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Today was a little quiet in the evening. It was about 4pm when it happened. I was near the counter calculating my staff's salary while two of my cashiers were serving the customers. One of my cashiers called me to check the cctv just a few minutes ago. She suspected that the Indian guy stole the Ghee from our shop. So I checked the cctv and sure enough he was a thief. He walked in empty-handed casually to the rack which stored the Ghee. He spent some time there and he even took out the price tag. Casually he walked to the first counter and asked the cashier the whereabout of the boss. She told him that the boss was not in. He pretended that he had bought the item and he wanted to exchange for another item. My cashier took a look at the item and realised that there was no price tag so she couldn't exchange other item for him. He just walked away as if nothing had happened. I told my cashiers that if anyone should ask about the whereabout of the boss, they sh

Vienna City Centre

We wanted to view St Stephen Cathedral so we had to walk all the way through the city centre.. St. Stephen's Cathedral is situated in the city centre, and for centuries it has been the heart of Vienna. It is one of the most famous Viennese sights and was built in 1147. The cathedral was dedicated to St. Stephen, Duke Rudolf IV of Habsburg who ordered the complete restructuring of the church in Gothic style.  Vienna City Centre «   »  |  A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L scripts for this interactive photo album is sponsored by [SK] @ [LINK]

Full Moon

My husband and I attended a full moon dinner at 7pm today. We reached there early and as we waited, we ate the red egg which symbolized the baby's full moon.  The red egg was an appetizer as we had to wait another hour for the course to start. The first dish was the rice wine chicken..tasty and I had 2 small bowls of the nutritious soup. The second dish - a variety of food. The third dish - look like shark's fin soup but it's not. I didn't take the photos of the others which was rather normal. We had the prawns, fish, mixed vegetables, steamed glutinous rice and dessert. Last time, I used to take pictures of all the dishes. Now I am rather selective.  And I hardly bring my camera along. I just use my hand phone camera if it's needed.

Schonbrunn Palace

Schonbrunn Palace is a lovely place in Vienna. It is the former summer residence of the imperial family. Ever since it was completed in 1780 during the reign of Maria-Theresia, the palace was the favorite residence of the Habsburg monarchs.  One of the highlights of Schönbrunn is the Neptune Fountain or Neptunbrunnen, the park's most monumental fountain. It was built in 1780 by Franz Anton von Zauner, an Austrian sculptor. The Baroque sculpture group depicts a mythical scene in which the sea goddess Thetis asks Neptune to allow her son Achilles a safe voyage to Troy.      «   »  |  A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O scripts for this interactive photo album is sponsored by [SK] @ [LINK]

Fitness & Wellness

While waiting for our coach to pick us to places of interest in Vienna, I took my mum to see the Fitness & Wellness room of the hotel. We stayed at the Courtyard Marriot. No one was there as it was still early. So we went in and spent a short while there taking pictures.. and trying on those equipments.. My mum had a fair share too.. :)

Sammie's Babies

Sammie's babies are already 13 days old. Now Sammie is not too protective anymore. We can look at them directly without needing to peep..My girl took out the little baby and he was a little afraid. He is not used to human touch yet. The very first one.. Maybe three males and two females. Five surviving little babies of Sammie.  We haven't named them yet. We want their names to be ended in 'ie' just like in Hammie and Sammie.  Can you suggest any name?

Mr Handsome

I captured Mr handsome successfully.. We renovated our house towards the back and there is a drain nearby. Mr handsome could have entered from the back. My kids saw it running around our house and I had to catch it somehow. So I brought back the sticky glue paper from my shop and put it under the cupboard where I suspected it was its hiding place. The sticky paper was just there for  two nights. So this morning, I took a peep and I saw something. It must be Mr Handsome. Since no one was home. I had to close the paper and throw it away..

Money Money

I was playing with money recently. In fact, I have collected quite a number of new notes from my cash machines. Some customers paid us with their new notes.. I arranged the stack of RM100 notes on my desk. Took a picture of it and posted it on my facebook page. People were asked to guess the number of pieces. Only one got it right and I presented her a blood test voucher. Now I'm giving a chance to my blogger friends. If you can tell me correctly the notes, I will send you a blood test voucher. So you need to be fast and be the first to give the correct answers. a..RM....... b..RM..... c..RM....... d..RM......

Buffet Breadfast

Courtyard Marriot in Vienna provided the best buffet breadfast. Lots of varieties.. «   »  |  A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K scripts for this interactive photo album is sponsored by [SK] @ [LINK]