Trust Fall

I was at a leadership camp few years ago. There were few tasks that we had to accomplish. Among those were:
spider web
bungee jump
soldier crawl
wall climbing
trust fall

I would never forget the trust fall.

I was blindfolded when I got to the top of the platform. On the ground, there were members of my group pairing up face to face holding each others' arm tightly. They were ready to catch me when I fell.

I had to fold my arms, took a deep breath and fell backwards.

They caught me in one piece. It was a successful fall.


my sister was nervous. She had to fall anyway. She let go her folded arms and fell awkwardly. She even accidentally scratched one of the members' face.

For this special task, we learnt that:

we need to trust the people whom we have entrusted to do something for us.


  1. The word trust is very important in a team. Without trust among each other, we can never go far.

  2. i would have felt the same. nothing like getting the adrenaline going though!

    Tina from
    Mummy Diaries
    Game FreakZ
    Gossip Avenue
    Travel Shack

  3. did any cat fight happen after your sis scratched the member's face? XD

  4. bungee jump

    WAH!!! bungee jump!
    trust fall is pretty scary too.. hehehe..

  5. Wooo, exciting. I love these types of camp!

  6. Wow..leadership camp has to endure such extreme tasks eh..You must have passed with flying colours. :)

  7. well, those tasks were indeed challenging..Fun yet scary..

  8. This reminded me of my days in Outward Bound School in Lumut, yeah "TRUST" indeed is of paramount importance, love this kind of outdoor activities especially abseiling down the cliff.

  9. ya, this kind of activities need gut too. A friend of mine was too scared that she cried..

  10. i think i played that before.. i think..


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