Indonesian maid

My husband finally hired a maid for me after much persuasion. He never believed in getting maids.

So we got the first one. She was with us for only a month. She said she couldn't stand my kids. They were noisy and playful.

We sent her back to the agency and the second one came after a month. She too didn't stay long, just two months.

She was nice, did what I asked her to do. I taught her how to cook and do the housework. She also had to take care of my kids.

Everthing was fine. On Sundays, she would follow us out for shopping and dinner. One Sunday, she decided to stay at home. I asked her why. She replied:

Saya pening kepala.

Since she stayed home, I asked her to change the curtains for me. I also decided to leave my little girl with her. But last minute, I just left the maid alone. I told her to rest after she had done her chores.

Late in the evening, when we reached home, I noticed that the curtains were not changed. Quickly we went in the house. She was gone. Found a note near the phone. It read:

Saya sudah pergi dengan seorang lelaki.

Mu husband reported to the police and the agent. We were asked if we wanted replacement. My husband said:

No more maids!

So till now, I had to do my own housework. Luckily my mum came to stay with us. Otherwise, I would have to quit my job and be a full-timed housewife.


  1. Hi Wenn, you are lucky in a way can get maids so easily.
    A friend of ours arrived here 6 weeks ago to start a new life here with hubby and 2 very young kids...
    had 2 maids before.
    Today she's learning to be a housewife, ha ha...

    None of us here, Malaysians and Singaporeans have maids....VERY! expensive!

    When during old days as a bachelor, I had 3 maids, all matured women, in the different homes, different States I lived.

    And was fortunate all three, 2 Malays, 1 Chinese were very good...I guess looking after a bungalow house with only me and my dog no problemos...they very free, as I was hardly home too.

    They so free they even washed my cars, ha ha.
    Have a happy hari Merdeka, Lee.

  2. Ayayay...
    That's not fun having such hassle.

    I'm Indonesian but no comment about this one lah.. ahaha
    Good luck Wenn ;)

  3. luckily you decided to take the child with you instead of leaving her with the maid.

    yea maids nowadays cost a fortune!

  4. Maid.. Good maid is like a diamond.... Everyone wish to have it... And she is women best friends....!!

  5. No maids for me please..haha. My neighbour has a maid that is really good. Some ppl are just so lucky.

  6. Lucky nothing got missing. @_@
    They are too much of a hassle, but then, some of us really need maids to help out.
    We are lucky we have yet need to get one. Loss of privacy lah with maids around. :D

  7. Maids can be bad but some are good. Somehow I think I prefer Philippines maids. They are really nice and since a day off is given to them, they don't rebel so much.

    Thanks for dropping my blog and commenting :). Very interesting blog you got here. Gonna start following :).

  8. ya,my friends.. maids r very much needed but only depends if we r lucky enough..

  9. my kakak also the best maid on earth!! ^_^
    but my parents dont have extra money to hire her anymore. =(

  10. If u dun really need a live-in maid, maybe can get part-timers to help out with hsework. It's tough to be a FTWM and still come home to loads of hsework.

  11. Oh dear luckily you took your little girl along guess mom's gut feeling is always very "choon" [correct] as they can sense it well. Great suggestion by 'slavemom' to engage part-timers for the time being.

  12. dolly, u r so lucky..

    slavemom, i am not the lucky one. I tried getting part-time one. But only lasted a month. Seems my house is too big woh..

    CHosan, ya, otherwise, I couldn't imagine what would happpen..

  13. Lucky you don't have a maid that attempt to commit suicide like my sister's. Would you still stay in your house if your maid committed suicide?

    Yeah, if you can handle all the chores, better not get maids. They are more of a headache than anything else! : )

  14. aiyo, commit suicide..scary lo..yeah, now i hv to ask my kids to help me to do housework.

  15. Hey Wenn, sorry to hear the unfortunate accident.

    My mum-in-law had a part-time Chinese cleaner. She also ended up ransacking the house. And like you, we called the police. =(

  16. hi Shingo, sometimes we can't trust the maid.

  17. I'm currently maid-less too. Learning to cope without one, after 7 years of having 2 good maids who did EVRYTHING!Phew!

  18. if both parents need to work, then i guess a maid would come in useful. but if only one parent works, then it's really better for the non-working parent to get by without the maid. i know it's easier said than done, but still, it CAN be done if we put our hearts into it.

  19. alamak! nasib baik u didnt leave yr girl with her... my wonder yr hubby doesnt want anymore maids.. i will fear about that too.. leaving them alone with our kids.. anything can happen.. but she was ethical enough to leave a note for u la.. hahaa..

  20. hi Gina, well..well..learn lo..

    doc, u r right abt that but not to worry, my mum is with me..

    Claire, luckily lo didn't leave my girl with her..thank God..

  21. wah, such drama..but it happens all the are not the only victim..

  22. i didn't understand the malay part but it's true, it's hard to get maids that can be reliable enough.

  23. Ayie, she said that she had a headache and she wrote that she had left with a guy..

    my friends, well well, we just live our lives with or without maids..

  24. Sorry to hear that. All these housework and maid problem are a real headache. But you are lucky to have your mom staying with you.

  25. ya, mum has been very helpful..

  26. Ai yo, the maid left a note to you some more...
    She really honest with what she has done ya!

  27. at least she did that but she stole my things too..


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