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To Blue Mountains

17/6/10 We were on our way to Blue Mountains..Judging from the sky, you would definitely know that it was a very cold day.

Cyber Cafe

While walking along the road to Darling harbour, we bumped into a cyber cafe. Since we were rather free, we were tempted to go for it.

But it was not cheap!

That literally meant RM6 for a mere 30 minutes.
But I did it anyway!

Then we just had a Zinger burger for dinner.
Of course, it was definitely expensive.

Anyway, it was yummy as I was already so hungry after the walk at the harbor.

Darling Harbour

We had a nice scenic view of the Darling Harbour.

Darling Harbour is named after Lieutenant-General Ralph Darling, who was Governor of New South Wales from 1825 to 1831.

It was only 5.17pm but the sky was already dark.

The LG IMAX theatre - the largest screen in the world

Darling Harbour, a locality of Sydney's city centre, is a large recreational and pedestrian precinct that is situated on western outskirts of the Sydney central business district.

Cockle Bay is just one of the waterways that makes up Darling Harbour, which opens north into the much larger Port Jackson.

The locality extends northwards from Chinatown, along both sides of Cockle Bay to King Street Wharf on the east, and to the suburb of Pyrmont on the west.

After much admiration of the harbor, we walked back to the hotel feeling satisfied as the night view of the harbor was indeed spectacular.

Thursday Challenge

To Darling Harbour

My brother-in-law wanted to drop us at the Darling Harbour but I preferred to walk to the harbor from our hotel. So after a hug and saying goodbye, we started our walk to the harbour. I simply loved the views along George Street.

Hungry Jacks

speak no evil..hear no evil..see no evil

Star Bar


to Darling harbour

We reached the Darling Harbour at about 5pm and it's already getting dark.

Trinity Bar

I met up with my brother-in-law and his son when I was in Sydney. They came all the way from Newcastle, picked us up from the hotel and took us out for lunch.

My brother-in-law parked his car at Crown Street
and we saw a police riding a horse..

From the Crown Street, we walked to the Trinity Bar.
It's just around the corner..

Here's the menu for our lunch...
fried squids as appetizer

my nephew's burger

my son's chicken chop

my BIL's mutton

my chicken chop with cheese

View from where we sat at the Bar.

My free lunch for the day..
Thanks to my favorite brother-in-law!

What a great collection of encyclopedia at the Bar!

Mercure Sydney

We stayed at the Mercure Sydney Hotel for two nights.

located strategically

comfortable room

a gym at the highest floor

view from the gym

smart bars near the gym



TAFE building just opposite the hotel

UTS building just directly opposite the hotel
Can you spot the fast food restaurants?

Garden Buffet

We had our dinner at the Garden Buffet in the Star City.

This buffet restaurant, also known as the 'prawn buffet', has a large range of prawns, pastas, meats and salads.

What is significant in this picture?

my plate

my dessert

"Eat All You Can"