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Are you ready for GST? As for us, we are more than ready. We had bought the above cash register, not one but three. My cashiers have already got accustomed to it. But it has yet to be implemented. At the left side of the machine, there is a slot for a memory card whereby every transaction will be recorded. Waiting for 1 April to come. On that day, our agent will come and show us what actually happens when the memory card is intact. By the way, we don't use any software. The cash register is GST compliant whereby the keys are categorised into taxable and non-taxable. We categorised our items into groups such as HOUSEHOLD for household items, CANNED/BOTTLED food, CHINESE HERBS, SWEET/CHOC, FROZEN FOOD etc. The non-rated items are keyed on the right side of the key board such as RICE, EGGS, SUGAR, SALT, COOKING OIL, INFANT MILK, BREAD, FLOUR, MEDICINE, GROCERIES, and BIHUN. Under GROCERIES, certain items are not taxable such as BABA's and our self packed stu

Being good is no good

Just to tell you a true story. My main job is to make sure my cashiers do their job properly. By the end of the day, they will have to count the money in the cash register. After which, I will check it with the daily slip printed out from the machine. If the machine is short of cash, the cashiers will have to pay the shortage. But we give them allowance of RM5. It means that should they short of RM5 and below, they don't need to replace the shortage.   At times, it really happened that the shortage was beyond belief. It has become a norm and the cashiers have got the hang of it. But recently, we got our new cash register machines in February. So this particular cashier always experienced shortage now and then. So she had to pay back almost RM300 plus which I deducted from her salary. But this month, some other peculiar thing happened. She practically had extra cash in her cash register. Never mind about that but I suspected that she didn't key in some items but jus

My weekend pleasure

First of all, I need to see my boy's college, Aswara. He has been there since last September. And yet I haven't got a clue of its surroundings. So I made my way to KL Central. There my boy took me to his place. From the nearest KTM station to his college, we had to walk about 20 minutes.  I had a good look at his campus and its surroundings.  Not a bad place after all. Then we made our way back to Subang where we had BKT. The next day, I had the privilegde to look into Sri Pentas.  It's not easy to get in but I was lucky as my girl works there. I always tune in to FlyFm.. As my girl had work to do, I hopped over to 1U  to look up for my friends and we had lunch together.  Since we were free after my meeting with my friends, my boy and I went for a movie, 'Cinderella'.. a very touching yet entertaining fairy tale.. "Have courage and be kind.." Before we called it a day, we had our dinner at Absolute Thai.

Kuih Bakul (2)

This is another way of eating kuih bakul. Cut the kuih bakul into slices and then steam them. Then coat each ball of kuih bakul with the fresh dessicated coconut. I did two plates and believe me, I finished up the first plate. Delicious..

Kuih Bakul

We won't miss kuih bakul every CNY. Previous years, I had my staff's mum who was ever willing to fry the kuih bakul for me. Since my staff had left the company, I hardly had the time or maybe just plain lazy to fry for myself. Mostly I would just give away. But this year is different. Why? Because my hubby already reminded me not to give away! See, nine of them.. Ok, time to get rid of them one by one.. I cut the sweet potato and one of the kuih bakul. Fried hubby had two, my girl had one, I had one.  Two for my Indian friend and the rest for my staff. The next round will be this Sunday.... Happy Kuih Bakuling..

Yee sang (2)

On the seventh day of CNY, I actually prepared yee sang for Chang Jiang people.I didn't tell the boss about it and I was actually worried if he would disapprove it. But upon arriving at the shop before noon, I simply declared to him that I had prepared yee sang for Chang Jiang. Wow, he seemed to like the idea! simple one for Chang Jiang Spot the boss.. Today I had a CNY gathering with my Chang Jiang customers/friends. I prepared in abundance as I had forseen quite a number of them. It was fun as I had read out some auspicious phrases with their meanings and they said aloud after me. I had also put some ang pows underneath the plate of yee sang. After the tossing, I distributed the ang pows to them saying that all those good wishes would come true. True or not? I believe so! Happy CNY! And this was the best ever CNY gathering for us! Thank you for your kind attendance, my friends!