Sweating Out

I hardly sweat unless I do housework. But I need more sweat-out. So two weeks ago on Sunday, I went to Polo ground alone and there was a Yoga Follow Exercising. I joined in the exercising for a mere 10 minutes and I was sweating profusely. Never felt so good.. 

Again, last Saturday, I went with my friends. But we didn't stay long as both of them needed to run some errands..

A number of exercising equipment and we can utilize it freely..

There was an Aerobics Follow Exercising..
We joined in eagerly and the outcome was good for all of us.

Felt so good..
Need more of this..

Have a healthy week!


  1. Yes. Good to sweat out. I am also the type that don't sweat much even during exercising...

  2. Good that you enjoy exercising!

  3. Yes, very good to get exercise as much as possible!

  4. Good to sweat to excrete the body toxins

  5. It is very good to exercise often and sweat out. The TCM always advise us to get rid of the wind inside us, to live longer.

  6. You are better than me.. I don't exercise, so I don't sweat a lot, I don't like to sweat one..

  7. The sweat from workout and exercise is somehow 'different' for me, haha!
    I would prefer the latter one :p

  8. Good workout! Yes, one needs to exercise regularly, as for me, I just walk around my house area in the evening... no vigorous exercise for now...

  9. We can't live without exercise!! Don't stop, keep going and it makes you feel good. I workout from Sun to Thurs weekly unless Im not well or having a vacation.


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