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At ChangJiang, I gave away raya packets to my Muslim customers. They were rather sporting as they allowed me to take their pictures and posted at Changjiang facebook. This family is our regular customer and we alway talk to them. I was asking them what they were going to prepare for Hari Raya. They told me that they were going to have lemang and rendang. Jokingly I told them not to forget me as I love to eat lemang and rendang. Sure enough, they came on the first day of raya in the evening. They gave me lemang and rendang! I was so happy for their kindness. I thanked them profusely.. This lady customer who is also my neighbor came to me when I reached home in the evening yesterday. She told me she was too occupied to bring me some laksa. She insisted that I should go over to her place right away. So I quickly had my bath and walked over to her place. She was so happy. I was served laksa which is my favorite but I just had a small helping as I needed to rush back t

The Winning Raya Poem

The Hari Raya Poem Contest is officially closed. I just gave a week for Chang Jiang Facebook friends to participate. Initially there was no response. I thought I might just need to give away the prepared prizes to three lucky customers. But no..there was a last day response. And I received a perfect three participants. So obviously all of them are winners. But I specially love this piece of poem written by Jaime. Wonder who is she..will find out soon when she comes to collect her prize. Congratulations to all of them!  88888888888888888888888888 The Many Joy of Hari Raya Puasa Looking at the sky, It is a joyous feeling hereby, To see the majestic moon crescent, Marking the Syawal thats so pleasant Long breaks and ‘balik kampung’ fever, Joy and happiness to end never, Family and friends get together, Seeking ‘Maaf zahir dan batin’ altogether. ‘Duit raya’ handed as gift All the kids get a pocket lift Elegant traditional costumes worn Ohh, it could never be be

Hari Raya Poem Contest

Hari Raya is just around the corner so I have organised a poem contest at Chang Jiang: Write an original poem that rhymes pertaining to Hari Raya. Submit by 25 July 14. Judges' decision is final. Three participants with the winning poems will each receive a prize. *************************************************************************** How about that? Join in the fun and you might be the lucky three! I even gave Raya packets to some of my customers at Chang Jiang.

Vegetarian Potluck

We decided to have a potluck recently as it coincided with the public holiday. I was thinking of having it at my place again. The fruit party during Wesak day holiday was held at my place.  Show you what I had during the gathering. But I had second helping though.. Both of them were kind enough to offer their place. So saved me the trouble to upkeep my place. All in all, we went to the host's place with our contribution. So much to eat and it ended well too. My friend gave me some of her vegetable & fruit salad. The moment I reached home, I finished it up! So yummy! Might have another potluck but not vegetarian again.

Trick Art Museum

The Trick Art Museum in Jeju Island is awesome. So much better than the one in Penang. When I was in Penang, my eldest girl was the photographer. In Jeju island, my second girl was willing to do the photographing. Thank God..otherwise I wouldn't get to experience the fun of posing with the 3D pictures.  let's get in.. feeding the giraffe.. why so sad?? come..let me sayang..   I had posed with many of  the pictures. You can view all of them at my facebook page..

Last adventure in Korea

The trip had come to an end... In the morning, we had  5 different types of porridge.  First, we visited the ginseng outlet. Next, we were taken to the beauty academy where we were taught how to do facial. The products.. and the ginseng mask that we used. Had king crab for lunch. I had egg & bread for my dinner at Myeongdong market. Lastly we watched the Nanta show. Korean experience is over. Goodbye, Korea!

Excitement in Korea

Everland is a must-not-missed venue. We reached there at almost 11am. Full of pretty flowers decoration.  We experienced the chair cable. One of the best was the Four Seasons Garden.  I love this bed of flowers the most. Next, it was the rose garden.. and the fairy garden too. We didn't missed the parade. Next on the list was kimci making.. Kimci done by me.. A chance of a lifetime to try on the costume.  Another Korean dinner.. before we checked in the hotel. Another day to explore Seoul before we say goodbye to it..

Korea Day 4

Breakfast first.. Then headed to the National Park. Rode the cabin half way.. and then climbed further to view the Sorak peak. The Buddhist temple was visited too.. We then had our lunch. before we visited the Teddy Bear farm. Then, we checked in the hotel first.. before we had our Korean dinner. Left 2 more days before the trip is completed.

korea Day 3

Yesterday, we flew back to Gimpo from Jeju Island. Goodbye Jeju.. We had Steamboat.. and Claypot rice for lunch. Next, we made ice-cream at the Auna Farm. Green tea flavor Visited the calves and the cows too.. For dinner, we had chicken again.. Lastly, we checked in at this modern hotel.