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Angklung is a musical instrument made out of two bamboo tubes attached to a bamboo frame. The tubes are carved so that they have a resonant pitch when struck. The two tubes are tuned to octaves . The base of the frame is held with one hand while the other hand shakes the instrument rapidly from side to side. This causes a rapidly repeating note to sound. Thus each of three or more angklung performers in an ensemble will play just one note and together complete melodies are produced. Angklung is popular throughout Southeast Asia , but originated from Indonesia. source On 17 July  last year, I was invited to the school for the prize giving day. I was interested in the angklung performance. It brought back good memories when I was in teachers' training college where I used to play the angklung. Burung kakak tua Hinggap di jendela Nenek sudah tua Giginya tinggal dua Lechum Lechum Lechum Mu la la Lechum Lechum Lechum Mu la la Lechum Lechum Lechum Mu la la Burung Kaka

Koala Bear

Size: 70 - 90cm (27 - 36 inch) Weight: 4 - 9kg (9 - 20 lb) The males are larger than females. Southern koalas are 30% larger than the Northern koalas Koala's fur is thick soft and pleasant to touch. Ears have long white hairs on the tips.   Koalas can live as long as 17 years, however males life expectancy is less than 10 years (due to injuries during fights, dogs and cars). Females generally live longer. Koalas living in an undisturbed habitat would have a greater life expectancy than those living in suburbia. Koalas prefer to move around just after sunset spending daytimes asleep in the fork of a tree. Koala spends sleeping 75% of its time. Just after sunset koalas move around and can often be heard "barking" aggressively at other koalas. source This koala is so cute. I captured it on video when I was in Australia last year.

Orange-flavored drink

I fancy my orange-flavored drink every morning before breakfast. It's very nutritious as each serving has 5g of fibre, 60mg of Vit C and 10mg of Vit E. As a concentrate made from natural extracts of fruit, vegetables and cereals, it includes valuable ingredients such as secondary vegetable compounds, fiber and enzymes . The "good guys" among the lactic acid bacteria aid the revitalization of the intestines . It additionally provides, with the vitamins A, C, E plus selenium, comprehensive protection of the cells against oxidative stress (free radicals) and strengthens the immune system. Scientifically tested and proved - the new active substance BET additionally increases the absorption of vitally important nutrients.                                      

Let's drink!

Do you drink? Personally, I don't drink. My husband loves to drink and I really dislike his drinking. However, I don't show my disapproval at all. He would normally drink with his friends and since he knows I don't like beers, he doesn't offer me any. He and his friends would drink to their hearts' desire and at times he gets drunk. Well, a few hours ago, one of his friends kept pestering me to drink and I hated that. He demanded an answer from me as to why I dislike beers. Getting annoyed, I rudely replied, 'You just drink as much as you can. Don't involve me!' He was reasoning out the benefits of drinking beer. I simply felt irritated and wanted to say out loud, 'I hate beers!' but I just kept quiet and rushed out as it's time to go back. So they could enjoy drinking as long as they want!

The Most Expensive 8 Letter Word On Planet Earth

When somebody dies, these vultures show up in flocks… They say, “I am entitled to a portion of the estate of the deceased.” They say, “I am entitled to the pension and life insurance of the dead man.” They say, “I am entitled to it because I’ve grown ‘accustomed’ to it.” When somebody becomes a success… They say, “I am entitled to a job because you’re my brother.” When somebody gets a promotion… They say, “I’m entitled to a raise because she got a raise.” When somebody loses their job… They say, “I’m entitled to Welfare or Social Assistance.” When somebody ends a relationship… They say, “I’m entitled to support and benefits.” It doesn’t matter if they even use the word “entitled” or another…. It glosses over their eyes and words like deep fried grease… Somehow they are “entitled” to the paycheck without the work… Somehow, they are “entitled” to the pleasure without the pain… Somehow they are “entitled” to benefits without the bill…. That’s not to say that there

Facebook Account Recovery

My friend told me that she couldn't access her facebook and she needed my assistance in recovering it. Since she was not sure of how to go about it, I did it for her. Firstly, I clicked 'forgot password'. Then facebook sent a reset code to my friend's email. With that code I still couldn't recover for her. So I  decided to use a different account ie my very own hotmail account. In this case, I was asked to name 3 trusted friends who could help in the process. My friend gave me two names and I added my own name. After submitting those names, I was asked to go to my hotmail. Next step for recovering the facebook account. I told my friend to call her two friends to get the code. I as one of her trusted friend got my code  immediately from my facebook. After I had collected the three codes, I had to click the link. I just had to fill in the codes. Received another email asking me to click on another link. Here I typed in a new password and reconfirmed it.

Beyond the Music

I was surprised that my son loves music. When he was young, I wanted to send him for music class but he refused. But recently, he has great interest in music. He has played the flute and now he is playing the saxophone. Tonight my mum and I witnessed his performance at a concert.

Mnemonic Cartoon

I taught a number of new vocabulary words to my year 4 students when I did my thesis on Mnemonic. I actually used this cartoon to show to my students. I had two classes. One was the Controlled Class while the other was the Experimental Class. When I just simply taught them the word without any picture, they couldn't recall it. But when I taught them by showing them the above picture and telling them that it sounds like 'duck', they could recall it immediately. Even after two weeks, they could still remember the word. I was actually trying to prove "teaching vocabulary through mnemonic cartoons is more effective".

All in One Day

Today is a public holiday but I still got to work. My son still got to go to school for his co-curricular activity. After sending him to school at about 8am, I made a stop at the Buntong market. I spent about half an hour marketing. On my way out from the market, I saw this 'apom manis' being made by an Indian lady. It was so tempting so I bought two. One for my girl and one for myself.. 90 sen each My girl loves yau chow kuai so I had to buy these from the market.  I just took the crispy one as my breakfast. Then it's time to prepare my chicken rice.. First, I cooked the cleaned rice immersed in black sauce and soya sauce in a rice cooker. At the meantime, I cooked the chicken pieces with black sauce and soya sauce too. Added some garlic, sesame oil and sugar. In a short while, the rice was cooked. I simply poured those chicken pieces into the rice cooker. I stirred them up and then closed the lid. Later, I opened it and that's how it looked l

Nobody who bought a drill actually wanted a drill, they wanted a hole.

  "Nobody who bought a drill actually wanted a drill, they wanted a hole. Therefore, if you want to sell drills, you should advertise information about making holes – NOT information about drills" So here‘s what that means... Our product is not what you and I, as networkers, really think it is.  People don't care about your opportunity.  They just don't.  They haven't been waiting all of their lives to be an MLM distributors so why should it surprise you when they say 'no thanks'? What they do care about, is finding a solution to their problem. Whether that be a lack of money, or time with their family, etc...  Your job, is to position your opportunity as the solution to that problem... But you've got some hurdles to jump over in order to do that successfully: Hurdle 1: You can't sell. Hurdle 2: People hate to be sold. Hurdle 3: Th

Our Heaven Life Cafe

This was my third time to Our heaven Life Cafe in First Garden.   Butterfly Prawns RM6 Spaghetti RM9.50 Chicken Chop Pepper Sauce RM10.80 Chicken Chop Lemon Sauce RM10.80 Chicken Chop Rice RM10.50 Wedges RM4 Overall, the food was good. No government tax! No Service Charge!

How I caught a rat

This rat had been bugging us for quite some time. It had shitted on top of my microwave oven. Once, it ran past under my chair. Next it hid inside the book rack. Another time, it was scratching from inside my store room. My husband had seen it running across the door way. I had always wanted to get the rat poison from my shop but I kept on forgetting. But yesterday, I remembered. I brought back the rat poison and the mouse trap. Here's the mouse trap. I just opened it to reveal the sticky part. Then, I placed a few pellets of the rat poison at the center of the trap. I placed it under the cupboard before I went to bed last night. This morning, I peeped under the cupboard and I saw the rat still alive struggling to get loose. I folded it gently and threw it into a plastic bag, tied it and placed it outside my house. Later, the garbage man collected it.

How to slice a cheesecake

I met Claire and Elin for lunch yesterday and I had this scrumptious cheesecake from Elin. yummy-looking cheesecake She purposely baked it for my kids and I. Elin shared with me a very useful tip to slice the cheesecake. A design for the cake! A piece for all of you! 1. The best tip for cutting a cake cleanly is to use a hot knife for each cut. To do this, fill a tall container--a pitcher or vase works well--with hot tap water deep enough to cover the entire blade of your knife. Dip the knife into the hot water, and wipe it dry on a clean towel before making a cut. The constant dipping and cleaning will keep pieces of cake or smears of frosting from the previous slice from marring the next slice. 2. Depending on the size of your cake, you may choose to cut it into 12 or 16 slices. If cutting the cake into 12 even slices, begin by cutting the cake into quarters, then cut each quarter into thirds. Pull the knife out from the side of the cake, rather than lifting it through

Magnetic Sponsoring

The old fashioned methods of pounding the phones, holding meetings, pitching your business to leads, and trying to turn your friends and family members into business partners have come to an end. You can position yourself in the market place in a manner that allows interested prospects to find you, and contact you. The prospect invited you into his world, and is basically asking you to sell him your goods or services. You get to instantly bypass all of the barriers and walls that must be broken down by everyone else, and all of the sudden this isn’t about selling any more. If you can establish a relationship with a person of greater status and value, your value and status automatically increase as well through that association alone. The best way to increase your value to others, especially in this industry, is to increase your knowledge level. Buy every book and every course you can because each time you d

Dead battery

It happened when I was still a teacher in school. One day, it was my duty for the week. I taught in the afternoon. Teachers on duty were not supposed to go back earlier than the others when school dismissed. So, on this particular day, I was lazy to walk to the office so I had a short drive and park near the office. After I had punched my card and wanted to call it a day, my car couldn't start. Never mind about that, the alarm was sounding. So loud and irritating! I called my husband and he instructed me to press a button somewhere below the steering wheel to shut up that alarm. Unfortunately, it won't work. The day was getting dark and I had to get home. Luckily my afternoon supervisor was still around. She drove me to the small town and looked for a mechanic. Then we spotted a workshop but they gonna closed. Quickly, I asked for help. The two mechanics followed us back to our school. One of the mechanics checked my battery and found out that it was dead. I needed a new o

Punctured Tyre Phobia

My car used to get punctured tyre. 1. I was in school and suddenly my office boy came to tell me about it. He saw it when he walked out from the school office. Of course, this Malay boy was kind enough to change the tyre for me. 2. I was driving through the gate of my school and a teacher pointed to my car tyre. When I had parked my car, I only realized that one of the tyres was flat. This time, my school gardener helped me. 3. My school dismissed and it was time to go back. Suddenly, my colleague pointed to my car flat tyre. that hour, I had to ask for help. Luckily, my kind male colleague changed it for me. 4. My family and I were at One Utama shopping. Then it was time for us to get to a wedding dinner. I was driving and my girl felt that something was wrong. She wound down the window and looked at the tyre. Oh my goodness, we got a punctured tyre. I had to drive and park somewhere safe. Here, we got the guard to change for us. See...I have phobia for punctured tyre. I

Sebamed for sensitive skin

Our skin has a special feature: its surface is slightly acidic. On average the pH value of the skin is 5.5. The slightly acidic pH value of the surface of the skin wards off pathogens that cause disease. The balance of the ecosystem of the surface of our skin promotes harmless micro-organisms well-adapted to humans which are found in thousands on every square centimetre of the skin. Harmful bacteria and fungi do not tolerate the acidic pH value and are displaced by normal micro-organisms. In addition, the acidic pH value also stabilizes the skin’s function as a barrier. It ensures that lost fat in the horny layer is replenished quickly through reproduction. Another effect of the pH value of 5.5 is that the lipids in the horny layer retain their labyrinthine structure. This prevents water loss from the inside and penetration of pollutants or irritants from the outside. Thus the skin’s acid mantle performs an important protective function. My comment: S

Lactose-free milk ingredients

People who are lactose intolerant are unable to digest the milk sugar lactose. In some cases, just a few sips of milk can prompt negative side effects like nausea or severe abdominal cramping. Lactose-free milk enables people who are lactose intolerant to enjoy the taste and health benefits of milk without experiencing symptoms. Most lactose free-milk products are identical to their regular counterparts. The only difference is that the lactase enzyme has been added for the purpose of breaking down the lactose into the simpler sugars of galactose and glucose. With the lactose already broken down, those who are lactose deficient don't have to worry about experiencing symptoms. Soy products are made from soybeans rather than milk. Some lactose-free products taste sweeter than their counterparts because the simpler sugars are more readily recognized by the tongue as being sweet. The more complex sugar lactose does not register quite as sweet. Also, because the simpler sugars are mor

face allergy

That was in year 2000. My new house underwent renovation. After that, the house was full of dust. Since my husband was working, it was my duty to clear the place. I had to sweep away those stuff. Imagine me smelling all those cement dust. I was not even wearing a mask. Guess I had breathed in lots of dust. While waiting to shift into my new house, I had to pack things up from my old rented place. I remembered I even painted the sofa set, cupboards and cabinets as I had no intention to throw them away. Then one day, my husband brought back a face mask for me. Thinking that it would be refreshing after using the mask, I gladly used it immediately. A week later, we shifted to our new house. Everything was fine and I had to go back to university for my TESL degree. Suddenly my face got itchy. It became red and I had to see a doctor. But the medication didn't work. How I suffered when I was at uni. When I was at my rental place, I had to use ice cubes to cool my face. This ice treatm

False beer/Arak Palsu

Two years ago, my husband bought in bulk a number of beer like Carlsberg and Guinness. This salesperson gave my husband good offer and thus my husband grabbed the great opportunity. But this kind of luck wouldn't last. A month later, the officers from the Consumerism Sector came and confiscated all those beer. According to them, my husband was selling false beer. My husband should have known that but he was blinded by the good offer. He immediately called the salesperson who then denied that his products were false. Months later, my husband tried to contact the salesperson again and guess what..he went missing! Never mind, my husband had explained to the officer who promised that a letter would be sent to my husband soon. But it took such a long time. Recently, the officers personally came to our shop. They showed us a lettter that the compound is RM6K and one of the officers told me to write a letter of appeal. So I was struggling to write a formal letter in Bahasa Malaysia.


(A) This is to inform you that you have been selected for a cash prize of £1,000,000.00 pounds, 2011 in London UK. The selection process was carried out through random selection in Our computerized email selection system(ess) from a database and it is prompted by Ecowas to bring peace and friendship between Africa and all part of the world and about over 250,000 email Addresses drawn from which you were selected. Contact our fiduciary agent for claims (B) You have been awarded the sum of 550,000 GBP and a Toshiba laptop in the on going Microsoft Sweepstakes Promotion 2011. For claims send the above reference number and batch number for verification and release of winning prize. Mr Patrick Parker (C) We are pleased to inform you of the release of the long awaited results of Sweepstakes promotion organized by Microsoft Corporations , in conjunction with the FOUNDATION FOR THE PROMOTION OF SOFTWARE products, (F.P.S.) held this April 2011, in London . Where in your email addr


My husband has a land but he doesn't intend to build a house on it. The problem that he is facing is that bushes grow wild on the land. So he would usually employ an Indian to clear those bushes every now and then. One day, he received a letter of compound stating that the land was full of bushes. He quickly got the Indian to clear the land. No matter what, compound must be paid. My husband paid the compound. Another day, he received a bill stating that he had to pay for 'semak samun' RM500 and service charge of RM75 by the end of last month. Therefore, on the 31st March, I went to MBI and enquired about that bill. I went to see a clerk at the compound unit. She told me that she would call me later to clarify the matter. So I went back to the counter to pay the bill as my husband said to pay first. Otherwise, they might compound us for late payment. Feeling unsatisfied, I went to see an officer. He photostatted the bill and told me that he would come back to me. In th

Magic trick

I love to watch magic shows. I was first fascinated by the way the magician performed when I was still in secondary school. I witnessed the performance and until now I could remember it and still wondering how those bottles of soft drinks appeared one after another. I used to learn some simple tricks shown on books. Recently, I have tried this trick but I still couldn't get it done perfectly. Can you?

Thanks Nuffnang (2)

Thanks Nuffnang (1) My second cheque from Nuffnang in one and a half year. Thanks, Nuffnang!

Goodbye Sapi Island

15mac11 Getting ready to leave the island view of the sea from the island spectacular view 'Please do not feed the fish' signboard See those fishes swimming endlessly! last view of the beach before we left the island simply adorable 'No fishing' signboard above us waiting yet reluctantly.. We had to leave.. Goodbye, Sapi Island! My most memorable trip to a beautiful island!