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Overnight Oats

I have seen my son preparing overnight oats and I never liked the idea of taking cold stuff in the morning.  But last week, my youngest girl was on a week study leave. She prepared overnight oats for the three of us..her dad, me and herself. His dad was ok with it..he liked it. As for me, I was forced to take it.. Oats with milk, juice from celery and cucumber. With mangoes too. Tasted good. Oats with the same ingredients but added bananas. Tasted good too. Before she went back last Sunday, she had prepared some oats for me. But just oats with the same ingredients. No other stuff added. So I cut some oranges and mixed in the overnight oats. Tasted better since I like oranges. This time, I added orange juice and threw in some raisins. The best! Lastly the final one, I just added my supplement powder into it. Tasted awesome! Glad, I don't need overnight oats anymore. I prefer breads.....

Cake Craze

I used to bake cakes since I got my microwave oven many years ago when my kids were still young. I liked to bake cakes specially for them. They loved cakes.  But my baking craze was lapsed for quite a number of years. Now I'm back into action. Trying to bake as perfect as possible.   This was the best butter cake that I had baked in April this year. I had always wanted to bake the zebra cake but I didn't actually know how. Recently I googled it and somehow learned the proper way to do it. I was indeed happy that it came out so nice especially the zig-zag patterns. Recently, I had been baking not solely for myself. I did it as a small business for my shop. I have to work hard in the sense that I need to promote to my customers gradually. The boss laughed at me. He said he needed to create a corner for me to bake cakes and whatsoever pertaining to food. I was amused but I did it just for fun as I love baking and preparing food...

Happy Teacher's Day

My Educator blog Since today is teacher's day, I like to dedicate this few lines to all teachers.   May all of you keep the light from the candle burning. You are like a candle burning itself for the sake of others. Well done and keep it up. As for me, I was a teacher but I had given up teaching since March 2008. It was when my hubby needed me most. His partner had resigned and I had to fill up the vacancy. But I still miss my teaching life. I had always wanted to be a graduate since I finished studying at the trainee teachers college. I did my STPM several times but I was not eligible to secure a place in a university. Therefore, I got married and I was gaining experiences through teacher. After a couple of years, I was entitled to pursue my first degree in 1999.   I was graduated in 2002 I had been teaching the primary schools before I did my first degree. After graduating, I was posted to a secondary boys school where I taught English and became a

Breadmaker (1 April 2016)

I had always wanted to make bread but I was too lazy to knead it and so forth. One day, my friend told me to get a breadmaker as according to her, it would make my life easier. So one day, I was browsing the Maybank Treatpoints site and I saw a breadmaker. Without hesitation, I redeemed it using the boss's credit card points. Of course, I got his permission to do so.. Faxed in the form and in a week's time, I received the breadmaker.. It's Morphy Richards.(Recipes included) If I had redeemed vouchers, I could have got RM400. Anyway, no regrets.. My very first bread that I was actually struggling to get acquainted to the breadmaker. Instead of high protein flour, I used the multi purpose flour. Not very suitable though.. One day, my friend posted her making of a pandan loaf. I was so interested that I asked for her recipe. I followed it and it came out beautifully. Only that I should have used more concentrated pandan juice.

Happy Mother's Day, Mum.

Yesterday was a holiday and it's a Sunday. My two girls were back for the weekend. So we decided to pay a visit to their grandma. And since this Sunday is Mother's Day and we won't be able to visit her as all of us are committed with something else, we proposed an early Mother's Day for my mum. Started our journey from Ipoh at 10.15am. Reached  Taiping after 11am. My mum was already waiting for us as we told her to get ready. A good shot before we adjourned to BBQ Restaurant in Taiping town. We had a scrumptious lunch. Had 5 dishes and it cost us less than RM60. After lunch, we drove around the Lake Garden and admired its beauty once more. Then we made a visit to my aunty before we headed home. Happy Mother's Day, mum! Happy Mother's Day to all mothers! Remember to celebrate it with your family this SUNDAY!