My sister and I were in Frankfurt in Oct 2005. Both of us were not qualified to attend the business meeting as we just newly joined the company.

So we decided to cross the border to Luxembourg. We got our train tickets and quickly got to the platform. There were so many trains coming and going. We were so confused and the people didn't seem helpful.

Out of the blue, a gentlemen told us to wait for the next train. We almost boarded the very next train. He came forward and said in a very gentle way:

Not this..The next one.

When the next one came shortly afterwards, we wanted to say goodbye to him, but he was nowhere to be found.

We stood all the way to Luxembourg. We were happily chatting away but the passengers were eyeing us strangely.

Finally, only left both of us with a lady and her two young kids. We made friends with them and got down together at the last stop.

We roamed the city and had our late supper. We couldn't afford to book a hotel room so we put a night at the railway station.

The guards directed all the people out except both of us. We thanked them as they told us they gonna lock the gates. It was 2am.

Cold and shivering, it was a long and lonely night. Very sleepy but couldn't sleep. Finally at 4.30am, the gates were opened. We quickly got to the nearest bus station and took the earliest ride back to Frankfurt.

Thank God we were safe.

My sister said:
Do you know that it was actually a very risky adventure? Never ever do that again!

When we related it to our friends, they said that those people were angels.


  1. hmm.. i think sleeping in the railway is not that bad than my friend following a stranger home to sleep to wait for the railway to be opened the next day somewhere in europe!

  2. wai wai, how come no pictures of you and your sister one? not so complete lah in that manner,,, promise to show more pictures ok?

  3. ok, I hv put in a picture of us..

  4. where is Frankfurt & Luxembourg? @.@

  5. frankfurt is in germany, Luxembourg is next to germany.

  6. i don't get. they're referring those people as angels? who are they?

  7. right, angels in the form of people. Who do u think were the angels?


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