"Once upon a time, there was a lady who decided to go to the ATM. She brought her little son along. At that time, she just wanted to be quick so she left the boy in the car with the engine on.

A short while, she came out from the bank. To her horror, the boy locked himself in as it was central locking. Trying helplessly in asking her son to wind down the glass, she gave up. Luckily, the phone booth was just at the corner. She had to ask her husband to send her the spare key.

Once bitten, twice shy. She never left her young children in the car anymore.

Then once she was late for her meeting. She quickly left the car without realising that the engine was on.

Another time, she locked her room without taking the key with her."

Very careless of her. But this kind of incidents can happen to anyone.


  1. Really ah? She seems extremely careless leh? Must knock her hard on her head once in a while to make her more alert! he he ha ha.. I'll add you in my bloglist.. :)

  2. Wow! Much more careless than i am leh.

  3. Oh dear... for me, i wouldn't ever leave my little one in the car all alone by himself. It's too dangerous. what if someone hijack the car or kidnap the kid?

  4. Ya, she was rather careless..People always take things for granted until terrible things happen. Guess she has realised her carelessness.

    Well, she only realised that her car engine was still on after the meeting. But thank God her car was not locked.

  5. Leaving children in cars is a horrible thing done by many parents. I see these people as irresponsible. Anything could happen to the child. What if the child releases the hand brake or gets suffocated and dies in the car?

  6. Agreed, so parents should never ever leave their children in the car with the engine on.

  7. yea! i remembered once when i was young, my mom left me in the car to get something from a shop.. then i heard a Malay man yelling and he ran towards the car and started pushing it..
    i was wondering why, then he opened the car door and pulled the handbrake..
    then i realized that my mom forgotten to pulled up her handbrake and the car was moving towards the drain..

  8. Oh dear, yr mum must be real careless! Well, young mum gets to learn from other people's experiences.


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