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Farewell to Leng

Leng has been with Chang Jiang since she started secondary school. She's a girl with initiative and humble too. The boss likes her very much and he even gave her extra bonus each year. She deserved it..
Well, yesterday was her last day with us as she will be starting her new job as an accountant soon. She has just finished her accountancy course.
I got her a cake which she definitely loved..
The boss was so generous in getting her a Mido automatic watch which is quite costly..
As for me, I got her a bottle of Mystique perfume from Melaleuca.
All the best to your future undertakings, Leng!

Fruitful Sunday

Yes, last Sunday I was at Ikea and the Curve. Planned to do some shopping at Ikea before the Curve. But due to time constrain, I had to be at the Curve first..
This picture was taken just before we left the place late at night.
I reached the place after 4.30pm..a little late and yet I was the first to be there. Met my friends and went 'yum char' for just an hour before I hurried for my  next appointment..
I met 小影 Nice meeting up with her. I don't think she's an emo girl anymore. She shared a lot about her experiences and I would say she's a cute little girl. Since I promised my people that I would meet them up at 7pm, I hurriedly accompanied my girl to get a wardrobe for her new room. But I got myself those three colorful basin brushes. One for the new house, one for my girl's toilet and one for home. Which color did I choose for myself? Then we proceeded to ThaiExpress for our late dinner.
Everything went one well as planned. It's a fruitful Sunday!

All in a Wednesday

On Wednesday, when I got up early in the morning, I thought of 小影. I had promised her before that I would be her friend and I sure like to meet her one day. So I messaged her at facebook with this simple question.
'Hi care to meet?' She replied, 'Okay'. I thought of the others too but I knew it's rather difficult as we will meet late in the evening.
Housework as usual with my preparation for our lunch. After my lunch, off I went to work. Barely a few minutes, a parcel arrived...

It's from 小影. Thank you very much! They are all from Korea. Coincidentally, I will be in Korea soon...

Just before I left to work, my eldest girl was preparing the Shepherd's pie. minced meat, mixed vegetable, kraft cheese, mixed herbs, pepper and salt
covered wth mashed potatoes and kraft cheese too

I was late so I said goodbye before I could see the outcome. But she brought to the shop for us. All of us enjoyed it very much. I kept some for the boss.
This was the second time we a…


A month ago, I had organised a slim-down challenge whereby participants had their weight recorded at Chang Jiang. The period was due so I had the participants to weigh again. Many of them just lost a bit: 0.4kg or so.. But this part-time worker of changJiang lost 2.2kg.  She was so happy and naturally I had to give her a gift of some sachets of Greenz  and a free transformer mug. Btw, the challenge is still being carried out.
Last Saturday night and Sunday morning, this ex-staff of Chang Jiang  was so kind to help out as the boss was not around. Since it's Father's day yesterday, I gave him a drink, a tart and a bar of Attain. Thanks for helping out, sifu. That's how we call him.
Later the boss came back before the shop closed for the day.  We went to Ben & Lynette for our late lunch.
It's self-service ordering.
All of us had western food except the boss who still preferred rice.
It's a treat as usual for him on his birthday and Father's Day too..

Farewell Dinner for Annie

5 scrumptious dishes
my girl, my mum, Annie and another Annie..
My friend Annie came back from UK as her mum was not well. She has been with her mum for almost two months and she's going back soon.
Last weekend when I was in KL, I told my friend that we had to have a farewell dinner for Annie. So I suggested to my friend in Taiping who was very helpful in arranging this dinner.
The dinner was confirmed at 5pm as I asked for it. I wouldn't like to drive late in the evening.
This afternoon, I started my journey at 2.40pm and I reached my mum's place at 3.25pm. Rested for a short while and we went to find the place for our dinner.
We went to buy some kuih for my girl before we went to the restaurant. Waited for a short while before all my six friends came. We had a scrumptious meal.
At 7pm, we left the place. Took my mum home and I started my journey back to Ipoh at 7.30pm. I should reach Ipoh at 8.20pm. But due to the the hectic jam, I reached home at 9.30pm!
Anyway, it …

Who's going to be the Father's Day Contest winner?

Video posted on 7 June
Videoposted on 5 June Today is the last day to enter the Father's day Contest atChang Jiang. I wonder why it's so difficult for people to post videos of their fathers. Anyway, I received the first video on the 5 June. This boy is the eldest son of my rather regular customer. This family has been following my page and they have been very active too. Definitely, they had won many prizes too. 
I like his video as the father helped in training his son in learning up the big bike. Watch the video at Chang Jiang and do drop a comment if you like it. Thanks for your support.
The second video received was just yesterday night. He is the father of my three part-time workers. I have been telling them to post a video of their father but they failed to do so. Recently his father always helped us to close the shop. I always appreciated what he had done for us. He has been very helpful as we didn't have Lim to help anymore.
Yesterday, I gave an idea to the girls. I…

Last Weekend

Last Saturday, my girls and I went to KL for our weekend getaway. We had got our tickets ready for my boy's performance at KLPAC at night.
the tickets
Before we went to KLPAC, we visited 1U. Had our lunch and then watched a movie titled "Edge of Tomorrow. We reached there two hours earlier as we didn't want to be caught in the jam.
The performance lasted for one and a half hour. My boy played the saxophone.

The next day, Sunday, we went to Mid Valley. I had planned to meet up with my friends. We had lunch together but I left earlier as we had bought tickets for another movie. My youngest girl had watched X-men so we went for Maleficent. Whereas my other two girls watched the x-men.
 my friends and I had a good time chit-chatting

 I stayed for the night at Shah Alam before I drove back home on Monday morning.