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Love you, Mum.

Mum was complaining about her knee pain since Chinese new Year. Last Sunday, I made the effort to see her and bring her back to my place. It was Chap Goh Meh. So I made Yee Sang just for the two of us.. May mum stay healthy and happy always... Yee sang for my people at Chang Jiang too.. On the same day, I took mum to the salon to get her hair permed. The next day, both mum and I woke up early just to get the first number to see the specialist. We were there at 7.30am. The nurse came at 8am. Went for breakfast before we saw the doctor at 9am. Went for x-ray and back to see the doc at 11am. No medication given as mum has lots of her own. Doctor advised to get mum a knee and waist support. So I quickly got her Nefful knee and waist support. Got her to wear them so as to make sure they fit. Also got her Glucojoint soy milk powder and gamat asli. She has to consume them regularly in order to be in good health. All the best to my mum.. Get healed

Everybody's birthday/Valentine"s Day

Since it's a Sunday, I had decided to organise this special gathering for my Chang Jiang friends.  It's actually a potluck so I just needed to prepare my lou sang.. Everyone was in a happy mood. Gongxi Gongxi! It's everybody's birthday. Susan got us a birthday cake. Valentine's Day too! I had prepared 3 gifts for three lovely couples. Next, not to be specially made lou sang for all. On top of that, I received Valentine's gifts from my two friends. Thanks, Doris! Thanks, Shane! Love it!! Thanks to all my CJ friends for those prepared food. Yummy! Kong Hei Fatt Choy! May everyone stays young in heart as always!!

Lou Sang

My first lou sang was during a pre-Chinese New Year charity lunch. My second lou sang was also a pre-CNY celebration at Chang Jiang. The Nestle promoter bought the prepared ones from Pusing Public Seafood Restaurant.   Here's my self-prepared lou sand for the reunion lunch/dinner with my family. Prepared another lou sang for the first day of Chinese New Year lunch. That means I had a total of 4 times... On the second day of CNY, we had another one with my mum and siblings in Taiping at the Mr BBQ restaurant. On the third day of CNY, we had it at Pusing Public Seafood Restaurant in Ipoh. Altogether, 6 already.. My 7th one will be this Sunday whereby my Chang Jiang customers/friends will gather at my place. Happy Lou Sang to all of you... May we be blessed with lots of love,  fun and laughters... Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!  

Teddy is back

Since Teddy was missing on the 11 Jan 16, I had been searching for him high and low. Finally I gave up and I thought he was lost forever. But last Saturday, 30 Jan, my friend asked if the pictures she saw on facebook was Teddy. So I checked on the girl's facebook. True enough, it's Teddy and I went to check on a nearby vet clinic since she mentioned that she had sent the injured dog there. The vet acknowledged that there was an injured crippled dog which was sent over by a girl. I told her to care for Teddy till my girl came back for Chinese New Year. My concerned friend sent a private message to the girl and after some time, she called me after she had talked to my friend. She related her story that she pitied the dog as it was bleeding and she believed that it was a hit and run case. Yesterday, my girl reached home and I urged her to look out for Teddy. And also to settle whatever payment that needed to be done. After a short while, my girl with her siste

All in a day

This morning, I didn't cook for my boy and girl. Why? Cos the boy wanted me to get to the shop earlier as he wanted to get his hair cut for the new year.  I just managed to fry a few pieces of bread dipped in beaten eggs with brown sugar. So off the boy went to shop first while the girl went out for badminton. Without wasting time, I quickly made some 'bak kean' for the new year.  Just 8 and three more longer ones Keep them in the freezer.   But I needed to prepare my own lunch. Thus I fried some rice and tapau to the shop. I had some leftovers fried chicken so I steamed them. After my bath, I quickly hanged clothes and zoomed I drove to the shop. I was late 15 minutes.  Upon reaching the shop, I quickly had my lunch. Otherwise, I would never have the time to do so. I noticed that there was a plastic bottle of pineapple tarts for me. Yummy! My favorite cookie. Thanks to my boss's friend. After a short while, a salesperson c