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Neck Pillow

Yesterday my boss went for a dinner organised by Abbott. I didn't get to go as I had to take care of the shop. If I were to be there, I would take lots of pictures. Sorry.. this boss is not camera addicted like me so no pictures to show.. This morning, I asked him about the door gift. He gave me a pink box. I was curious to know what it was as "A new solution for comfort" is written on the box, I opened it and saw this lovely head pillow. Previously when I attended the dinner by Wyeth in PJ, I was given a neck pillow too. But I don't use neck pillow. So I gave it to my girl who was fascinated by its totally red color. This one is nicer, not totally red but pinkish too..I like it. I may use it when I fly again..

wrong bike

Yesterday, an Indian customer came to buy some stuff from our shop. He used to park his bike right in front of our shop. After settling his bill, he walked out and he was shocked as he couldn't find his bike. Apparently someone had ridden away his bike. But how the heck that person could use his bike as it was locked! His key was still with him.  All he could do was to wait. After a short while, his bike came back. Someone was ridding it. It was a Chinese man. He returned the bike and apologized profusely. Seemed he had thought that was his bike. Furthermore, his key could start the bike. He presumed it was his until he came to a junction. He realised something was wrong with that bike. There was no basket fixed to the bike! His very own bike has a basket! Immediately he realised that he must have ridden the wrong bike. Everyone had a good laugh. So later my staff bought 4D and guess what? The number came out as consolation prize! Wow! Guess luck has came to ou

Chocolate Mousse

Recently I came across this chocolate in my shop. A customer bought it and she told me that it's awesome..So I took one from the rack and tried it.. Actually I prefer Vochelle chocolates more than Cadbury ones.. But I must try this..Chocolate Mousse with its smooth soft centre.. When I opened it, it was so soft. I had to put it in the fridge. After a short while, I took it out and started distributing to my people. I had what's left..there were two rows of it. I ate it and I would say it's nice but the mousse is not in soft liquid form. It's more like soft paste..


Well, I got the iPad for my birthday in September but I hardly use it.I just used it to play some games and skype with my girl in UK. My other girl simply loves to use it. She explores most of it more than me. She uses it to instagram regularly and recently she explores the Siri. Initially, I was thinking she was on the phone. Then I was curious as she kept talking and I heard replies too.. Here's girl's questions and Siri's answers.       Her brother said that she's so silly talking to something.  But I told him that it's always good to explore something new.

Chang Jiang White Coffee

Ever since I have started my shop's facebook page in April, I like to hold contest. In this way, I'm able to get my customers to like the page and thus join in the contest.  Well, recently I asked the Chang Jiang White Coffee sales executive if he likes me to promote his coffee for him. He was so interested and keen about it. He quickly gave me some gift packs to be given to selected customers. What I would do is I would give the gift pack to selected customers and take a picture of them too.. When I see any potential customers, I would ask him a few questions: 1. Do you have facebook? 2. Do you drink coffee? 3. If yes:      We are going to hold a contest soon. You will be given a sample of Chang Jiang White Coffee and Lemon tea. All you need to do is just post and I would take a picture of you to be posted in my shop's facebook. 4.Then get as many 'likes' as possible from your friends. 5. The person with the most 'likes' would


This staff has been with us for almost a year and eight months. When he came in last March, he was very enthusiastic. I remember he told the boss to give him three weeks to learn up everything about his work load. He is actually a very hardworking person but at times his memory failed him. He told us that he had an accident when he was very young, He had to be saved as his skull was a bit injured. We fully understood his condition so we made sure that we don't stressed him up. He is moderate in his job and the boss is not too happy. He used to make mistakes and forget things easily. His system of work is not systematic too. But he's good in recognising the herbal stuff as he is well-versed with it. But working with us doesn't mean he just does his own stuff. He has to do other stuff too which made him a very busy person. On the other hand, he's a jovial person. Even though he got scolded by the boss most of the time, he still managed to maintain his own

Inconsiderate housemates

 My girl voiced this out: " First, you all dirtied the kitchen, never clean up your mess, never wash your dishes, fridge filled with your things! Have you ever thought of others? You hog the whole place and if you've got no place you shift people's stuff without asking and the worst part is putting them into the spoiled fridge or the freezer! Think man! Have you got lost your mind??? Are you going to replace all the spoiled food?? " " Next, you all drink and get drunk in the kitchen. Initially I didn't mind, but you all went off the limit again! Ask as many friends you like, drink and get crazy then scream and talk your lungs out in the middle of the night! I didn't mind the mess your friend did on the carpet but now its just too over! Be considerate! Hogging the kitchen or you may say it's your communal area is fun to do, I don't mind, but come on, I need to use the kitchen too you know. " Oh goodness, this is really happe

weight gainer

Let's talk about my boy. He used to be skinny. We are so used to that already and I thought it doesn't matter to him. But one day, he told me he wanted to be fatter. I just told him to eat more especially protein-based food. But he's complaining that I don't cook much protein-based food so how is he going to eat more. I tried my best to cater for him. Actually he is a very picky eater too.  When I was at Bangsar Village recently, I came across a shop that sells GNC products. It has weight gainer 1850. After some recommendation, I bought it at RM126. It's about 2kg. Quiet a big tank of protein powder. Before I bought it, I called my boy to ask if he would take it. He said OK. He started taking it..Initially he took three cups ie 3 spoonfuls of the powder mixed with a small packet of full cream dutch lady milk. He took it twice a day. After a week, he has gained 1 kg. Then yesterday, he told me that his heart beats fast. I suppose that 's the side eff

Brewery Tour of Pilsner Urquell

 In Prague, Czech. The history of the legendary Pilsner Urquell lager began in 1842 in the Pilsen brewery and since that time its fame has spread throughout the world, making it the inspiration for more than two-thirds of the beer produced in the world today, which are still called pils, pilsner, and pilsener.  We were taken on a brewery tour of Pilsner Urquell new packaging hall the structure the reality underground cave for storing the beer   mum enjoying her cup of beer.. As the name suggests, ("Urquell" in German or "Prazdroj" in Czech both mean "original source") is the original pilsner and first pale lager beer. It is characterised by its golden colour and clarity and was immensely successful – nine out of ten beers produced and consumed in the world are derived from the original Pilsen beer

Holidays Locally

Come school holidays, I will usually take my kids for a holiday locally. This time I plan to visit the Legoland. Ever since I heard about it, I have wanted to visit it.  I have to book a hotel room in JB but I have been idling on it. So yesterday, I decided to search for a good bargain hotel in JB. Finally I got the Tune Hotel. I was filling in the form online up to the stage where I was needed to submit it. I hold on for a short while. Confirmed with my kids if they really wanted to go. The answer was positive. Next I had to call my husband. He's the toughest hurdle that I have to jump over. Yesterday, we worked only half day so my husband was somewhere in town with his friends. I called his number. He answered. Through his tone, I knew that he's under control. Sometimes he can be very harsh in tone. I just simply told him that we would be going to JB for a few days to visit the Legoland. He asked who else would be going. I told him and he said ok. Nex

Lunch at Olomouc

On our way to Prague in Czech, we stopped at Olomouc for our lunch.    Flora Hotel bread - a must have the arrangement the soup the chicken and fries mum enjoying it the dessert

What's your point of view?

 Someone asked if a dark secret should be revealed or concealed.. In my point of view, everyone has a secret whether it's dark or not. Some secrets are meant to be kept and not to be told whereas some secrets could be told to someone else but not to the person concerned. That could be called gossips for real. What if we happen to know someone's secret? Would we just keep silent about it or tell others about the person concerned? Let me voice my opinion. If I knew someone's secret and it's better to be quiet about it, I would do just that. Some people can't keep secrets and thus most secrets are revealed and they might cause shame or pain to the person concerned. Regarding past secrets, maybe it's best to leave it alone as it's over and has no concerned to the person anymore. Bringing it up or telling the secret might jeopardize most people. What about present secret whereby it's still happening? Should we confront the person conc


Last Sunday, I drove all the way back from PJ without stopping. It was raining and at certain area it didn't rain. I was driving at a moderate speed and suddenly two flashes of light were as if flashing at my car. I already suspected that I could be the victim.  Then I forgot all about it until this morning when I went to work. My cashier told me that I won RM300 and it has to be collected. I was wondering what was that until the boss showed me the letter.  my letter of summon - I have to be extra careful the next time..Don't Speed! So tonight, we went to Parkson for our dinner at Marrybrown. We just had a burger each. Then I saw this..So colorful and lovely! It's World Children's Day Celebration. Kindergartens Showtime this Saturday and Sunday.

With thanks!

On the Friday 5 October 12, Claire, Elin and I had lunch near my place. We spent an hour as we had to get back to work. We used to have lunch together once in a while.. Claire just came back from USA and she gave me these lovely coasters of San Francisco. Thanks Claire! Small Kucing invited us for a dinner last Wednesday but I couldn't make it. Both Claire and Elin had dinner with Small Kucing. Small Kucing passed the above gifts to Claire to be given to me. Claire came to my shop this morning and handed them to my staff. Claire, sorry I was not at the shop yet. Thank you Small Kucing for the yummy ham floss roll and the 'keropok sotong'. Recently SK asked us to guess the price of his buy. I didn't guess correctly but just the nearest. Surprised that he gave the gift even though I didn't give perfect answer. I received his gift on Monday morning which was 4 days ago. I want to give it to my hubby on his birthday which is in December. I wi

First Monthsary

How time flies! It's already a month since my girl went to Hertfordshire University in Hatfield.  Her very first stop at the university. The students' union of the university. Her world now.. Her Hertfordshire now.. Her University now.. Happy First Monthsary to you, my girl! She wrote about her life in the university in her blog,  Four13

at Bangsar Village

After our lunch at Nirwana Maju Restaurant, we adjourned to the Bangsar Village which is just opposite the restaurant.  at the entrance the decorative items hanging from the ceiling.. popular cafe.. Here's the skywalk to Bangsar Village where we had our dessert.. Can you guess the popular food store?

Nirwana Maju

After meeting my friends, I went over to my sister's place at Damansara Perdana. Here's the view from the balcony.. view of the opposite condominium.. The next morning, ie last Sunday, we went for banana leaf curry rice in Bangsar. Restoran Nirwana Maju a big banana leaf was put in front of me.. then the rice was put on the leaf.. added the dhal..sambal.. curry potatoes..fried brinjal..and a plate of fried squid Scrumptious.. I wanted to try this special rice for quite some time already  but I just couldn't find the time.. Finally, I made it!