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Fancy Blue Loose Cultured Diamond

Emerald Fancy Blue Diamond my husband loves this.. Round Fancy Blue Diamond while I love this.. When I was young, I used to admire those rings with diamonds. When my friends and I talked about diamonds, usually the colorless white round shaped diamond would appear on my head. As years passed, I realized that there are many other colored diamonds such as yellow, orange, green, blue, red and pink. Different colored diamond has different attractiveness. Of all the colors, I love blue. Blue has been my favorite colors since I was young. Recently when I heard about fancy loose blue diamonds , I was indeed impressed. Since I was keen about blue, I look out for the fancy blue ones. I hope to get that blue fancy diamond as my birthday gift from my husband. I got to tell him about it. Lab grown diamonds offers fancy cut shapes such as round, princess, oval, emerald and radiant. Which shape do you like? Created-Diamonds has much to offer.

Oakey Creek Sheep Station

Dreamworld’s Australian Wildlife Experience is one of the largest native wildlife parks in South East Queensland Some good old fashioned fair dinkum fun It's a light hearted look at Australian life on the land. Sheep Shearing

Nickelodeon Central

Nick Central at Dreamworld is the coolest kids zone bursting with 17 different rides and attractions based on Nickelodeon cartoon characters. Oozing with interactive family fun, Nick Central is a place where kids rule and can live and breathe Nickelodeon all day long. Runaway Reptar Rollercoaster Swoop, twist and turn! Not only for kids, it seems for adults too!

Moto Coaster

Mick Doohan's Motocoaster is a 605-metre (1,985 ft) long motorcycle roller coaster at Dreamworld . The AU$10 million ride, constructed by Intamin and opened to the public in September 2007, is associated with Australian motorcyclist Mick Doohan . It is the first motorcycle coaster in Australia, the first Intamin MotorBike Launch Coaster worldwide, and the first to feature life-size replicas of 500 cc racing bikes. The ride was heavily advertised, and has proven to perform well at the park. It is also the first motorbike launch coaster in Australia and the first Intamin motorbike launch coaster worldwide.

Dream World

Dreamworld is a large theme park situated on the Gold Coast in Queensland . It is currently Australia's largest theme park with over 27 rides including 4 roller coasters. The park is made up of several themed lands: Ocean Parade, Nick Central, Wiggles World, Gold Rush Country, Rocky Hollow, Tiger Island and the Australian Wildlife Experience. These lands feature a collection of rides, animal exhibits, shows, food outlets and merchandise shops to the Dream World.. Here's the Dream World! Yea, ready for the World.. Next....the thrills..

Gold Coast Sky

Wishing everyone... Blue Sky and Everything Nice !

Thanks SJB

This morning as I was about to leave my house, my daughter passed me a letter. I was surprised! Anyway, I was glad that the letter reached me safely. It came all the way from Canada.. Thanks SJB ! Hop over here to see what I got..

Condom Kingdom

The ultimate adult shop for young and old, visit Condom Kingdom on the Gold Coast. Since 1994, Condom Kingdom has been promoting safe sex while providing the cheapest adult products in Australia! With a large selection of quality adult products available online ranging from Sex Toys, Condoms, Adult DVDs, Bondage and Lingerie, Sex Dolls plus others, there is something for every Australian. source As my son and I were strolling along the road to the Surfers Paradise night market, we saw the Condom Kingdom just opposite the road. a closer shot of the Kingdom After visiting the night market, we walked back to the usual road. We wanted to look for our dinner and then we had a simple dinner at a Chinese Restaurant. After which, we walked along the road to get back back to the hotel. I seemed to enter every store and I accidentally entered the Condom Kingdom. Initially I didn't realize it. When I realized that this shop was a little weird, I looked aroun

Surfers Paradise Night Markets

Beachfront markets are held every Friday night along the Esplanade in Surfers Paradise. You can pick up all sorts of arts and crafts, food, jewellery and all the kind of stuff you'd expect to find. They are on every Wednesday and Friday night from 5.30pm to 10pm. source It was on the 18th of June, a Friday. We came back from the Movie World as it was getting dark early in Australia. My son and I strolled along the night market and I took some pictures. Initially, I felt weird taking pictures as no one seemed to do that. Guess I was the only one keen in photography. beautifully shaped lanterns was amazed.. beauty soaps so fragrant.. handicrafts hand made names couldn't find my names.. cuttings of the coins this was indeed special.. was admiring his workmanship.. oil paintings caricatures wanted to try that but someone was there earlier.. robots-small version robots-larger version almost bought it..expensive.. Btw, wanna see my car, hop over to Knowledge.

Antique Vehicles

At the Movie World.. Beautiful..striking colors.. Unique.. this the most.. I wish I could ride it..

Special meeting

Finally, I decided to meet Claire for the first time. I messaged her.. Tuesday (17/8/10) Me: Good morning, Claire. Would you be free this Sunday morning? Claire: Yes. Me: Wanna walk at Polo? Then breakfast on me. Claire: Hey, very early? Tell me the time. Me: Up to your convenience. Claire: Ok, 8.30 meet in Polo. Walk 2 rounds then go breakfast. How about that? Me: Ok, will call u. Please wait at the stage. Claire: Ok Sat (21/8/10) Me: Since we are meeting for the first time, I will give you a special treat. Please be at Indulgence at 9am tomorrow. Claire: Wow, so special? Only both of us? Ok, I meet you there at nine. I was there just before Claire came. I got out from my car and walked to her. She was trying to call me but it was not necessary.. We shook hands and we started talking. She handed me some cupcakes which were made by Elin . Orange Poppy Seeds Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting Claire Thanks Claire for accepting my invitation.. It was fun chatting with you.. Hope to see

TM Package

I used to pay RM88 for my Streamyx 1Mb and also rental of RM29. My monthly bills was rather high so I decided to upgrade it to 2Mb with an unlimited calls to other TM phone line. As for the handphone calls, it's 10 sen per minute. The new package is RM130 monthly. So last Friday, a TM guy/a regular customer helped me to submit the form. Then the following day, I couldn't go online. I though it must be due to the upgrading. So I was not online for 2 days until now. Early this morning, I went to enquire at TM. I was told that the technician would only come to my house on Tuesday. Well, since it would be torturing to wait for another day, I called the technician. He was so kind to send his colleague over. Finally, it was done. It seems that my old modem is faulty. I was given a free modem right away and a cordless phone would be sent to me soon. Anyway, I just write this short post before I go to work. Tonight I would be very busy preparing my new posts for my 3 blogs. Bye for no