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Goodbye RealRewards

It has been ages since I signed up for RealRewards. I had received emails from them before but I couldn't get in as I forgot my password. Wanted to call them but I kept on procrastinating. Yesterday, I was browsing through my old cards and I found my VIP RealReward card. I went to the website and hoping to get my password right.  Tried a few times and I gave up. But I call the customer service. I was told to wait for her call but she didn't call at all.  This morning, I called the customer service again. This lady was more efficient. She checked my card number and ic number. I was told that my record was not in the system. How come? I had not been using it for more than two years and so my record was gone for good!   I won't sign up for it anymore. Found this sole letter dated 2004 when they sent me my VIP card. All along, I thought that the points never expired. My very big mistake!

My BIL and SIL

This BIL is my hubby's eldest brother. He studied and graduated in Sydney. He married a German girl and have two grown-up sons.  They always make a trip back to Malaysia practically once yearly. I have known them ever since I met my boyfriend then. Each time they came back, I would play host to them. But unfortunately they didn't get to attend my marriage as it was not convenient. Both were teachers then. Now, my BIL has retired but my SIL is now a lawyer.  I had been to their house in Newcastle in 2002 and I met them in Sydney in 2010. Recently, they came back to attend a wedding. It's my SIL's (my hubby's youngest sister) second son's marriage. I met them at the wedding dinner in Taiping last Sunday. They stayed back in Taiping and came to Ipoh on Wednesday. This time they didn't stay at my place but at my BIL's (my hubby's youngest brother) place. Last Sunday Early morning on Friday, my BIL called me and asked me t


My next holiday is gonna be Scandinavia.   I had actually loved to tour USA but the time is not convenient for me. I can only leave the shop for some time provided someone is around to do do my chores at the shop.   So I picked places that would coincide with my boy's holiday. He's kind enough to let me go for my trip. Thanks, my boy.  I will be going with my SIL and my girl who happens to be on holiday at that time.  Really looking forward to another great holiday!

Petron card

I used Smiles card for many many years. At times, I lost my card. So, I applied for new ones. Actually, they were not lost but being misplaced by myself. I was surprised when one day, all came out when I did spring cleaning. What did I do? I distributed to my kids. Yet I still had that habit of misplacing. So I kept on applying. One day, I had to check with the petrol station and started getting rid of some of them. Now, I'm more careful as I keep them in my purse. Talking about the Petron card, someone dropped his card at my shop. I just left it at the counter but nobody seemed to claim it. It had been lying around for a couple of months and instead of throwing it away, I had an idea. I used the card to pour some petrol and got the receipt. There were 1200 points. I went to redeem stuff from the convenient shop. Total RM13.50. So I just paid RM1.50. With two packets of foodstuff, I gave one to the station attendant. He was surprised. On my way back, I passed b

Missed Her Grandma

Jean came back for the weekend and I thought of taking her to Cameron for a short break. But she refused to go anywhere except Taiping. Why? She definitely missed her favorite grandma. On top of that, when I sent my mum back to Taiping last weekend, she had forgotten her 'tongkat'. So it's a very genuine excuse to give to the boss. So off we went. I drove slowly while chatting with my girl. Instead of taking 45 minutes to reach as usual, I took whole 1 hour. I wouldn't speed when I drive and talk. Firstly, picked up my mum. She was glad to see her 'tongkat' again. Before we went for our lunch at the Casual market, we made a short visit to my aunty. Recently, she's not in favor of 'buah tangan' so I guess a little 'sincerity' is the best. She is an ever cheerful aunty.   Went for our lunch and then decided to go back as Jean had to travel back to KL on the same day. On the way to my mum's place, I finally made the eff

My weekend fun

My friend in Taiping whose daughter got married yesterday had invited some of us to the wedding dinner held at the Flemington Hotel.  My mum, my girl and I hopped into my Ipoh friend's car to the place. The dinner was supposed to start at 7pm but it was late. Started at about 8pm and lasted for about 3 hours. Our friend, the bride's mum, surprised us by inviting us to the stage to dance with her. She managed to persuade us. We danced to the beat of the music and we had so much fun! My friend was so sporting as she led us to the dance. After about half an hour, we had to move on to our next program. We had birthday celebration for both of our KL friends while  listening to oldies sung by the singer at the 'Old Days' in Taiping. See, my mum was enjoying herself too! The next morning, we gathered again at the casual market for breakfast. I had curry noodles which is my all-time favorite. It was a hot day but it didn't

Busy March.

Today is the first of March. I started my day being busy. First and foremost, I did an online shopping. I shopped at Melaleuca, not just under my account but also under my girl's account. Actually I manage both accounts on the first of every month. Next, I cleaned my dogs' space. Gave them biscuits as breakfast. My routine... To the kitchen I went and prepared lunch for myself, my girl and my mum. Before I ended the morning session, I vacuum-cleaned all the three rooms. This was the first time I ever used the vacuum cleaner this year. Feeling satisfied and I had cooled down, I quickly took a bath and then had my lunch. It's 12pm and I had to start working at my hubby's shop. Upon reaching the shop, my very first task is always my daily statement which I have to prepare. Done with it and I was ready to give the salary and wages to my people. I had prepared beforehand a few days ago. Next, another important task is to get those impending