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My dog has Physometra

May is almost 12 years old. According to the dogs' age calculator, she could be almost 64 years old. She is a boxer and has been very healthy. She has no health problem at all. But recently, she has bloody discharge and it has foul smell. Furthermore, she has even lost her appetite. She refused to eat and she's getting thinner. Yesterday night, my girl realised that her discharge was getting more. Quickly, we took her to her veterinarian. The clinic was already closed as it's almost 10pm. Luckily the doctor was willing to get to her clinic and put May in General Anesthetic.  The doctor checked May and discovered that our precious dog has Physometra. When the doctor pressed its womb, more bloody discharge came out. There and then, the doctor suggested that May must stay in the clinic. Her condition has to be monitored. When we came back without May, Teddy, the other dog was waiting. It seemed that he was crying as his eyes were so wet. Teddy and May has been

Happy Merdeka Day

Recently I organised a Merdeka Day contest. Contestants have to buy items from our shop and create the word MERDEKA out of them. Only three participated. I had expected at least 8 or so. They were required to get votes for their photos too.  Initially I had a grand prize for the most creative photo and another for the most votes. Towards the end I realised that all the three participants were good. I did away with the consolation prizes but prepared another grand prize. So all the three were considered grand winners even though they were ranked according to their votes acquired.   Let's have a look at their creation. 1.     M – It’s Merdeka day. I am looking forward to the commemorative events for the day. So, let’s perk up and start the day with a "MALTA" energy drink. E - An "EGG" or two for added energy. R - Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! With all the cheering and singing, ahhh... "RICOLA" soothes the throat. D - A flashy smile

Love the mooncakes

So I cut those mooncakes today. Love three of them as the fourth one was already eaten by my husband last night. I didn't know about it. Otherwise, I would definitely stop him from eating and let me take a shot first. But it's too late. I don't know if it's tasty.   Here's what I got. I just ate a quarter of each mooncake. Less sugar red bean. Less sugar suits me well.  Less sugar green tea lotus + sweetened bean. Red beans goes so well with the green tea. Lotus Paste with double yolk. The yolk is perfect..not too salty. What type of mooncake did my husband eat?

Lovely Tissue Box

I love this tissue box. It's so lovely  and unique too. I can open it like a box and it has magnetic front cover. I'm using it already. I used to throw moon cake boxes away. But definitely not this one.. A.........................B.................... C...........................D........................ Four mooncakes are inside the box. Let's see what they are: 1.  Less sugar red bean. 2. Assorted nuts with ham. 3. Less sugar green tea lotus + sweetened bean. 4. Lotus Paste with double yolk. Can you guess which is which?

A gift

Someone gave me a gift yesterday. I just accepted it with thanks and didn't actually look inside it. I was in a hurry to work. This morning, I just had a look at it and I knew what that was.  Very nice! Thank you, S.. Do you know what is that? Can you guess what is inside it?

Slovakia small town

After our lunch at the Lux Hotel, we walked towards the small town. Just to explore it.. Just outside the Lux Hotel, we saw this unique vehicle. We walked further and here's the special restaurant. We walked past a building and there's a statue in front of it. The small town with the awesome clock tower. Another special building. I like the rooftop. What's this? A lady statue.. and a guy statue right behind her. Simply beautiful fountain. Special delicacies. A kind of biscuits. A picture to remember it by..

First time handling commotion in Facebook

I have organised a few contests for my husband's shop starting with Mother's Day, Teacher's Day, Father's Day, Cutest Baby, Parents' Day and last but not least the Merdeka Day. Every contest was carried out smoothly except for the Merdeka Day contest. The participants had to buy items from our shop to be entitled for the contest. Thus, only three took part and they had done their best. Initially I had 2 grand prizes but seeing that all 3 were good, I prepared another grand prize as an addition. I just wanted to be fair but it seemed a guy was causing havoc saying that the same person was winning over and over again. This morning, I had to clarify the commotion and luckily it was solved with the help of some understanding people. You can read the commotion here at my page: The moment I announced the 3 winners, so many comments poured in. Leng Chai Waah....satu lagi contest habis!!! Sama punya winner utk father

Western Lunch at Lux Hotel, Slovakia

After Budapest, Hungary, we got to our next destination in Slovakia. Half way to Krakow, we stopped at Lux Hotel to have our lunch.  the hotel looks elegant waiting for our lunch such large plate in front of us a small bowl of soup  placed on the large plate a plate of noodles looks like pan mee again placed on the large plate unique, isn't it? the pan cake with ice-cream  and whipping cream

From Langkawi

My three part-timed workers who happens to be three sisters went for a family trip to Langkawi from last Saturday till Monday. So we lacked workers for 3 days. But we managed to get other workers to work overtime. When they came back to work on Tuesday, they brought a gift for us. for the boss..a box of cigar.  I wonder why they gave him this. He doesn't smoke cigar! a box of chocolate for me..very nice! Thank you for the gift, my dear!

Just for fun

My Top 3 Dislikes  1. Days Of The Week - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 2. Numbers - 1, 4, 6 3. Fruits - kiwi, dragonfruit, rambutan 4. Character In A Person - dishonest, cunning, annoying 5. Movies - Twilight, Harry Potter, Chinese Ghost story I was tagged by Tekkaus . I just join in for fun. RULES 1. This is a contest by My Very First Blog . It is open to anyone with a blog in Malaysia and worldwide. 2. Everyone who participates in this contest will be entered into a Lucky Draw. 3. Copy the above starting from My Top 3 Dislikes title, followed by the list from No.1 - 5 and these Rules and paste onto your blog post. 4. Replace my top 3 dislikes with your own for each category from No. 1 - 5. 5. Please mention who tagged you, and link back to his or her blog. (If you join this Contest directly from My Very First Blog, then mention that you are tagged by foongpc). 6. You may or may not tag others (your choice!) but anyone you tagged who join this contest wi

Budapest souvenirs

This time in Eastern Europe I hardly bought any t-shirt. The last time when I was in Western Europe, I made sure that I got a few t-shirts from each country. They were not cheap. The cheapest were the ones that I bought from Paris which cost me 10 Euros each.  The items below just cost me 5 Euros each. Those t-shirts were considered the cheapest that I could get. Notice any similarity?  From the t-shirts above, which is mine? Pink, Yellow or Maroon..

Continental Zara, Budapest

We stayed at the Continental Zara Hotel for only a night. I like this hotel very much. It looks so luxurious and capacious.. the spacious lobby the lounge the entrance the awesome and irresistible apple desktop I own it for the night.. :) the bar on the first level the piano for display/usage the smooth shiny black apple icon outside at the garden what's this? and this? intimate naked statue outside the hotel merged couple bronze statue

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

I had taught in 5 Sekolah Kebangsaan and most of my colleagues were Malays. So Hari Raya was always the best. I got to get back from school early as I taught in the afternoon session. After their fasting period, came the Hari Raya whereby we usually had long holidays! When we got back after the festive holidays, we usually had Raya gathering whereby the teachers would bring their goodies for the staff.  But I had left school since 2008 and I missed the Raya mood in school. I missed all my Malay colleagues.. So here's wishing all my Malay colleagues and friends,  Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!


My girl and I love mango. I will buy almost ripe mangoes and put them in the fridge. When it's time to peel it, it's so cool to eat it. I came across a blog that shows us how to take out the seed. My girl experimented with it and she was successful. She had done it a few times and even tried to plant it. But we don't have the area to do so. Once she planted the tiny mango plant just opposite our shop. In just a few days, someone pulled it off.. Mango health benefits also include a high iron content. This is very beneficial for individuals who are prone to be anemic. Many women are anemic due to their monthly menstrual cycles and eating mangoes can help replenish some of the iron loss that occurs during this time.