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House repainting

We have been living in our own house since 2000. We bought this double-storey terrace house for just RM150k. The boss paid RM70k while I took a government loan of RM80k, maximum for me at that time. I chose 15 years to settle the loan through salary cut. It has reached 15 years last year and thus I don't owe anymore. Recently, the boss decided to repaint the whole house. Thus I'm busy trying to clear all those clutters. Tomorrow is the day. We have chosen some colors instead of the plain white color. It will cost us about RM9k to beautify the house.. Wonder how long it will take to finish this mission..

Happy Father's Day!

I love this spontaneous photo of us. It was taken on the second day of Chinese New Year 2015 before we went visiting my relatives.. Happy Father's Day from all of us! Have a great day to all fathers! Happy Father's Day especially to the man in this photo!  Love from us! Happy Father's Day to my children's dad.  May you live healthily and happily.  May your love and care keep all of us closer.

Penang trip (11 & 12 june)

This was our school friends' third annual trip. We went to Penang. We stayed a night at Four Points by Sheraton. It's a nice hotel but the beach was not breezy at all.. Our friend, the organiser had done for us, the same t-shirt for all. The pink color is lovely.   Took pictures of ourselves at the the hotel. It was a fun holiday as we chatted and laughed non-stopped.. We had dinner together whilst we celebrated one of our friends' birthday. The beach was calm and beautiful but the sunrise the next morning was even more lovely.. But unfortunately, I didn't get up to witness it.

Sweating Out

I hardly sweat unless I do housework. But I need more sweat-out. So two weeks ago on Sunday, I went to Polo ground alone and there was a Yoga Follow Exercising. I joined in the exercising for a mere 10 minutes and I was sweating profusely. Never felt so good..  Again, last Saturday, I went with my friends. But we didn't stay long as both of them needed to run some errands.. A number of exercising equipment and we can utilize it freely.. There was an Aerobics Follow Exercising.. We joined in eagerly and the outcome was good for all of us. Felt so good.. Need more of this.. Have a healthy week!