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National Monument Revisited After So Many Years

We revisited the National Monument (NM) after so many years. I don't remember seeing this lovely pond behind the NM the last time. side view wait..something is missing!! moving on.. and on.. the front view see the fountain in front of the NM bluish reflection behind the NM Do you know what's missing??

No Plastic Bag Day (2)

No Plastic Bag Day (1 Jan 2011) It has been two months since we started on the 'No Plastic Bag Day' at my husband's shop on 1 Jan 2011. Every Saturday is definitely a hectic day for all of us here. Firstly, since we don't use plastic bags, we need to provide boxes. We have to keep plenty of small boxes as customers usually buy a few items. We need to be patient and at the same time tolerant too. Why? Because some customers still insist that we give then plastic bags. They even threaten not to buy from us on Saturdays as our neighbor still provides plastic bags. Today, a customer just bought a few items so I gave her a small box. In fact she had a plastic bag with her. So I suggested that she used her own plastic bag. She refused and kept asking for one. Then another customer at the next counter asked loudly for a plastic bag. She didn't want a box. Since she was so loud, we gave in and gave her the plastic bag. Seeing that, the other customer again asked for

Learning to Learn

I was not Chinese educated but I studied basic Chinese just for a matter of four years when I was in the primary school. But only one Chinese book. Those days I just loved to read and write the Chinese characters. I even sent my kids to Chinese school so that I could still keep in touch with the basic ones. So when I started to help my husband in his shop three years ago, I had to refresh my Chinese. What I did was I wrote the pin yin for those Chinese words. I could recognize those basic Chinese characters but not those difficult ones. You can imagine me taking photos of those Chinese herbal stuff, got them printed out and put them in the album. My friend helped me to type out all those Chinese herbal characters and I wrote the Cantonese pin yin beside those characters. Of course I asked my friend to read to me. But it was too much to absorb in a short time. I needed much longer time to learn all those stuff. Until now, I still couldn't remember some of them. Thankfully, I hav


This sifu has been with us since Oct 2008. Since my brother-in-law left the company and opened his own shop in March 2008, we didn't have a sifu who knows all about medical stuff. My husband only knows about sundry stuff. Actually that was the reason why I left teaching. My husband needs me as no one would be there to keep an eye on the shop when he goes out to buy stock. How I suffered during that period of 7 months. I had to learn about the Chinese stuff and mind you, it was not easy as I was not Chinese educated. So when sifu came, things got better. I was more at ease but I had to learn other stuff too. Most importantly, I have to take control of the counter. I have to check the sales of the day carefully. This sifu is actually a very patient man. Initially, he was rather slow as formerly he owned his own small medical shop. Since my husband wanted speedy delivery, he caught up and could work fast like us. But most of the time, he liked to do things without consulting my


Ever wonder why when we grow older, we get sick easily? That's mainly because our immune system is lacking behind. So, we should boost our immune system starting from today. We need to keep ourselves healthy and so live our lives happily. Mind you, also free from stress too. Why I take Fitline? I suppose it has kept me healthy since 2005. I used to get sick at least once a year. Since Fitline, I hardly get sick anymore. Touch wood. And if I do feel uneasy, I got over it very fast. Frankly speaking, I was bad-tempered last time. I got very angry when my students didn't do their homework. I could yell at them and even beat them. But since Fitline, I realized that my temper became even. I hardly scolded my students. They were surprised that I wouldn't get angry but instead advised them. Guess Fitline has played a very important role in my life. It keeps me going even though I have to work with my husband who has high expectation. Last but not least, I realized that I

Panasonic Iron

Yesterday I bought a new Panasonic iron as I had dropped the old one and it's broken. At the SenQ centre in Parkson, we saw this cute iron. It only cost RM53. When I asked about the warranty period, the salesperson told me that it's only one year. But if I paid another RM3, I would get a warranty of two years. Should the iron gets faulty during that period, I would be entitled for a new one. Otherwise, I got to wait for it to be repaired. Did I buy that statement? Of course not. I told him that I trust Panasonic and nothing would go wrong. Then I asked if there's any discount since I'm a member. Guess Panasonic items are not discounted. I would be given 8 points instead. Well, my membership has expired. If I renew it for another year by paying RM12, I would be entitled for the points. What's the point? I would prefer discounts. So I didn't renew my membership.

Lucky Numbers

We opened our shop on the 7 Feb 11, that was the 5th day of Chinese New Year. After a short while, a Choi San Yeh visited us. I asked what was I supposed to do. His assistant told me to give an ang pow in return for Choi San Yeh's ang pow. So I prepared an ang pow, not too big and gave to the Choi San Yeh. He gave me an ang pow in return. There was a slip of paper with the numbers 1572. So I asked my cashier to go buy that number but she hesitated. Then I forgot all about it. The next morning, she informed that the last 3 numbers came out. Too bad I didn't buy that number. So I decided to try my luck the next day. I bought the numbers at Magnum. But opportunity only knocks once! %%%%%%% Yesterday I was at Popular Bookstore in Parkson. I just browsed a feng shui book and found that my lucky numbers are 572! What a coincidence! If only I had visited Popular earlier. That would have seriously got me buying that lucky numbers given by the Choi San Yeh. Otherwise, I cou


I first started my only blog, Experiences, on 4 Aug 2009 . I had put up AdSense ad and I didn't earned much. When my blog turned one year old on 4 Aug 2010 , I started another two blogs, ie Scrumptious ( 17 Aug 2010 ) and Knowledge ( 7 Aug 2010 ) whereby I joined various meme such as Friday Sky, Watery Wednesday, Weekend Reflections, Scenic Sunday, Food Trip Friday, Yummy Sunday and so on. I then put up AdSense ad on the two blogs too. Just during that month, I realized that my Adsense account had increased tremendously. I myself was surprised. It could be due to my two new blogs. At the end of the month 30 Aug 2010 , I received this email from Ad Sense: ###### After reviewing our records, we've determined that your AdSense account poses a risk of generating invalid activity. Because we have a responsibility to protect our AdWords advertisers from inflated costs due to invalid activity, we've found it necessary to disable your AdSense account. Your outstanding balance

ChurpChurp's Mistake

On 11 Feb 2011.. First Notice Letter - Suspicion in Fraud Clicks' Activities From: ChurpChurp To: Thank you for your active participation in the ChurpChurp Social Sharing Campaigns! Unfortunately, our records have identified that your account has committed one/or all of the following offences: 1. Sharing the campaign(s) links alongside misleading messages to entice clicks from friends and followers. 2. Sharing and posting on conflicting sites and/or suspicious sites. Please be informed that any earnings from the suspected campaign(s) that you've shared will be removed. Should you still continue posting misleading messages and on suspicious conflicting sites; we will notify you via email a notice of a 2 weeks ChurpChurp account suspension. You will not be able to take part in any commercial campaigns during the suspension period. Churp Churp prides itself as a community of genuine social media users. We strongly discourage you to participate in any click

Valentine's gift for my mum

mum with my girl at Hotel Mercure in JB last Dec Mum stayed with me after I had given birth to my youngest child. Initially it was not easy to persuade her to come and stay with me. She preferred her own house. When I needed her help, she refused. So I told my brother about the situation. A few days later, my brother called me and told me mum would come and stay with me. He related to me that mum was worried that I would treat her like a servant if she stayed with me. So my brother being my mum's pet managed to bring her to her senses. How could a daughter treat her mum like a servant? Actually, I had already planned to resign from teaching as I couldn't afford to send all my kids to baby sitters. When finally I heard the good news from my brother, I was so happy as I didn't need to resign. So mum stayed with me faithfully until recently that she requested to retire. I had approved it as I don't teach anymore. I can cater to my kids' needs easily as my husband&

Pathetic Doctor

There is a doctor who used to come to my shop to buy milk and beer. Initially, he was rather quiet. One day, I broke the ice and spoke to him briefly. He's actually a friendly guy. When he smiles, he looks better. Otherwise, he looks pathetic. He would usually come to buy his stuff in the evening. So recently, I didn't see him at all. Then yesterday, he came just before we closed at 10pm. I casually asked, "Doctor, how come so late today?" He replied, "I have to clean my stuff in the clinic." Offhandedly, I commented, "Your nurses can do it for you." At this juncture, he poured out his story: "When I was away for a few days, my nurse took care of my clinic. I trusted her but things were getting worst recently. I lost some of my surgical appliances. I even lost some money. I thought that I must had misplaced my money as I'm getting old. But I was wrong. The nurse stole my money. I remembered I placed an envelope with cash in the draw


There's one happy-go-lucky guy. Here's his story: I'm a happy guy. Every morning, I would get up very early in the morning. Firstly, I would tune on soft music as I go along with my morning business such as brushing my teeth, washing my face and taking my bath. Then I would prepare my own breakfast. Later in the morning, I would take my wife marketing. She usually buys fish and vegetables. After that, I would relax for a while before I go out for my business. In the evenings, I would take my wife window-shopping at the nearest sundry shop. At the shop, my wife would be buying but I would be waiting for her. While waiting I would talk to the boss of the shop. My story: This time, he talked to me. He related his story to me. He said: "We should be happy everyday. If possible, we should help the poor too. I have plenty of money and that's what I do." My husband overheard him and said, "OK then, give me some money." He replied: "Call me

Almost Accident

We were on our way back from KL on the 3rd day of CNY. Along the journey, we could see the traffic congestion on the other side. Our drive was smooth sailing until we reached Ipoh. Can you spot the word 'Ipoh'? We needed to go into Jelpang exit. To Ipoh..on our left. To Penang, those people got to keep right. It was almost 5.30pm when we reached the exit. My husband drove all the way from KL. Normally I would take over halfway. But, that time, I was busy sleeping. So, I just couldn't be bothered. Well when we almost reached Ipoh, I was fully awake. My husband was driving in the middle lane but very close to the fast lane. Suddenly, a white van by past us and our vehicle almost got knocked on the driver's side. Our vehicle was bumpy and luckily my husband managed to maneuver it safely. Thankful, he didn't knocked the car in front of him. A while later, another van passed by us. I was surprised to see that it had slowed down a bit and the passenger at the

Danone Dumex CNY Dinner

Last night, my husband and I attended a CNY dinner organized by Danone Dumex. It was held at Sun Lee How Fook. We got our door gift. When we reached there on time, many people were already seated. The first dish was definitely the yee sang. Poured the sauce. Then we tossed it. We were being entertained.. by a group of dancers.. and singers too.. Ready to yum seng.. Yummmm....Seeeeeeng! Lucky people! Before the dinner ended, we were needed to fill in the prestige form. Of course, only GOOD and EXCELLENT!

Braun Buffel

Finally, I got a new black Braun Buffel handbag which was very expensive no doubt. Since it was above RM1k, I was entitled to become a D'Guild member and The Gardens Club member. After filling in the membership form, I had free gifts! Then I proceeded to The Gardens Club counter. Got a free membership card which lasts for a year! Since I won't be able to make use of the card frequently, I quickly had my first experience. I walked into the resting place created specially for the members. Cool..

The Gardens Mall

I have been to the Gardens Mall once last year. This time I got to view those awesome CNY decorations. lovely shades of red bountiful flowers a flowery peacock? ceiling decorations At the Gardens Mall, my husband insisted on buying me a branded handbag. Last time I always objected as I felt that it's not necessary but this time I gave in. See what he got for me..( next )

Kuala Lumpur (2)

I simply love the view of Kuala Lumpur. The Petronas Twin Towers and the KL Tower the Parlimen the clock tower Sultan Abdul Samad building A 95-meter flagpole at the Merdeka Square