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A new gate

We finally got our new gate on the 5 Jan 2016. A lot of preparation was done before the new gate was fixed.  First and foremost, the boss paid a deposit of RM50 at the Homez fair recently. It's on the 29 Nov 2015. After a month, they came to tear down our old gate which had not been functioning automatically for a couple of years. We had to push the gate and it was tough as the gate was real heavy. But luckily, we had a smaller manual gate. In fact, the boss had once paid a deposit and it didn't materialize. This time, when he did it again, we were still skeptical about it.  Finally, our dream came true and the boss had to pay a hefty sum of RM8320 just for the gate itself. Not sure of the other payment yet. So nice to have a new gate. The old one was fixed in year 2000 when we first shifted in. Imagine the gate had been around for 16 years..

Teddy is missing

This photo of Teddy was taken on the 4 Jan 2016. He's a quiet dog and only barked at strangers. Well, he's missing since Monday, 11 Jan 2016. Recently, we had our new gate installed. Then the tiles were done. On that fateful day, the gate was opened as the man needed to do the tiles. Teddy was not chained but he was blocked. So he had no way to come out. Unfortunately, he found his way out and he dragged his feet out. He's a handicapped dog. When I went out to work at noon on that day, the man was still doing his work. Teddy was still around. Later at 3pm, the man called the boss saying that our dog had run out. I heard it and I quickly drove back to search for him. But he was nowhere to be found. I learned from my neighbor that she saw Teddy was out and thought that he was just taking a breather. But it was much earlier. Probably after noon time. So I was thinking...why the man took such a long time to call the boss? It had been a few hours sinc

A brand new cage

  My little dog is exactly a year and 5 months old today. The boss got her a new cage last Sunday. She refused to get in the cage and the boss had frightened her. She went into hiding under our car. I needed to chain her up as some contractors were coming to our house to prepare for our new gate. She was still aware of the new cage and I had to kept on persuading her to come near the cage. It took some time and finally she came to me. I quickly chained her up near her new cage. The next morning, those contractors came and they were afraid of dogs. I tried to push her into her cage but she was holding back. I had no choice but to chain her near our door. Later in the evening, I pushed the cage nearer to our door. She had the chance to feel the cage. Slowly, part of her body went into it. Her legs were still on the floor.  Two days later, I pushed the cage back to the original place near the gate. She started sniffing the cage thinking it's something worth trying