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If you think sharing means caring, you may experience the greatest shock of your life. The MMS is a great invention. It allows you to share images over the phone. But you've got to know where to draw the line. Never put yourself in a compromising position. You may regret it sooner, rather than later. Protect yourself by practising self regulation. Be smart phone users. NST;30N0v10;pg20 My story: Recently my friend showed me a few short clips of pornography in her handset. I was surprised and I asked her how she got hold of those obscene videos. She told me that her salesperson sent to her through wifi. Most of the videos were self-videoing. So you can imagine that...

Win an Apple iPad!

Suddenly this message popped up on my screen and it read.. I am selected?? Curiously, I clicked the site and filled up whatever I was asked.. Finally, I was offered a chance to win an Apple iPad! I answered a few questions and I had one more step to go! So, without hesitation, I texted ON WIN.. Shortly afterwards, I received this message. Then, next.. My goodness, I was charged RM4 for this message.. One after another came but it was terminated as my credit was too low. Phew..Later when I topped up my credit, I quickly texted STOP ALL.. It was a trick..I learned a lesson.. Never ever trust this kind of scam..

Ensure my health

An Ensure promoter will occasionally promote this milk powder at our shop. Whenever she is here, she will certainly let me have a small cup of the ready mixed milk. Well, I don't quite like to drink milk but this milk really managed to charm me. I sort of like to drink it now. This promoter has been here for quite a number of times already but this time, she gave me this cute pillow.. Ensure with FOS I was so touched as she said, " Don't forget my heart! " I won't forget her even if she doesn't come again to our shop.. She talked to our customers about the benefits of drinking milk powder. I heard so much that so much so I got myself a small can. I will start drinking Ensure for sure to ensure my good health..

My favorite day

Yesterday was Friday night but I had to work as one of my cashiers was on leave. Otherwise, I would take my girl out for dinner. Well, Friday is normally the only night where I can take leave from work. Anyway, Friday night is the only time where I get to see new customers as they just walk in after visiting the pasar malam near my place. And also business is moderate too as on this night our rival just a few doors away only closes on Friday night. I would look forward to this special day. So I simply love Friday . The Seven-Day Week The Babylonians marked time with lunar months. They proscribed some activities during several days of the month, particularly the first -- the first visible crecent, seventh -- the waxing half moon, fourteenth -- the full moon, nineteenth -- dedicated to an offended goddess, twenty-first -- the waning half moon, twenty-eigth -- the last visible crecent, twenty-nineth -- the invisible moon, and thirtieth (possibly) -- the invisible moon. The major per

Madam Kwan's Truly Malaysian Cuisine

When we were at Mid Valley on the 14 November, we had our dinner at Madam Kwan's. Nasi Lemak Curry/Laksa Fish & Chips Hop over to Scrumptious to have a good look at those food.

Sex Education

Sex education is a broad term used to describe education about human sexual anatomy , sexual reproduction , sexual intercourse , reproductive health , emotional relations, reproductive rights and responsibilities, abstinence , contraception , and other aspects of human sexual behavior . The existence of AIDS has given a new sense of urgency to the topic of sex education. What do you think? Is this subject necessary?

Good Riddance

Suddenly this old lady/customer showed me a packet of Breeze soap powder which was already opened. She brought it back to us as there were lumps of soap powder. So my staff just pressed the packet and the lumps were loosen but she was not satisfied. She wanted us to refund her money but I insisted that it was not possible as she had used most of the soap powder already. She got angry and accused us of cheating her. I nicely told her that we wouldn't know if the stuff were in good condition or not. But she simply said that we always sell old stuff. That was not true! Our stock is always rotating and I don't buy that accusation. I got angry and told her off. Since she always compare us with the shop next door, she could just go over there and get her stuff there. She realized that I was pissed off. She quickly collected her stuff and went off. This lady is always fussy and I always try to satisfy her needs to get her stuff. She knows I will be nice to her but surprisingly, she sa

We are Family

(CHORUS:) We are family I got all my sisters with me We are family Get up ev'rybody and sing Ev'ryone can see we're together As we walk on by (FLY!) and we fly just like birds of a feather I won't tell no lie (ALL!) all of the people around us they say Can they be that close Just let me state for the record We're giving love in a family dose (CHORUS x2) Living life is fun and we've just begun To get our share of the world's delights (HIGH!) high hopes we have for the future And our goal's in sight (WE!) no we don't get depressed Here's what we call our golden rule Have faith in you and the things you do You won't go wrong This is our family Jewel (REPEAT CHORUS TO FADE) Ya, we are family.. Do visit my new blog, Just about anything

Secret Recipe

We love to go Secret Recipe once in a while as we love its cakes. Asian Classic Chicken Pasta Western Vegetarian Brownies The cakes that we had. Of course, we had something else for our dinner. Check it out at Scrumptious .

Beautiful KL

We were on our way to the Curve. I love this view. I couldn't tell you where I was. What is that tall building? Nearer view of the two buildings. I simply love the sky. Finally we reached the Curve..


We went to The Curve and I came across this Blush! What a suitable name! But no blushing for me. I just stood there admiring.. cute.. and lovely.. But I still prefer to go in on my own rather than with the whole bunch of people.

A friend in need is a friend indeed

I own this Toyota Unser since 2000. I had experienced many incidents with this vehicle but never before in a row. The story.. Last Saturday, I drove back home in the evening to take my dinner. After I had my bath and had taken my dinner, I was ready to drive back to the shop. To my surprise, my unser's engine was dead. It shouldn't be as I had the new battery just about 2 months away. So I drove the other car, Corolla, back to the shop and told my husband about it. He immediately called the mechanic. Quickly, I went back to my house and waited for him. He was fast and came in just a short while. After checking the battery which condition was still good, he realized that the knob on top of the battery had loosen. So he just tighten it and the engine was back to good. I asked him, "Are you sure it's ok? We are going to KL tomorrow." He replied, "Should be no problem." The next morning, that was last Sunday, my husband drove it all the way to KL. When we r

I Love Yoo

Yesterday my girl and I had our dinner at I Love Yoo, De Garden, Ipoh. Wanna see what we had? Then hop over to Scrumptious !

Goodbye my BIL and SIL

My Bil and SIL took the ETS back to KL before they fly back home tomorrow morning. Here's the ETS Coach F Coach E..that's it Hopped into the coach with them After some hugs and saying goodbye, I quickly hopped off the ETS. Goodbye, my dearest BIL and SIL.. See both of you again next year..