New found experience

Lets talk about customer service. My first real customer service was when I was doing a MLM business. It's about selling supplementary products. Usually I was the quiet type but since I started promoting the products, I realised that I was in fact talkative. I felt that I had something to talk about to people especially about being healthy. My first ever tried business was a success. I found myself getting to know more people and I was very happy.

Then there was a big obstacle. My husband couldn't bear that I became so talkative and I used much of my time meeting people. I was indeed sad as that was my first real interest in life. Anyway, I had to give in. Right now, I still consume the products with just a few downlines. I had lost almost a hundred of my downlines. How miserable! Well, I got over it as now I am in my husband's business, also dealing with customers. Well, nothing much to complain now. Have you had any of this kind of experience?


  1. Hwy Wenn,

    Great to see you here! You are an amazing 'people-person'. Wish we could restart in Ipoh eh? ;-)
    I'm here too -

  2. Hi Gina, glad to meet u here. Thx 4 ur comment. I wish 4 dat 2!

  3. #1 post, back to the future! XD


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