I hurriedly drove my son to attend a taekwando test, therefore I jumped the queue n also broke the traffic light rule. Unfortunately, just right in front was a traffic police. I had to stop at the side of the road.

Firstly, he asked for my driving license. Then he told me about my wrong doings. I admitted my mistakes but he wanted me to follow him to the police station.

But we were in a hurry. So I said, "Tak apalah! Saman saja!" He was surprised and he reduced my wrong doings to just one, ie, 'melanggar lampu merah'.

I wonder why he didn't want to saman me in the first place????



  1. nak cari duit minum kopi, haha

  2. mayb but got once, d police didn't saman me cos it was puasa month woh..


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