. We went over to her place after work. I fetched my girl from home whereas the others went directly from the shop.. This was what I had..fried mee hoon with curry chicken. Four of my staff and two part-time workers.. Mei is dressed up for the occasion with full make-up.  She looks lovely. Happy Wedding, Mei! Congratulation!

Sarawak Kuih Lapis

I had been to Kucing, Sarawak in July 2007 and I had seen all those colorful and unique kuih lapis. But I didn't buy any of them as I thought they were too colorful. That would mean that they were full of artificial colorings!  But this evening, I received these two kinds of kuih lapis from a friend who just came back from Kucing, Sarawak.. Unique patterns but when my girl smelt them, they have a kind of weird smell.. ..but this kind smells good..more like a cake smell.. Thank you, my friend.. Will share with my staff and workers tomorrow..

My favorite durians

Yesterday my husband bought two durians from a friend who has a farm. It cost RM50 each. No doubt they were very expensive but it's really worth it.  The durians were left at my home and my mum opened them. She put them nicely in two tumblers and kept in the fridge. When I reached home, I could smell the fragrance of the durians. But I didn't take it as it was already late. So this morning, I had my small lunch first. Then I had 5 'ulas' of those durians. Super yummy! In the evening, I also took a small dinner before I 'hantam' the durians again. This time, only 3 'ulas'. I'm keeping the rest for tomorrow..

Pissed off

I have been wrapping hampers without a grumble even though it could become such a routine and boring. Nevertheless, this is my job and I have to do it. I would say I did it well..not to praise myself. Each time a customer came in our shop, he/she got to buy his/her chosen hamper. Never once that I had no supply of hampers.  I kept on doing hampers according to the situation. Whichever was finishing, I had to top up. Yesterday, I had done some extras and today it was a rather slow sale. I didn't wrap any hampers until evening. But after 5pm, customers seemed to clear almost all my hampers. So I had to top them up.  As I was doing, customers just came in to buy. Until at about 9pm, only left two hampers and I was still doing one. Suddenly, the boss deliberately showed his rough way of handling the hampers. He said, 'You are slow. This is the way you should do it. No need to do it gently.' I replied: "I'm tired". Actually I had slowed dow

Deepavali Hampers

I have been very busy lately. Wrapped and wrapped..non-stopped especially yesterday and the day before. Yesterday was Deepavali day and most people would visit their Indian friends. Very often, they would bring gifts. Some would just buy some chocolates and ask me to wrap for them.  Some even chose their own items and asked me to wrap them as hampers. But mostly, some customers would just grab my ready-made hampers and go. So this morning starting from 11am, I was busy wrapping and wrapping till night just before we closed. The hampers kept on moving out and I had to keep on adding.. So tired as I hardly sit. Furthermore, I did it on my own as my helper had to be a full-time cashier. ##### The day before yesterday, a customer came and presented me with so many of her self-bought items. I haven't seen her before as she told me that one of my regular customers told her to see me. She gave me a short time to wrap them and I was actually trying to f

Happy Deepavali

My boss suddenly decided to plant two big banana plants in front of our shop. He asked two Indian guys to get him the banana plants. So last Saturday evening, the two guys came and attached the plants near our two bamboo potted plants. the front looks good.. Guess how much we paid for the banana plants.. Can you see anything on the banana plant? Is the plant standing on its own? Our customers were amazed as this is the first time that we did it! Happy Deepavali to all my Indian customers who celebrate Deepavali! These are the responses that we received: 9 people like this. Gomathi Nair Deepavali Valtukal (Happy Deepavali) to all Chang Jiang 's customer, hv a nice day Shane Ksharanjeet Kaur Pleasant to see a thoranam at Chang Jiang, syabas to you! Malani Jeyaraman so soothing to the eyes. Mohd HaSan CaNTik. Ishka Kaur Good one indeed, C