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My daughter and I celebrated Christmas in Newcastle, Australia in 2004. We visited my brother-in-law, his wife and their two sons.

Christmas eve was spent with their friends. We had delicious food, games and singing in the drizzle at the backyard of the house.

Christmas day was spent in their own house. Friends and relatives dropped by, also enjoying food and watching videos.. In the evening, everyone collected their own gifts under the Christmas tree. I had a white fluffy sheep skin. My daughter had a fluffy teddy bear.

Boxing day which was the following day, was spent in my sister-in-law's brother's house. Also eating and drinking..Both of us put on some weight, my goodness!

sil, daughter n bil

The best part was during the New Year's eve and New Year 2005. We were in Sydney! Oh, really admire the breathtaking and spectacular scenery! Fantastic!

me, sil n daughter

Well, we hope to visit Australia again next year.


  1. Australia is a nice place to visit. I love the freshness of vegetables and meat produce in this country!

  2.'ve been to so many places. You already have a grown up daughter? You look young. :)

  3. i've not really celebrated Christmas before. i should do it this year before i go for my NS. haha.

  4. Think caption for last pix should be me, my sis-in-law and my (sister).

  5. thx for the compliment, M Gwen.
    HoSan, sorry not in order, sort of..

  6. I've only been to Perth and hope some day I'll be able to visit other parts of Australia too :)

  7. wah.. travel around the world huh..

  8. i actually like spending xmas in western countries. i just love the christmas silence. don't get me wrong.. it's just their atmosphere is so much better than malaysia with all those noisy crowded shopping malls. that's what i feel.

  9. celebrating christmas in australia would be during the summer over there. wasn't it too hot?

    I can't stand the summer in australia. Too hot and dry. Our summer here is more bearable.

  10. funny thing at that time it was raining n windy. Weather changed maybe due to pre-tsunami.

  11. Must be very fun to spend christmas in another country :D


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