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Assam House Restaurant

My Nuffnang paycheque will soon reach me in a few days time but I already spent it on food at Assam House. It was formerly known as 'Kimbali'. I have been to Kimbali a number of times but I haven't visited the new Assam House yet. So I decided to take lunch today with Claire. The boss used to shop at my shop and he always asked me, "When are you coming over?" I always answered, "One day" but it is always impossible as my kids don't like the place.  So this time I invited Claire over.. paku pakis omelet assam fish head The boss was so delighted that I finally made it..Just wait for the second time.

Birthday Celebration

My BIL turned 50 yesterday and he had celebrated his birthday at a restaurant..He had invited his siblings and their respective spouses and some of his close friends. Look at what we had.. I would say the portion was just moderate that we could finish them all up. My husband said that he was still hungry after the dinner.. Happy birthday, dear BIL..

Nesvita Omega Promotion

Well, this particular customer came to my shop this morning as she had brought the three barcodes as required in order to claim the rebate of RM10 on the fourth packet of Omega milk powder.  I checked the barcodes and found out that one of them belonged to the older batch. This promotion is only valid for the new batch as I can differentiate it by looking at the barcode. So when I pointed out to the customer that one of the barcodes was not valid, she was not happy. She insisted that she bought the milk powders from us every month. Accordingly, this promotion only started in Feb. That could easily meant that one of them was bought in January. Because of this misunderstanding, she refused to give in and she snatched back her three pieces of barcodes and went away angrily.. Another occasion: This lady came in with two empty packets of the milk powder but those were not bought from us. According to the rules and regulation, customers have to buy from us to be entitled. But she wa

Friday Night out

I love Friday! Why? Because I can come back early from work at about 8pm. Otherwise, I have to stay until the shop closes at 10pm. I would quickly get home and have a quick shower. Then off my kids and I to hunt for food. Tonight we went to "Moven Peak". As usual, my kids would ask me where I would take them. But I always say, "It's up to you". Anyway, I won't be eating as I had eaten something earlier. If the weather is fine, then we usually go far. Otherwise, we would just go somewhere nearby. Nowadays, I hardly take pictures of food too. Maybe I'm bored of it already. Anyway, my girl had fish and chip whereas my son had fried rice. As for me, I just had 'Banana Boat".. Have a nice weekend!


To all those who made it.. Congratulations! You have been studying very hard for your big exam ie the STPM and SPM. STPM results came our first and today it's the SPM results. I'm sure many of the students out there have done their best. It's a happy occasion when students made it. But what about those who didn't make it? They must have felt very sad. But life goes on. No point crying over spilled milk. Move on.. To my part-time workers: STPM holder: She didn't make it. So her mum asked her to find work.  SPM holder: She made it but only an A. She wants to further her studies to Form Six. That's great!   Whatever your results, my best wishes to you!

Great to be a boss?

Well, I am not the boss. My husband is. I prefer to regard myself as part of the staff rather than being a boss. A boss has so much responsibilities whereas a staff has limited ones. Don't you agree? In our situation, the staff has just got to do what they need to do during that span of working time whereas the boss won't stopping thinking. For instance, my husband has no peace of mind even though he is eating at that time. I used to pack lunch for him around 11am but he won't have the time to eat until it's late in the afternoon. Sometimes as late as almost 3pm. On the other hand, a staff has his/her lunch hour. At that time, he/she has all his time to relax and even has his/her peace of mind to sit back and use the phone. But in the case of the boss, it's different. Even though he uses the phone while eating, it's all about work. What can I do? I can only do my part. I usually eat before I go to work. If I do bring lunch to work, my box of lunch will take m

Archery @ Genting

I had experienced archery before so I was not so excited about it. But my girl was budging me to let her play. Of course, we parents are all for our kids.. Got to wear the gadgets first..after paying.. The coach casually gave guidance.. Still hesitating and taking it slowly.. I had to guide her instead.. That's right..quick let go of it..SHOOT!

Why do we blog?

I started this blog which is my very first blog in Aug 2009. That means it has been around for 2 and a half years. Then I created a few more blogs. I was very consistent and was updating practically everyday. Then it came to a point that I just do it when I actually have the time and not pressuring myself to update it everyday that I used to. I used to get many comments as I used to visit many of my followers too. But imagine the time that we need to actually cover all. So most of the time, I just dropped a casual comment. As of recently, I would just pick at random. Of course definitely my comments received would drop too. Never mind about that, I remind myself that my blogs are just like my diary.  I don't mind even if I received short comment as I myself usually do that too. But even if we do not actually in favor of other blogs, we should be respectful of others. It's very rude if we comment rudely. Therefore, to be friendly and stressed-free, just post as you yourself w

Silver Dragon Restaurant

Last Sunday was my cousin's wedding in Seremban. My girl and I met my youngest brother in KL and he drove us to Seremban for the dinner. It was supposed to start at 6.30pm but it actually started at 8pm.. my mum with her two brothers and SILs Here's what we had for the dinner..  The dinner ended at 10pm. When we reached my brother's place in KL, it was already 12 midnight.. Satisfying dinner.. and got to meet all my aunties, uncles, cousins, nephews and nieces.. Great gathering!

Hou Mei

Hou Mei in Cantonese means Good Taste. So definitely we would like to taste the good taste for ourselves.. Hou Mei in Genting nice interior Our dinner/supper at Genting BBQ chicken noodles RM29 curry noodles RM14.50 dry mee RM14.50 duck noodles RM15 Another expensive meal in Genting. But the noodles were quite satisfactory.

Restaurant Hainan Kitchen

The first thing that we did when we reached Genting was to hunt for food. We didn't take our lunch yet. So the first restaurant that we saw would be our target.. Here's Restaurant Hainan Kitchen The food that we had.. Hainan Fried Rice RM14.50 Fish and Chips RM20 Crispy Pork Chop RM21.50 Exec Club RM17.50 Fried Toast and Ice-Cream RM6.90 Very expensive indeed but satisfying as we were rather hungry.. Note: 10% service charge and 6% govn tax.

Away for the weekend

I really look forward to this weekend. Will be going somewhere for a short holiday and also to attend a wedding dinner.  I booked this hotel deluxe room about a month ago. And I'm already being charged instantly through my credit card. So once decided, I must make it. Otherwise, I would lose that amount of money. That means I won't be around to help my husband. He has to make do. Luckily it's a weekend, I don't need to do the account. But once I'm back from this weekend trip, I would be real busy for a while. Well, that's life. As long as I'm happy, everything will be just fine.. Happy weekend, everyone!

Lost and found

Have you ever lost your purse or wallet? I have never lost my purse before. I am very careful about keeping my purse.  But this morning, I was in a hurry. I just threw my purse into my shopping bag which contained other stuff too. I stopped at the coffee shop, took the tiffin carrier out from the bag so as to buy some ready cooked food. After that, I put the carrier at my husband's shop and at the same time, I collected those bills to be paid. Off I went to the post office. Put the parking ticket but I was at the post office for just 5 min. I just sent a letter by Pos Laju and paid my Indah Water bill. Then I turned around and went to the Tenaga Nasional to pay my electricity bills. It was fast today. Next I drove all the way to Maybank. Suddenly I realized that my purse was nowhere to be found. I guess I must have forgotten to take it after all. Without hesitation, I quickly paid all my credit cards bills. Then to Maxis centre to pay my husband's phone bill and lastly I pai

Happy Birthday Mei

I used to buy cakes for birthdays..Yesterday was my staff, Mei's birthday. She is only 22 years old. She has been working for us for three years plus. She is also a very hardworking person. Furthermore, she is the only one who is willing to learn my style of wrapping hampers. Indeed she has helped me a lot. So naturally I would remember her birthday. Yesterday, I bought her a cake. Happy Birthday, Mei!

Just take a break

 strawberries from Cameron Highlands My husband is a workaholic. He works and works everyday..even on a Sunday. The only time for him to rest is during the first few days of Chinese New Year. As for me, I'm different. I am no workaholic. I know when to take a break. That's why I used to go for a holiday once in a while. But recently, my husband has changed a bit. He let go a bit, I guess. He would attend meetings and even go for wedding dinners and so forth. I have to take charge and close the shop whenever he is not around. He had been to Kedah, Sepang and most recently, Cameron Highland. But mind you, he didn't go with me. He went with his friends. Wonder he would ever travel oversea one day. I would encourage him if he wants to do it. It would be good for him. Let him just take a break..Hopefully he is free from stress..

Happy 1st Anniversary, Mariah!

I started working on 1 March 2008. This staff also started on the 1 March but last year. So she has been working at our shop for a year already. The rule of the game is the person who managed to survive a year has to give a treat.  Happy Anniversary, Mariah! So today she treated us curry chicken. I sponsored the potatoes and the bread..It was such a simple yet happy occasion!

Nippara cave

Located in the far north west part of Tokyo, Okutama-machi is one of the most scenic spots. It is difficult to believe that you are still in borders of Tokyo city. Nippara cave is the biggest cave in the Kanto region and can take about 40 minutes to explore. People might be dissapointed by the lack of any stalactites and stalagmites in the cave, but the area is still an interesting place to explore. Entrance to the cave is 600 yen for adults. The train trip to Nippara is over 2 hours, followed by a bus trip up the mountain and a final 20 minute walk. The area is also great for hiking.


Tokyo is a popular city. I wouldn't want to miss it. I would be seeing Tokyo for real.. Tokyo (東京, Tōkyō) is Japan's capital and the world's most populous metropolis. It is also one of Japan's 47 prefectures , consisting of 23 central city wards and multiple cities, towns and villages west of the city center. The Izu and Ogasawara Islands are also part of Tokyo.  Prior to 1868, Tokyo was known as Edo. A small castle town in the 16th century, Edo became Japan's political center in 1603 when Tokugawa Ieyasu established his feudal government there. A few decades later, Edo had grown into one of the world's most populous cities. With the Meiji Restoration of 1868, the emperor and capital moved from Kyoto to Edo, which was renamed Tokyo ("Eastern Capital"). Large parts of Tokyo were destroyed in the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923 and in the air raids of 1945.  Today, Tokyo offers a seemingly unlimited choice of shopping , entertainment,

Oshino Hakkai

This ia a must-visit place.. Oshino Village used to be a lake called Lake Utsu for a long time ago. When Mt. Fuji erupted, lava from Mt. Fuji covered the north part of Lake Utsu. Then, the south part of Lake Utsu (宇津湖) becomes Lake Yamanaka, and the covered area became Oshino Village. The spring spots of Mt. Fuji were still left in the same spots. So, eventually water spring in Oshino Village, and they were called Oshino Hakkai. Because Mt. Fuji is believed as a spiritual mountain, the water of Oshino Hakkai was called “The spring of God.” Those believers created many local legends. Now, Oshino Hakkai is one of the National Treasure of Japan, and 100 best water of Japan. Eight Springs Deguchi Pond Okama Pond Sokonuke Pond Choshi Pond Waku Pond Nigori Pond Kagami Pond Shobu Pond