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Bukit Merah Laketown Resort

Surrounded by lush greenery and fronting one of Malaysia's largest 7,000-acre freshwater lake, the resort is only a 3 hours' drive from Kuala Lumpur and easily reached just off the Bukit Merah toll exit along the North-South Expressway. Being one of Malaysia's premier eco-tourism destination in the northern region, the resort offers a wide variety of excitement with its Waterpark being the main attraction, the only conservational Orang Utan Island in Peninsular Malaysia and the unique Eco Park with its educational walk-in enclosures, where you can experience nature by interacting with some friendly animals. Bukit Merah Laketown Resort offers a variety of accommodation all at one location. From hotel rooms to serviced apartments, as well as the luxurious 'Kampung' chalets by the lake. For the more adventurous, you can even try out a camping holiday at the lakeside camping ground. Me and my girl Lak

Churp Churp

I just can't resist it. Tekkaus is earning a lot of money from Churp Churp. So I must follow suit. Actually I signed up about a month ago but I forgot to activate it. Here I go..pasted the badge already. Hoping to earn lots from Churp Churp.. What about you? Are you a churper already?

Nestle Contest

Would you like to join this Nestle Contest? Very easy. . Just buy any Nestle products which cost RM20 and above from our shop. You will get a contest form. All you need to do is just make a guess.. How many packets of milo are there in the transparent container? Of course, you should be keen on the prizes. Contest opens from now till the end of December. Well, definitely most of you won't be able to take part in the contest. So, it doesn't matter.. Just make your guess. See if you got it right. I will send you a prize..

My second book from BookSneeze

My first book from BookSneeze.. I took 3 Sundays to read the book.. After I had done my review of the book, I immediately requested for a second book on the 12 Oct. Today, this book arrived. I would have to spend several Sundays again to read it. Outlive Your Life by Max Lucado.. If you are keen in reading, why not request a book from BookSneeze straight away. You get a free book for your reading. Isn't that nice? Thank you, BookSneeze!

A gift-Panasonic Rice Cooker

This business person supplies us with Panasonic batteries and Energizer batteries. They come in different sizes such as AA, AAA, C and D. Ever since I work in the shop, I learn quite a lot about batteries. This business person is a professional in his trade. He comes with his stock systematically arranged. All I need to do is just refer to the invoice and he would show me the stock in order. Then he would put the price label and arrange the stuff for us. He always does his work well. I don't need to check his work. He would usually give us a gift from Panasonic now and then. Yesterday, he gave us a blender but I told him that I would prefer a rice cooker as I need a new one soon. Surprisingly, he was kind enough to exchange it immediately. I was impressed by his efficiency. Great, I have got a new rice cooker to use.. One new thing I learned from the brochure, that is: Soak rice in water for 30 minutes for better rice cooking. Thanks to this business person!

Canon Ixus II, My first camera

This digital camera, Canon Ixus II has been my faithful companion since 2003 when I first started to visit abroad. In 2003, I took plenty of pictures in Korea. Then, 2004 in Australia, 2005 in Germany, 2006 in Beijing and 2007 in Sarawak. In 2008, I didn't go anywhere and it was only in Nov 2009 when I went to Hong Kong and Macau. This year, I went to Taiwan and Australia. I would like to go somewhere again if I had the chance as at present, I'm rather tied down. Tonight, I got a new battery for my favorite camera. The old battery has short life span eventhough it's charged fully. Although it's an old model but I'm still using it. I like it especially during downloading of the pictures. I just need to take out the memory card and plug it into my laptop. No wire connection. I just love it that way. Well, what camera do you own?

My Boxer loves to bathe

This boxer has been with us for almost 10 years. I love her very much. She is a darling as she doesn't complain much. She loves to eat human food and refuses to eat dog's food. She simply loves to bathe.. Dog's Age in Human Years Most people think that a dog's age in human years is simply, 7 times the dog's age. This is actually the correct way to convert your dog's age: a 5 month old dog would be 10 years old if they were human 8 month old dog = 13 year old human 10 month old dog = 14 year old human 1 year old dog = 15 year old human 2 year old dog = 24 year old human 3 year old dog = 28 year old human 4 year old dog = 32 year old human 5 year old dog = 36 year old human 6 year old dog = 40 year old human 7 year old dog = 44 year old human 8 year old dog = 48 year old human 9 year old dog = 52 year old human 10 year old dog = 56 year old human 11 year old dog = 60 year old human 12 year old dog = 64 year old human 13 year old dog = 68 year old human 14 year ol

Snatch Thief

It happened today at about 2.15pm.. I was sitting at my desk doing my paper work when suddenly I heard a loud shout. I got up and saw the old lady in shock and the old man was beside him. I quickly got outside the shop and tried to catch a glimpse of the snatch thief. But he was nowhere to be seen. The old man was holding the gold necklace and told me that he had managed to stop the snatching by snatching back. That was great but he regretted that the gold pendant was gone. So I turned to the old lady and asked her to see if it had dropped inside her blouse. None. So I checked her handbag and was lying neatly on the zip of the bag. least she didn't lose her necklace and pendant. Thanks to the old man. Since the old lady was still in shock, I offered her a bottle of 100 plus. After a short while, she recovered from the shock and they left. Here's the video clip from our cctv.

Sushi King

Last Sunday, we had our dinner at Sushi King in Parkson Grand Ipoh. This was my third time there. Previously I didn't take any pictures at all. So this time, I took aplenty. I don't know when I will be there again as I don't quite fancy sushi. Here's the menu: Set Meal Nigiri Gunkan Maki Tsumami Temaki Sashimi Agemono Yakimono Noodle Donburi Japanese Curry Owanmono & Nimono Beverages This was free.. a cup of green tea.. Please visit Scrumptious to view what we had.

RM888K Bungalow House

On the 10/10/10, we went to see a special bungalow house. The owner claimed that it was built according to the Australian architectural style. On the day before this special day, my husband told me that his friend wanted to sell his bungalow house for a price of RM388K. Well, I was thinking, "Why not? Let's see how special is the house." Since, we didn't know the location of the house, the owner waited for us at the junction of Meru Heights. Then he led us to his house. I quite like the house. It has 7 rooms and most importantly, it has a very big compound. My husband seems to be keen too so he simply asked again, "How much is it?" Well, guess how much he replied.. ??? We were shocked but we didn't show it. My husband told him that we would think about it first and then we left the house. So there goes my dream bungalow house..

You've tried the rest. Now sleep on the best!

Last Sunday, after dinner at Sushi King, we went window shopping and spontaneously wanted to get a new bed. We went to the MattressCiti. Like this slogan by Eric Leong. There's a sale going on. We chose the Nottingham. 50% discount. Quite a good buy. It's going to be my most expensive bed! Thanks to my husband.

Twilight New Moon

Yesterday, my husband bought a Twilight New Moon dvd for my girl as she is so immersed in reading the Twilight Book series. Upon reaching home, she quickly opened the case and found two vouchers. She got so excited as she could get one of the books with a discount of 20% and she could also get a free plate of Singapore Fried Bee Hoon at any of the stated food outlets. But after analyzing the voucher, the validity of the voucher is not applicable anymore.. Even this voucher has expired.. So too bad, my girl's excitement has got to be subdued.. Anyway, she is still happy as she is able to watch the movie anytime..

English Error

We were at Sushi King tonight. The service was rather slow. We had waited for so long. While waiting, I read the menu and even this announcement. It was just right in front of me. Initially, I didn't realize the error. Normally, we would just overlook it. As I was scrutinizing the items, I spotted an error somewhere in this announcement. Well, which error is it? Not only an error but two or even more!